Saturday, December 31, 2005

Thank So Much To Teacher Richard Blum

Richard, thank so much for sending me many images. Wish you have a happy New Year.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Anniversary

Yesterday was my 14th anniversary. Usually, we don't do anything special on these days, but last night my family went out to dinner together.

Many people complement me about my life being happy. That is very true, because I have a good husband and two lovely kids. I am proud of them.

Our life is quiet. We don't have relatives and friends around here. Every summer we take a vacation. We enjoy it very much when we are together. My kids are especially happy when they are close to their parents. We talk and have fun.

Sometimes, I don't remember my anniversary day I even forget my birthday, also. Most of the time my husband or my daughter remind me. I don't know why? I do not pay attention to these particular days so much. Perhaps, it is because in my country people don't celebrate the annversary day.

I've been living in America for 16 years, but I still keep my traditions. I like the traditions of Chinese, Vietnamese and American culture. I like to pick and choose the good things that each culture has to offer me.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Gift for My Son

Last two weeks, I bought a PSP to my son for Christmas present. I would like to encourage him to studying in Chinese. He was very happy and wanted to play it on that night. He asked me for a few times to opened it. He couldn't wait untill Christmast time, because he was on vacation. I let him opened and played it. Then I said "No more gift on Christmas". He said OK.

A few days ago before Christmas. Suddenlly, he wraped it back the PSP and put it under the Christmast tree. I looked at it, I felt funy and laugh. Then I talked to him. Hey! Randy, you already played the game. Now you put it under the tree. He felt embarrassed and smile.

My Wonderful Son

After Thanksgiving my son had a Chinese's test. He worked hard on this time. It might be he understood and put more time in studying. He looked like very confident for the test. During he took the test and he asked me about a gift for Christmas. He asked "what do you give me if I have a good result on the test?" I said "I will give you whatever you like." He said he liked the PSP, but he said "Might be you could buy me the DS, it just cost $100 dollars." I asked "which one do you like the best?" He said "I like the PSP, but it cost $250 dollars".Then I said "It's OK, I will buy you the PSP." He felt very happy with what I promised him. Then I said "You have to study good and listen to me when I tell you stop the game." He said "It was OK, I will, Mom.

Oh! My son was indeed a wonderful son! He didn't require on me too much.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

mery christmas and a happy new year everybody. I wish you guys will recive lots of presents, or, gift certificate is better, I guess. With certificate, so you can buy whatever you want, dosen't it? I am sure you are going to like it. Happy Happy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Gift of the Magi

Listen to this classic Christmas story by O'Henry.

Read the story.

Use these flashcards to improve your vocabulary.

Take a vocabulary quiz.

Monday, December 12, 2005

My First Story

In 1978, unfortunately for me, Vietnam and China had a war. My family and I escaped from Vietnam. We left on a sailboat with 100 other refugees. We saw another sink. The people died. There were sharks in the water. I saw two sharks follow our boat. And then, the old people on our boat prayed. After a while the sharks were gone.After two weeks we ran out of food and water. I was pregnant with my daughter. The boat began to leak and we took turns scooping out the water. the mast of the sailboat broke which was dangerous.

Finally, we reached Hong Kong. I was dizzy and vomiting blood. The doctor said that if I kept vomitting blood I would die. After one month my baby was born in the hospital. We lived in a refugee camp for almost two years.

Someone said that our boat was lucky - that my baby gave us luck. As I think about it, now I still get emotional and frightened.

Friday, December 09, 2005


A few of these days the weather are big change. It's indeed the winter is coming. Today, the weather is remarkably cold. The sky is goomy. Look at it! It is sad and quet. None of the people walk on the street. It's cold and freezing. People's cars seem to be less. Where are the people? Are they hiding at home now?

Outside, it is raining. It fall down with a gentle rain. It's soaking wet for a few hours of the rain.

After the rain, it look dark now. Cars are full on the street. It made a lot of sound from the cars driving with the wet of the road. It is time people get out from work. The squall of rain doesn't want to stop. It still continue on and on . . . .

