Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Teacher

Our teacher is a funny man. He is tall with no hair. He is a white person. He is about sixty-one years old. He tries to help us with in English. We must have a new note book, a three holed binder with paper, and a pencil. When we have these things he gives us a book titled Grammar Challenge. We also need to buy the book titled Grammar Out. With these things we can study at home by ourselves. We also need to learn writing in English in the class. The teacher tells us we must write two stories on "Room 101 AM". When this is done the teacher gives you the book, Reading and Writing Challenge. Every day we have a dictation lesson that another student will correct. Each week we must learn to spell twenty-five new words and test them on Friday. We must also stand at the front of the class and speak English to the other students. Our stories on Room 101 AM get edited too. We have tests when each new section is completed in our work books. I like this teacher. He makes me work hard. My English is better today than two months ago.
I study English at the Neighborhood Center Adult School, Room 101 in Oakland. Our teacher's name is Richard Blum.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spelling Words for Friday

California State Assembly
electoral college
absentee ballot
United States Congress
Republican Party
Democratic Party
President of the United States
polling place

Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Memories

I went to the Ocean Beach in San Francisco with my new friends two weeks ago. We didn't plan to go there. In fact, we planned to go to a club or eat dinner, but the club was full, and nobody was hungry, so we decided to go to a nice and quiet place.

When we arrived to the beach, it was 12:00 am midnight! As we went closer to the beatiful beach, a lot of memories invaded my mind. I remembered all my friends from Mexico.

I remembered that the first time I went to a beach was with all my friends. We were sixty classmates and six teachers traveling together to Mazatlan, Guanajuato and Guadalajara for one week! It was amazing and fun.

I miss those moments, but now all of us are separated. Now, our lives are different. Some of us are studying in Canada, in the U.S. like me, and others stayed in Mexico. Wherever we are, we will never forget those great memories!

That night I was having fun with my new friends while I was remembering pretty good moments. It was fantastic!

These pictures are taken in Mazatlan and Guanajuato, Mexico.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Amusing Weekend!

My friends and I went to a Mexican club in San Francisco this weekend because it was my friend's birthday. I thought it would be boring, because my best friend and I didn't know how to dance to Mexican music (''banda'') very well, but I was wrong!
The club was exciting. It was full of Mexican people, all of them were in good spirits, having fun and drinking alcohol. We were pretty excited even though my girlfriend and I didn't know how to dance to banda music, but I met many new friends. My new friends taught us how to dance better. It was fun and confusing!

We danced until the last song, so we were very tired.
Finally, we went back home a little bit late, but that night was amazing. I learned new steps to dance, and also, I met new friends!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hi, Classmates

Good to be here!

Hi, Classmates

I'm online!

See you soon!

Hi, Classmates

I'm here.

I will write a story soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am 18

Two weeks ago,I turn to 18. But I did't feel anything good. When you are 18 it means everything you have to be responsible.So everything you have to be careful don't make yourself get in trouble.I still a child in my family,but I know I have to plant my life.I am attended in an adult school and get ready for college . The first thing I have to do is improve my English . The seconed thing I have to do is save money to pay for college .I don't want to spend my parent that much money , everything I want to do it by myself.I know it will be hard,but not body can help you all the time.I will try to do the best I can . I am happy . Because my friends and my family always give me lots of support and respect. I love them.

Spelling Words for Week Ending October 24th


Sunday, October 19, 2008

American Robin TT

Hello, my classmates & Richard

Do you remember the American Robin bird that I found on the side of the street about 3 weeks ago? Last week, my husband and I went to the wildlife hospital in Walnut Creek to find out about the condition of that bird.

The person who was working there told us about that bird. She said that the bird is getting well. It is a male bird. When my husband took it here the bird was dehydrated and under regular weight, but now the bird is healthy. And the good news is that the bird is flapping its wings and that means the bird will fly again soon. The bird lady is going to move the bird to the bigger cage, so that the bird can exercise its wings before the bird returns to the wild.

The bird seems like it will be ready to go soon. I'm very happy for the bird and thank my husband for caring for that bird.

