Friday, December 21, 2007

Using Tag Questions

When I was seven years old in my hometown my family moved to a new house. That day my neighbors came to our new house. We celebrated at my new house. My mother, aunt and brother-in-law cooked something for dinner.

Before, my old house didn't have a floor. The new house had two floors. I was surprised. I walked upstairs and downstairs many times. I was very happy.

My mother said, " Go carefully! You haven't walked up and down stairs many times, have you?"

"Yes, I have," I said.

Hello, Classmates

The King is back!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Unlucky Fall and a Lucky Catch

A ninety one year old woman lived on the fourth floor of an apartment building in Chang Chun, China.

One day she was careless and she fell out of the window. A driver saw that. He quickly stretched out his arms. He caught the woman before she hit the ground.

Fortunately the woman and the driver were only slightly hurt.

This story had a good ending. I read the story in a Chinese newspaper.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

To Teach A Friend How To Use Chopsticks

Arren is my youngest son’s classmate. He is an American born Filipino. He likes to eat Chinese food especially Kwong Tong dim sum.

Two weeks ago, Sunday, we brought him with my family to a Chinese restaurant to enjoy “Yum Cha”. We planned to teach him how to use chopsticks correctly.

This restaurant is on Powell Street in San Francisco. That day, just a few people were waiting for tables.

We just waited for ten minutes before we got a table. We appreciated that. After the busboy delivered the dishes and tea cups, we found that he hadn’t brought any chopsticks. We asked a captain for them. The captain said they were short of chopsticks and he asked if we could use forks instead. The restaurant unexpectedly did not have enough chopsticks. This had never happened to us before in a Chinese restaurant.

When the forks were delivered to us, Arren said, “This time I can teach you how to use a fork!”

I am back

This was a guy how went to Washington, but today.......... he back.

End of the story

Monday, December 17, 2007

My trip to Thailand and China

Hi, everyone!

How are you doing? I hope everyone is doing well.

I'm so sorry that I didn't connect to everyone because I was sick for all of my trip.

On the airplane to Thailand, the Japanese woman sitting next to me didn’t look so good.
She coughed a lot. After that, when I arrived in Thailand, I had a fever and a cough. I went to see a doctor. I couldn't enjoy myself. Also in Thailand, it was so warm!

My father took me to see some land he had bought in the country. His farm was in an area that has many fields of sunflowers. So nice and beautiful!

. It After I had stayed in Thailand for a week my dad wanted to take me on a magnet train in Shanghai City, China runs 310km/hour.

See you tomorrow. Take care. I miss you!


My Trip in Thailand and China

Hi,Every one
How are you doing? I hope every one is doing well. I'm so sorry. I didn't connect everyone because I got sick all my trip.
While I was taking an airplane, one Japanese woman who was sitting next to me looked not so good. She coughed a lot. After that, I arrived in Thailand.I had a fever and coughed. I went to see a doctor, but still I couldn't enjoy myself. Also in Thailand it is so warm. My dad showed land he bought in the countryside That area has sunflower farms, so nice and beautiful.
After I stayed in Thailand for a week, my dad took me to Shanghai city in China. He wanted to take the magnet train that runs 310km/hour.
Now I miss our class,I will be back tomorrow.
take care

Visiting A Garden In Los Angeles

At the end of June, this year, my family and I went to Los Angeles to visit my youngest brother, Lai.

The first day, on Highway 5, we were involved in a traffic accident. So, we arrived at my brother Lai’s home very late. Before dinner, we just relaxed at brother Lai’s home.

The next day, my brother Lai, his wife, my wife and I visited the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Gardens.

It is on Baldwin Avenue. I have not mentioned how large the Botanical gardens are. I felt they are not too big and not too small. There are many kinds of tropical plants there. We luckily met a peacock in this garden. It spread its tail. That was a rare opportunity. I took some pictures of it.

We spent almost three hours visiting everywhere in this garden. We felt in contact with the nature and we felt relaxed.

Hi, my lovely classmates

Good morning ! Classmates, today i have a chance to tell you a funny story about "Two Drunkers in Aduld School".

Last Thanksgiving Day there was a party that was celebrated by a small group of people who study in room 101 in the morning. In that morning there were a lot of difference kind of foods and drinks on the tables that were brought by all of those poeple, each kind of food looked so delicious that could make those people hungry,especially Mr. blOOm. Around 10:00am those peolpe started to enjoy their breakfast together. About 30 minutes later there were 2 men tried to cheer up each other with two empty bottles of wine. All the classmates can see those 2 guys clearly in the picture that has been shown above....... Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssss END

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Message for Deth (the bad cambodian guy)

Message for Deth

(Introduction: Deth told me about a job in his bakery and I talked with him this morning on the cell phone.)

Hi, Deth, I hope you read this blog.

I just talked with you on the cell phone but the battery died. I can't call you back because this is not my telephone, but you can call me back whenever you want.

I will be back in Oakland on December 18 at night. (8:30 pm)

But I am really going to take the job if it is ok with your boss. I am not worried about the night schedule. Don't worry about that! When I studied architecture I had to work at nights, also.

Talk with your boss. Tell him about my arrival date and, if he agrees with that, I would like to work three days a week.......I want it. I need it........I wish it!

And if he agrees with that, tell me what I will need.

Thanks, man, I'm really appreciate that. I hope it happens.

Send me your E-mail so that I can write you, maybe Richard won't be happy with my sending personal messages on the class blog.

Regards to Richard and all my class mates.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Alex from Spokane

American yet not

This is a old history but I would like to write about that.

Like three weeks ago I went to San Francisco with Alice because like you know a big ship wrecked in the bay bridge spilling 58,000 gallons of oil.

So, We were trying to be voluntaries to help clean the beaches but we couldn't do it because we are not American citizens. But we are not illegals here, it was frustrating. we took the training in the auditorium at the golden gate park so we could help, but they told us that we should go back home.

However, we had a good time there in SF, we took the BART and before that the MUNI (train), it was nice and we ate in a very good restaurant, was like mediterranean food. Anyways, it was a new experience.

I feel that it is dumb, because they need help but they won't take it. And that wasn't the first time that I was rejected. One time I tried to volunteer at a foster home, asylums, etc. But I was treated the same.

Well, I suppose that I'm not able to help in America. Why??? stupid american rules. That's all.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

hello from Spokane, WA

Hello Class

I could not write before because I am in Spokane, Washington now and it was impossible to find internet, but I want to get a certificate and wrote eight stories on the blog, so I am very close to getting it (right Richard?)

I came to visit my friends here (Seth and Annie) and I am spending a long time here with them. They are Americans and I met them in Mexico. I have not seen them for four years.

Here it is very cold and this was the first time I ever saw snow. I was impressed when I got down from the airplane. The weather is very chancing and it is always cold. Some days it is sunny and another days is raining or snowing. My friends have taken me many places like the woods, downtown, the River etc. This city reminds me my city in Mexico. I really like it. It is a city surrounded by pine trees and mountains. I would like you all to see it.

Maybe soon I will go to the mountains and snowboard. That sounds exciting.

See you guys soon.

How are you doing Richard?


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