Thursday, December 08, 2005


i see

Not Easy

I don't have any thing to write yet.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Car Driving Dilemma

Learning how to drive in Oakland's roads is not easy for me. I am sometimes confused about the traffic laws, and the fact that there are two persons teaching me how to drive is making me more confused.

My brother in law is my first driving teacher. He is very careful in driving. When we need to stop at the intersection, I have to brake slowly and must not stop suddenly. This would be a bit difficult for me because I need to look for trafic lights or signs very far ahead. At the same time I must not slow down my car to speed lower than speed limits indicated in the signs. Especially, he asks me to accelerate very fast when there is green lights but while doing this I sometimes either swerve out of my lane when I make a turn or head to the car parking at the corner of roads where I turn a sharp right into.

My other driving teacher is my girlfriend. She, on the other hand, is a very fast and daring driver. She asks me not to foot on break so often, to slow down to much, and to change lane to maintain speed and get out of stuck points as fast as I can and sometimes by ways against what I read in the driver handbook.

Hmm, although I drive to school every day, I am still very nervous of the trafic and more of my "driving teacher's" supervision.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Job Fair

Last Friday, I visited the job fair at the Senior Center on 58th Street in Oakland.

Many people were waiting in line in front of the Senior Center building when I got there.

After waiting about fifty five minutes, I got into a big room which was prepared for the job fair.
So many visitors were there that I could not move easily among them. Fortunately I got some information from the exhibitors, but I found that most of the exhibitors did not provide application forms for the applicants. Applicants could only write down their name, address and phone number on the visitors' list.
I did not get any application forms from the job fair, but I felt that this kind of job fair is necessary because many people need a job!

Without Internet

What a sunny day! The sunshine is bright and warm! Is something running outside? Ah ha! There are squirrels. They are so cute always! I went back from S.F. yesterday.I was very tired, so I feel very good after a good sleep. Look out the window; it's John! Are you taking a jog? Have a good day, neighbor! It's time to write some thing on the blog. Mr. Blum must be very angry because of my absent on friday. By the way, Internet is the best invention in the world. Now I just need to turn on my computer, and double hit the network program......Ye? "Net Page Cannot Be Displayed"? Maybe this page is getting crowded. Let me refresh it......Sometimes it is crowded because of weekend...... "Net Page Cannot Be Displayed"? Oh, come on, don't tease me! What? No singal? Please, not only do I need to write on the blog, but also I want to write E-mails to my friend! Why is the sunshine so stronge? It is irritating to my eyes! Come on, I would like watch a new movie on-line today! Would you please give me a hand? Hey, birds, keep quiet. Do you know I have been work.....Oh my God!

I Escaped from My Country

In 1987, my brother and I left my country to look for freedom and happiness. We escaped to a Malaysian refugee camp. We had spent five days on the ocean.

The first night, we took a small boat to a transfer point and boarded a biger boat. There were 112 people on the boat. The captain took us out to sea that night. We continued the second day. That night our boat had trouble. Water came into our boat a lot. People were very exhausted.We had two days with no food and no drink. Everybody vomited and was uncomfortable with sea sickness. No one helped bail the water out. We were waiting to die. I was the one who was scared to die in the ocean. I said that we could pass the buckets of water from person to person and pour out. They followed what I said and finally the water had gone. The captain fixed the boat and we continued for the third day. On the third day, we were dissappointed because we were lost. The boat was floating on the ocean. We didn't know where we were. It was good luck for us. We saw a Thai ship presently. They were not the pirates. They gave us food and showed us the direction. We were very happy and thanked them for the food they had given us because we were starving for many days. We cooked fish porridge on the boat and went in the direction that they showed us. At dawn, we saw a Malaysian ship. They saved us and let us come a board their ship. They gave us a lot of food. We stayed on the ship overnight. The next day morning we transferred to another ship and went to a Malaysian refugee camp.

I have to thank my lucky stars that I survived.
I have to count my blessings for the great happiness I have today.

The Misery of the People of South Vietnam

April 30, 1975 was the day people in South Vietnam lost country. Some people had gone on a warship to America, because they knew what would happen under the Communists. They left behind a lot of people who suffered miserably under the rule of the Communists.