If you find wild animals that seem injured or in need of help you should visit the Lindsay Wildlife Museum . I recommend that you go to this website

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Late Coming Traffic Lights

Recently, there are some road works in the intersection of 7th avenue and International Boulevard in Oakland. I notice that four bases of the light post were built in the four corners of the intersection. I think the traffic signal lights will be installed on the bases.
The traffic signal lights let me think of an accident occurred in the same intersection about two years ago. It was a tragedy. A young lady was a student of the Clinton Park Adult School. That day, after school, when she was crossing the road through the cross walk, a car killed her by bumping. It was said that she left a several months old baby.
If the traffic lights were installed early, the tragedy wouldn’t happen.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Register to Vote!

Here is a link to the Alameda Registrar of Voters.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spelling Words for Friday's Quiz


Monday, October 13, 2008

Hi,my classmates!

From Mongolia to Utah and from
Utah to California

I came to the United States from Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia. First time I came to Utah. In Utah I traveled many places. I don't understand English. Because I wanted to learn English. After,
I came to California from Utah.
My life is different now. I am living in Oakland with my husband. In Mongolia I was a teacher an art and story of culture. I used to work full time at school. I didn't study English. Now I am attending an adult school every Monday to Friday at morning. I have been studying English since May 2 this year.
My first goal is I learn English very much, so I can speak it very well.Second goal is I get a
better job.Third goal is I want to live in the US with my family.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

From Bangkok to San Francisco & From San Francisco to Oakland

I came to San Francisco from Bangkok, Thailand 4 years ago. The first time I came here because I wanted to learn English and to have new experiences. I did not expect to live in the U.S. at first, but I got married.After I got married, I moved to Oakland with my husband.

My life is different now. In Thailand I was a freelance art designer. Now, I study English at an adult school in the morning. I also work in a Thai restaurant in Berkeley. On weekends, I often go to my husband's workshop to do art work.

My long, long term goal is to buy a house and to do this I need to get a better job. I need to improve my English skills.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

From Macua to California

Hi ! my name is Amy. I came to U.S from Macua 12 years ago with my husband and three children. when I was get there, every thing strange to me. the big problem is language difficult. so I decide to go to adult school to learn English. however, I don't have a lot of opportunity to stay in the school. I just half year in the school. I choose to got a full time job.I want make money to raise our children and pay bill. I worked in other city restaurant. evry morning I leave at 9:30, when I got home is 10:30pm. my children are bed slept when I come home. I donot hvae time talked to them. That time until 4 years.
Later, I want to change my job near by my home, at Oakland china town, than I can back to school again.
New, I worked at the big supermarket, my job is in the flower department, I very liked my job and have a good benefits. see you later.

Hi,my classmates!

My country is Mongolia.
My native country Mongolia is very nice.Capital city of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia is
located in the Central Asia between Russia and China. Mongolia has four seasons which have
specific characteristic.
Winter time continues from December to March and it is really cold. Temperature is usually between -20*C/66*F/ to -40*C/104*F and it makes people to wear big,heavy and warm clothes. Snow covers whole land and rivers freeze all together. Sometimes, snow storm continues for a week that causes major problems for country. During a weekend, people play with snow. They do sledding, skiing, snowboarding and skating.
Summer time continues from June to August and it is hot. Temperature is usually between +25*C/77*F/ to +40*C/104*F/ and it makes people to wear light and beautiful clothes. People take a vacation that make to travel to any places of Mongolia.Mongolia has many beautiful places.

from China to Oakland

From China to Oakland
Three months ago, I came to Oakland from Guangdong in China with my family. In order to reunite with my grandmother, so we had to immigrate to the United States. This change gives me more challenge in my daily life. Oakland feels different than China.
Compared with China, it makes me disappointed and makes me feel bad. In China, I felt much happier than in Oakland. I used to spend happy hours with my classmates each month. It was safe no matter how late we played. In Oakland, where the crime rate is booming, we have to go at home in the evening to get away from the danger zone. I feel bad that I dropped out of college in China. I had to look for jobs and eke out my livelihood. But I shouldn’t be too pessimistic, there are many opportunities here for me to seek. I should take advantage of all the social resources.
Even so, I must feel at home wherever I am, I need to set goals for me----to improve my English and make my life go smoothly.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hi Yun Ping:
I saw your picture. Then I asked my husband. He told me: this bird call seagull.