The Communists came to South of Vietnam with the poor and greedy. They robbed the weath of people. Some people couldn't stand it. They committed suicide. The Communists still weren't satisfied. They pillaged properties of people from the high class to the medium class. They never released people who were rich. They wanted tight control of people. They wanted to change South Vietnam quickly. They didn't let people breathe. They didn't care about the hatred of people. They wanted to do whatever they wanted.

Soon afterward, people couldn't suffer the regime of the Communists. They found the ways to escape. In fact, it was not easy. If they didn't succeed, the police discovered them and put them in jail. I was the lucky one. I escaped.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Camera

On November 25, in the morning at 6:00, I began my busy day with friends. My friend Xu got to my house with his new second hand car. He was going to drive us to Best Buy. We knew that we must hurry up. As expected, we found many people were already shopping inside. We rushed into Best Buy immediately. I planned to buy a SONY Cyber-shot camera. It has 7.2 Mega pixels. I thought it was the best one I had seen. It cost $369.99, but if I could buy one today, I would get a 40 dollar rebate! I lined up behind 20 other shoppers. I knew it would cost me a lot of time, but I didn't care. After one and a half hours, I got my turn. The sales clerk told me that they had the last Sony camera for me. God bless me! I was so luckly!

My Brand New Car

Last week, my husband bought me a brand new car. It's a B M W car. It's silver color.

I love the B M W car's color very much, because it's a popular color. Now, I have to be very careful for using this car. I told my children to keep this car very clean, because they liked to eat junk food in my old car. Sometimes, they dropped chip crumbs. This caused a smell in the car.

My husband wanted to buy me a car few years ago, but I said: "Wait, don't buy it yet. It's not the right time to have it." A few weeks ago, his car broke down. We had people fix. It was expensive, so he decided to buy this B M W car.

He wanted to buy this car for me to drive, but I didn't think I needed it, because my work is close. I only drive to pick up and drop off my kids at school. I'd better let my husband drive the new car, because he works in Freemont. It's a long way.

He said, next week, he will return the car to me to drive. I am a little bit worried, because in Oakland it isn't very safe. If somebody scratches my car, I will feel bad, because I love it very much. I don't want to see any scratches on my brand new car.

This is the first time in my life I have a brand new car. I have to keep it very nice all the time.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Friday after Thanksgiving Day

On Friday, I was the driver for my kids, because they wanted to go shopping. They felt bored to stay home on a holiday. They wanted to look the crownds of shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving.

In fact, we went shopping just to take a look more than to buy, because we already have enough of everything. We only buy if something is very inexpensive and looks nice, because we are frugal shoppers.

We went to the New Park mall to take a look. It was crowned! Every store was full of people to getting into long lines. It's lucky for us. We didn't find anything that we liked. We would have to spent a lot of time in line.

It is not long before, we left to go to the South Land mall. We stopped at an In & Out Burger. We had our lunch there. It was full of people. We couldn't find the seats. Finally, we found one seat. The food came. Two of us had to stand to eat. Although we were standing to eat, we enjoyed it very much.

Soon after, we get to the South Land mall. It was a little bit hard to find a space for parking. We went round and round for a few blocks and finally we got a parking space.

South Land was just like New Park mall. We went around and took a look. It was crownded also, but no one wanted to take a picture with the Santa at the picture place. It was, maybe, still too early.

Eventually, we bought a few things and then we went home.

We enjoyed shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, because it had a different atmosphere than other days.

Ceramic Chickens

I had a couple of ceramic chickens. On Wednesday, I gave to my teacher one of the chickens. So I still have one left at home.

A few days ago. When I was eating dinner, I saw the chickens in front of me. It was so cute. Suddently, I thought I had to give to my teacher one of these chickens on Thanksgiving day to made him smile. I picked a nice one to give to him. I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl chicken.

My daughter complained to me. She said: "Mom, you should not have separated the chickens. They were a pair. They needed to be together. They will miss each other." She made me laugh a lot. Then she said again: "You should give your teacher a pair of chickens".

Then, later, my son came out from his room. Joanna told him: "Mom gave her teacher one of your chickens". He said: "Never mind, she can give me $5 dollars."

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Day

Today, my family and I went to San Jose to eat Vietnamese food. We are rarely have a chance to go out together, because most holidays my husband has to go to work, except for the big holidays like Christmast or Thanksgiving Day.

We like to enjoy food in San Jose, because it is very good. We enjoy driving in the car for a long distance from Oakland to San Jose. Especialy, I am lazy. I don't like to be the driver. Sometimes, it can't be helped. So I have to drive.

After we ate, we drove around to take a look and we bought some food that we like.

My children are happy when they go out with their parents. They like holiday atmosphere very much, so that, if there is a chance like today, I never miss it.

After we got home, my daughter said "Tonight we have no food for Thanksgiving." I had to cook a cury meal to symbolize our the Thanksgiving holiday.

Anyway, my family had a very nice Thanksgiving holiday. We enjoyed the food and being together very much.

Happy Thanksgiving to Classmates!

Happy Thanksgiving to classmates!
Enjoy your long weekend!

Restaurant Peony

Here is one of a good restaurant in Oakland's Chinatown also.
Authentic Hong Kong Cuisine
Seafood & Barbeques
Famous Dim Sum Lunch
Business Hours
Monday thru Friday
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sat / Sun /Holiday
10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday thru Thursday
5:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Friday & Saturday
5:30 PM to 10:00 PM
Pacific Renaissance Plaza, Suite 288 * 388 9th Street, Oakland, California 94607
Tell: (510) 286-8866 * Fax: (510) 286-8868

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Greatest Gift to My Teacher

It was supposed to write this letter on Thanksgiving day, but we have no school.

If today is Thanksgiving day. I don't know what gift to give to my teacher to make him feel happy, because he is a "teacher." The only thing he needed just write something very nice to him.

I'd like to say "thanks" very. . .very much to my teacher. He is the one who gives me the resource in English. However, it's not a lot , but it enough for me to feel confident to socialize at my job. I really like it with what he has helped me, because this is only right thing for me.

I'd like to appreciate to my teacher again for the organization of the blogger; to let me have a opportunity to develop my writing and speaking skill.

I feel very lucky a student under his teaching, because he has given me many chances to improve in my studies.

I'll never foget my teacher for the enthusiasm he has given me as student.

Your student

Cam Hong

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Customer from Chicago

Today, I have a customer. She came back from Chicago. She is Vietnamese. She is my old client. She came to my shop to get a hair cut.

She told me, the reason she come back to me was because I'm sweet and she like the way I'm talking to her. She said she knew my husband. Her father bought a car from my husband. They both talked to each other and told her father I'm the one cut her hair. She complemented about me to her dad. Her dad said, my husband is a handsome and honest man. He like him

She said her dad rarely to complements people, but he complemented my husband. She said: It's very rare to see a couple like me and my husband.

My Customer

Jay is my customer for six years already. When I had grandopening my shop. He is the most of my new customers. So that, he and me the relationship almost close untill now.

Jay is Indian. He is a big and tall man. He likes talking. Sometimes, he comes to get a hair cut and dyes his hair. He takes advantage for color his hair and then he talks a lot. I'm just the one hear more than I talk, because I can't talk much, but he didn't feel bored with I'm very quiet.

Now, he moves to Freemont, but he still comes to my shop to get a hair cut and color. Sometimes, he passes by and horns to let me look out andwaves hand with him.

Jay has the same with my age. He likes to say: If he going out with me, people think he is my father, because he is too big and I'm so tiny.

My Hats

I have read the essays from Kaiyan. It have written about my umbrella. It has made me remember about my teenager's time.

When I was a teenager. Most of the time, I had forgotten a few hats in my class room. Everyday I come to class andput my hat in the drawer and then my backpack next. untill I get out from school. I had forgotten about my hat. It happened a few times a year.

Therefore, I had always have a new hat to wear. My mom had always said I spent too much of her money on hats.


I have one Mexican's customer. Sometimes, he come for hair cut. So I can't remember his style how does it cut. I asked him: "How do you like to cut." He said: You don't remember me? I answered: I remember you, but I don't remember your hair cut.