Vacation to Vancouver in August 2008

August 8Th to the 14Th we took a driving trip from Oakland to Vancouver. The first day, we stayed in a hotel in Portland. We watched the opening Olympic Ceremony in the hotel. The second day we visited a local market in the morning. Then we left Portland to go to Vancouver.
From the USA to Vancouver Canada we must go through the border check. We waited in line for about fifty minutes. Be careful, when you drive to Vancouver, the speed signs are in kilometers. This isn't the same as in America. In America we use miles. If you aren't careful the police will give you a ticket. When we past border check we drove to our hotel. Our hotel was in the downtown area. It was a nice hotel. We spent four nights in this hotel.
Vancouver was very beautiful. It's very clean, safe and modern. We walked, looked and ate. There are many stores, shopping malls, restaurants, bars etc. There're many public parking garages, so, it's easy to park your car. We saw many nice cars and tall buildings. The restaurants were very nice.The food was delicious and the service was good. Maybe one day we'll live in this city. We both liked it.
We went with a local tourist group to visit Victoria and the Butchart Gardens. There're many chocolate and ice cream shops in the Victoria. We bought some and tried it. The Butchart Gardens is very pretty. Inside the Butchart Gardens there's the Sunken Garden, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Italian Garden and Mediterranean Garden. We enjoyed them.
Then we left Vancouver to drive to Astoria Oregon. We stayed in an inn near the bay. The night view was very beautiful. The area was quiet. We ate the local fish, salmon, but I didn't like it. The hotel was hot. I sat out on the terrace. There was nothing to do. I just looked at the sky and the bay. The sky was blue with many stars. The bay was quiet. A lot of boats were docked there. Around these docks the walkway was lit up with lights. A few people walked around docks. When I looked at the bay and breathed in the sea air, my brain was empty and my heart was quiet. I got a very good feeling. So, I had a nice day.
The next day we drove to Coos Bay. The weather was very hot. When we arrived at Coos Bay, it was very early in the afternoon. We decided to cancel our stay at this hotel. We continued our drive home. When we arrived at home, the time was late about 10;00 pm. We weren't tired, because my dog will very happy. We'll take her home soon.

Friday, October 03, 2008

what is the name of this bird?? can anyone help me??

Someone Important To Me

The person who has influenced me most in my life is my mother. I respect her because she has a very nice personality and is helpful to people. Plus, she always takes care of me! Also, she is very strict with me about my studies. She wants me to be successful in the future. She is the most important person to me in my life.

From Shanglhai to Oakland

I came to the Oakland from Shanghai almost three years. I came because I got married.
my life is very different now. In Shanghai I was a nurse. I used to work full - time in the hospital. Here in the Oakland I study English at an adult school. I am a homemaker.
My long - term goal is to get a better job to make more money for my family. To do this, I need to improve my English.

From Benin in Nigeria to U.S.A.


From Benin in Nigeria to U.S.A.


From Mexico to California

I came to California from Sonora, Mexico two months ago with my young sister. I came because I wanted to improve my English skills and study marketing.
I liked living in Mexico because people from there are friendly, yet I love California's buildings, weather and scenery. People from California are friendly too, but I still miss my old friends and relatives from Mexico.
My life is different now. In Mexico I used to help in my parents' restaurant, go to high school, and also I used to go out every weekend. Now, i'm going to college and to an adult school near my house. I can't go out every weekend, because now I have many responsibilities.
I have been here for a short time, but I made a lot of international friends. I learned new cultures, tasted different kinds of food and learned new words from another languages.
My goal is to improve my English and speak it very well, so I can study at an university. To reach this goal, I have to go to school every day and put all my efforts into earning better grades!