Sometimes, on my job, it make me laugh and feel funny, because the customers and me misunderstood each other. It looks like duck and chicken talking together.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Good Dinner

I'm used to cooking good dinner for my family, because they are little bit picky on eating. So that, I have to pick and choose the food that they like it for every dinner.

Everyday, after dinner, I have to prepare food for tomorrow. If not, I don't enough time to have done for the dinners. My time is very tight. So that, I can't cook a very good meal for my family. Except my day off.

My daughter, after Chinese shool. She come home, she like to say: "We study hard, but come home, we have good food to eat. My children, when they are hungry. They like to come in the kitchen look what food do I cook. If they like it. They want to eat as quikly as possible.

Most my family are count on me. Therefore, I have to keep good in shape myself. I have to keep my physical heathy. If not, a lot of thing are waiting for me everyday.

In America, most wives' life are harder than husbands, because they are always the care giver of the family. They have so much chores to do. Beside of making money. After work, they have to take care of children, cook and clean up the house. Oh no! It's so hard life for the women in America.

I thought the women in America is on the top, because there is a phrase "Ladies first". In fact, it is not true. Ladies are at the bottom. They work so much and so hard.

Women are not an Eden in America!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Oakland Chinatown Restaurants

Here is a restaurant in Oakland's Chinatown:

The Silver Dragon restaurant is on the corner of Webter & 9 st in Chinatown.

Busy Days

This week is the busiest one in my life since I have born.

I wanted to apply EOPS(Extended Opportunity Programs & Services) Monday, I filled out a form of my personal information and took it to the Financial Aid Office. That's the first step for all the thing. The worker told me that I have to show my ID to proof I stay in CA for one year. Unfortunately, I got my ID for not enough one year. I was nervous. Suddenly, I remembered I got a certificate of attend in adult school, maybe it can help me.

On Tuesday, I left my adult school early and brought it to Laney. The certificate could work! I was so excited; however, I found the other problem: they had to make a copy of my Greencard. I didn't bring because I don't know that! I took a bus and went home immediately......I finished them before my writing class. After class, I took my EOPS form to the EOPS office with a friend, who also planed to do the same thing as me. God bless us, we saw 30 people outside the office, and the closed time would come after 20 minites......

Wednesday morning, I was absent, you know why......

Today, I thought everything was going well. But after school, my counselor gave me a phone: she made some mistakes in my files, she needs my help at 8:30 tomorrow. Sorry, classmates, I will be absent againt......

I didn't mention many details, I' m so tired. I booked a counselor to talk about my major in the affternoon next monday and a new Assessment Test next Tuesday......I absolutely sure I will take a long hibernate in the Thanksgiving holidays.

Have a good weekend, every one!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hong Kong EAST OCEAN Seafood Restaurant

I think this is the best restaurant for visitor visit America, because this is ideal sight.

While you're eating, you can enjoy the Golden Bridge, the Bay Bridge and the ocean. At daytime, after eating, you can walk around the coast behind the restaurant. It's very poetic place.

This restaurant is belong to Emeryville city. It's romantic place.

The food of this restaurant is good. The services here is number 1. It's elegant restaurant.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Ethiopian Coffee

Hi guys
The first one is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe ranks among the best African coffee. Ethiopia produces some of the most varied and distinctive gourmet coffee beans in the world. Different from other African coffees and Ethiopian Harrar, Yirgacheffe adds a soft, fragrant, flowery note that is complex to the palate with a long resonant finish.A heat sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest gourmet coffee. Your coffee will be fresh roasted the day it ships. Enjoy
The second one is formerly known as Abyssinia, is the origin of all coffees of the world. Longberry indicates the finest sorted Ethiopian coffee beans, and one of the best African coffees available. It displays a sharp winy acidity as its dominant characteristic, followed by a rich aroma and thick almost tangy flavor.A heat sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee, and your coffee will be fresh-roasted the day it ships. Enjoy!
Coffee from this country is also available in Decaf.

My First Post

My dear Teacher, Richard,

Recently, you advised me to write something in order to let you correct it. I really appreciate your kindness to the fullest.

I am proud to be your student. I realize that I have learned more than I expected and I have met many friendly classmates.