Hi, Classmates

Look for my story. I will write a story this weekend!

Thursday, October 02, 2008


I am Lina , Lina is me . I am the only child of my parents . Sometimes I feel lonely to stay alone , but my friend Michelle lives with me .She rents a room in my house .We always spend time together . I am working in my frined Miggie's uncle's market as a cashier . I don't really make that much money , but I am happy to work with my friends . I love my friends .

October First Is a Major Day

October first is my husband's birthday. I only made a birthday card for him. If I were a millionaire, I would buy a nice car for him, but I must fix the garage for this car. Then I would buy a big mansion for my family. We could live in it together. It could make us happy.
October first is Independence Day in China too. They celebrate this holiday. The stories and restaurants are very busy. The neon lights decorate the city at night. You could see a lot of children wear pretty dresses with lovely smiles on their faces. You could see many families, friends, and businesses go on trips together. So, October first is a major day.

I Am Upset

I am upset today! Three things have made me mad. First, yesterday the school gave us a test to evaluate each student's English level. It was not too hard, but to me it was hard. The second thing happened the other morning. My husband and I went to see a doctor. The doctor talked to us about my husband's right hand problem, but I didn't understand much. The third thing is when I want to talk to people in English, but nobody understands me. I have been here almost three years. What is the best way for me to learn English? How much longer do I have to study before I can speak English well? I hate it! It gives me a bad feeling.

September 23, 2008

I Am Upset

I am upset today! Three things have made me mad. First, yesterday the school gave us a test to evaluate each student's English level. It was not too hard, but to me it was hard. The second thing happened the other morning. My husband and I went to see a doctor. The doctor talked to us about my husband's right hand problem, but I didn't understand much. The third thing is when I want to talk to people in English, but nobody understands me. I have been here almost three years. What is the best way for me to learn English? How much longer do I have to study before I can speak English well? I hate it! It gives me a bad feeling.

September 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Some Important To Me

Some Important To Me
My friends are very important to me .They are a part of my life .
They're always there when I need someone to talk to . They're always there
when I need someone to help . Whatever I want to do , they'll always give me
lots of support . They are not like my parents just want me to be dutiful ,but my
friends respect my thoughts , they'll listen to me , I always tell them what am
I thinking and what do I want to do .
Friendship is very important to me . No matter where I am ,
my friends will be always in my heart .

Hi, Classmates

I'm here!!!!

And soon, I will write a story on the blog.

Hi, Classmates

It wasn't easy, but I am here!!!

See you soon.

Hi, Classmates

I will type in a story tonight.

See you soon!

Hi, Classmates

I will type in a story tonight.

See you soon!

American Robin

Hello, Richard & My classmates
On Sunday night, I caught a bird. I found on the side of the street near my apartment. The bird is about 23-28 centimeters. It has a brown back and reddish-orange breast. The bird couldn’t fly and looked like confused, so I decided to take off my jacket wore it back wards because I was afraid it could bit my hand. Then I brought it back to my apartment and put in the basket. I saw it lost one talon and looked older than I thought.
After that I called my husband asked him what I should do. My husband called the animal’s shelter to pick the bird. He toll on phone what the bird looked like. First we thought it was a sparrow. While we waited for the police to take it to the shelter I observed the bird recoverable itself after an hour but it seen not completely. For a while the police came to pick up the bird about 4:00 am in the morning, but the police said that he couldn’t take care of this bird because this bird is a wild animal. He recommended to us to take it to the wildlife hospital at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. Therefore my husband took the bird at 9:00 am to the wildlife hospital because it isn’t for from his work place.
In the wildlife hospital the people who work in there received the bird and called the kind of bird is American Robin. The bird flies from Alaska and Canada to Central Mexico in the winter. The bird can live 15 years. The people who work in the hospital gave my husband a guide paper and wrote the number of this bird. They said that my husband should wait for four days after drop the bird off to call them.
In the mean time I thinking of that bird. I hope it should be ok in the wildlife hospital

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