I admire how they continue to progress in their studies. On the other hand, it is not that easy for me to learn something new. Spelling is especially difficult for me. I have to look up many words in the dictionary because of my failing memory. It is a shame!

At the same time, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to say "Hello" to everyone in our class.

Have a nice day!

Sincerely, your student,

My Teenager

I remember, when I was a teenager, I was always get high score for my essays. My teacher liked to call me up and read to the class. Sometimes, she tell me copy it nice and post my essays on the board. She was always give me good comments. I like to read it very much!

One day, I saw her bring a vase of paper flowers to put on her table. I really like it and then I asked: Who made it? She said: She did. I told her show me how to make it. She agreed. Then next week I came to her house with the flower paper that I bough. She showed me and we made it for a few flowers. Later on, she said: I just showed you only!

On summer time, some of my classmates and I liked to ride bicycle to visit our teacher. She lived in suburband. She moved from outside country. So that, she is lonely. She liked students visit her very much. One time, she kept us to having dinner.

I like to close to my teacher. Therefore, every summer time I like very much to let my teacher wrote me something on my book and then my classmates wrote me, next. I liked to keep this book like a souvenia.

Last three years, I've been back my country. Accidentally, I saw the book in a draw. I opened and read it. I saw a picture of classmates have taken with teacher together. I'd like to visit her very much, but I didn't know where is she now?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cam's Umbrella

The day before yerterday, it rained in the morning, Cam went to school on time with her black umbrella.
She like to study English very much in this class. Certainly, she paid attention to what the teacher's teaching.
Near noon time, the rain stopped and the sun was bright. After school, she went happily to her barba shop. When she was working, she felt she had lost someting, but she couldn't say what it was. She thought over and over. Eventually, she remembered that she lost her umbrella, but she couldn't find it in her shop. She thought it could be left in school. So that , next day, she went to school early. She got into classroom hurry. Several classmates were there. She looked over the tables and under tables. But she could not find it. She was disappointing. At that time, a classmate asked: " Who's umbrella is hanging on the wall? " She turned her head toward to the wall. A black umbrella was hanging on the wall near her seat. She shouted out : " Oh, that's right my umbrella! " Classmates laughed together.

( P.S. Cam, excuse me for using you as a main charactor in this story. You are the most dilligent student writing essaies. I hope your name could appear on this blog one more time. )

Welcome You Guys on The Blog!

Hi, classmates:
Welcome you guys on the blog!

I'm very glad to see you guys full on the blog. I'm waiting you guys to appear on it, because I feel lonely. I hope you guys keep writing on the blog more often!

Saturday, November 12, 2005


In the USA, Nov. 11 is the day to remember the soldiers who died in World War I. But in China that’s the day for all single people.

The Chinese invented this modern festival by themselves. The four “1” make them think about being single. In China, when we say someone is single we mean that they do not have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Some one said 11.11 is a sad day for single people. A single person has no lover but still life continues. 11.11 is also a festival for young people. Some undergraduates think Single’s Day is not a sad day. It gives them a happy reason to relax .

In school, Single’s Day is very famous. Every 11.11 at 11pm , students knock pots, bowls, cups make a lot of noises and shout “Long live singles!” As students graduated from school, and moved into the world, they brought Single's Day with them.

In China Single’s Day’s lucky object is 4, “you tiao”+1 “bao zi”, put them together is “11.11”.

We already have Valentine’s Day, we also need Single’s Day.

Do you hear about Single's Day before? What do you think about it? Do you like it?

Findng a Good Answer to Go to Job Interview

Common Interview Questions
1.Why should we appiont you?
I work hard and I am reliablle.

2.What appeals to you about this job?
This job is a good match for my skills. I'm good with numbers and people. I'd like this opportunity to show what I can do.

3.How do you handle pressure?
I stay calm and think clearly. I keep smiling. If I need help, I'll ask for help.


I come from a Chinese family, and I love China very much. My hometown is GuangDong, TaiShan, a middling city beside the Pacific Ocean. Since I have been here, I realize that the most special thing to me about my hometown is fresh seafood absolutely.

Most of the fish is frozen in America, and the other is also not very fresh because they came here by air transportation. If you go to China, you will discover that the fish in supermarket is swimming in many sinks and is not keep in iceboxes. They still alive, include many kinds of fish from the deep ocean. The cookery of GuangDong is very famous in the world, you will feel pleasantly surprised because the seafood is much fresher than your imagination. It tastes very good and can takes you to a state of the fantasy. You mon't forget the flavor. Go to China is the best choice when you would like to have a beautiful recall.

My Country

Vietnam is small country, but it has many valueble mines as: gold, silver, petroleum and coal. Beside that, Vietnam still has a lot of good lands. Many foreiners as: Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese like to go there for business even stay there for living. Some people go back and forth for investment.

The capital of my country is Hanoi, it's in North of Vietnam. Many travelers like to visit there for a famous place called; "Ha Long Bay" It's attractive sightseeing.

In the Central of Vietnam. There is a famous place called: "Hue". It's one of a wonderland sightseeing also.

Saigon city is in the South of Vietnam. (Now the name has changed to Ho Chi Minh city),but I like to keep the name "Saigon". Saigon is ideal city. There are many entertainments over there and even match with every ages. People like it very much to hang around there for enjoying good food and meet people each other every night.

In additional, Da Lat , Nha Trang, Vung Tau are the famous places.

Da Lat is a place has cold weather. It's very poetic sightseeing.
Nha Trang is wonderful beach. Everybody complement it for the first time visit Nha Trang.
Vung Tau is a place for people who like swimming. It's beautiful also.

Anyway, my country is small country, but it has many, many wonderland and attraction sightseeing .There are a lot of good lands. Beside that, there are many great mountains and nice rivers also.

I love my country very much! However I'm in America now, but sometimes, I miss and would go back to visit my country for every time in several years.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Apologizing to Our Teacher

Perhaps we misunderstood our teacher anyway, we made him angry. We felt regret and promised: "We'll never make our teacher get angry again!" We'd like to keep him smiling all the time. We don't want to see him get angry anymore, because when he gets angry, his face turns red and he looks like he may lose his hair.

Oh no! "We are sorry about that!" From now on, "Don't be angry! Be happy!" You'll look younger and heathier. We need your teaching very much! We're really afraid of you losing your hair and then we won't recognize our teacher!

How to Put a Picture In

I like to use Picasa to put in pictures.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Questions Lin Might Ask Mr. Dill in an Interview

What are my duties in this job?
How soon can I get a raise? *
Is there a possibility for advancement?
What are the benefits?
What is the job schedule?
Who will be my supervisor?
Who can I talk to if I need help on the job?
Are workers encouraged to make suggestions?
When can I start?
Are you very busy?
Will I share tips? *
Are there opportunities to work other shifts?
How soon will you make your decision?

*May not be appropriate to ask in the interview. sometimes it is better to get this information prior to the interview.

Questions the Mr. Dill Might Ask Lin in an Interview

When can you start?
Do you have a car?
Are you reliable?
Are you punctual?
Which restaurants did you work in before?
Why do you want this position?
What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?
How long did you work at your last job?
Why did you leave?
Can we contact your previous employer for references?
How did you hear about this job?
What was your position in your last job?
Do you have any relatives working in our company?
Do you have any references we could contact?
Are you good with people?
Do you like working with the public?
Are you comfortable talking on the telephone?
Are you comfortable handling phone calls?
How many languages do you speak?
Are you good with numbers?
Can you count money accurately?
Are you organized?
Do you have any experience working in a restaurant?
What did you do?
Do you know how to operate a _________?
Are you interested?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I was too tired on the weekends

I am tired every weeked. I work every Saturday and Sunday from 8:15 to 5:00 pm. I feel very tired after my weekend of work.

My husband and I are teaching Chinese Kung Fu in my Kung Fu school. We take turns teaching students everyday and on the weekends, also. When he is teaching a class, I can relax, I can eat some food, drank some water and sometime type something.

I feel tired on the weekends, but I like my job. I like teaching my students. I really enjoy it. when my students perform or got medals in competitions.

My Classmate

My classmate, Mei, is from China. She is a beautiful and smart girl.

I really like to sit close to Mei, because she lets me copy her grammar excercises. When the teacher is in a hurry, I can't finish on time. I'm a slow student. I am scared the teacher will call on me, so I copy from Mei first, and then I go home and do it again.

I like talking with Mei, because she is so cute and very sweet. She likes me to hold her hand to let me warm it up when she gets cold. She looks like my little sister.

She likes to help me when I don't understand the meaning of the words.

Sometimes, I don't understand her because Chinese is not my native languge.

Every Friday she says, "I will meet you on the weekend." Although, the words are not true, she makes me feel good.

We had known each other for a very short time when we sat together, but I felt Mei and I had a special relationship. I like her very much!

I need her picture to post under this essay. Can any classmate help me do that. Thank you very much!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Class

My class room is not very big, but it is full of students. My class is the advanced low level. Most students are very good. Just except me, I'm the slo. . . . . . .west student in the slass.

Sometimes, I feel sad about my slowness. I try my best to study every night. I read the story many times. I try to read it clearly, but I feel still have a Vietnamese accent. I don't like it. I want my reading to be perfect, because I practiced it many times already. I'd like to sound like a professional. Am I so greedy?

I read the grammar sheet for understanding. Then I practice reading each sentence. I want my reading to go moothly. Sometimes, I can't get the meaning right away, so, I have to take a long time for my reading. Sometimes, I don't have enought time to study.

I like my class, because the classmates are frendly. They are modest and help each other.

I like the atmosphere of this class, it makes me feel so comfortable. I hope this class can last longer and longer. . . . . . .

Thursday, November 03, 2005

My Favorite Thing to Do

My favorite thing to do is "talking", because I want to become a "good talker". I don't know why? "good talking" it attracts me a lot.

When I see somebody talks very good, I'm very much enjoy it. I'd like to hear and learn from them clearly. I want to get and keep it in my mind what I think it is good. I'd like to develop my talking skill.

I like to make people happy with my talking. I'd like to let people have a good impression of mine. I like to offer people nice words.

I think" good talking" is very helpfull. It brings many succeed for us like: business, socialize, Job, family ect. . . .

"Good talking" can persuade people.
"Good talking" can satisfy people.

Lucky Cat

Do you want to be rich? Here I got a great idea that can help you. Have you ever heard the story about the lucky cat? even you don't know the detial about the story, but you should know this famous cat in the picture. This is a lucky cat, and whenever you be his master, he will bring you a lot of lucks. New year day is approaching, how about buy one home to decorate you home? This may bring you many many extra money in the year. Or that's mean you might be win the super lotto. No kidding, this may be true for you. But not me, I know that, Because I set a lucky cat in my home for a few years and he never bring me any extra money. Perhaps I need to buy another one, I guess only one is too lonely so he has no mind to help me. I want to give him a lover. Oh, s%*#!, I don't know my cat is a male or female. That is a big problem! ( How about buy him/her a rat, teacher told us the fat cat married the black rat.) Do you get a lucky cat at home, if yes, don't forget buy them a big and beautiful/handsome rat. They will very happy then will bring you lots of luck.

Listening To Music

I like listening to music.
I like to listen some of classic music and soft music. Usually, I like listening music in a quiet situation. The classic and soft music make me feel calm and relaxation.
I enjoy listening to music which I like.

Speaking English

I like speaking English. Because I decide live in America. I like speaking English, my job need to speak English.

When I go to bank, go shopping, and go to anywhere also need speak English. I want to practice English everyday.

I dream one day my English very well. I can skill speaking English and I can enjoy listening to English news. I can reading a book, talking to everybody and watching TV. I hope that day coming soon, I hard study English.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My Lovely Son

My son's name is Randy. He is twelve years old. He's kind of short and thin, but he looks cute.

Randy has been a well behaved son from the time he was a baby. He likes to play by himself and gives me time to do another things. He is a wonderful son.

Randy spends too much time on his games and T.V on the weekends. I don't like it, but I can't make him play less. I have to work on the weekends, so I leave my children at home. They both can do whatever they want.

Lately, Randy doesn't speaks Vietnamese with me. He has changed a lot. He doesn't care whether I understand English or not. He only talks English. Now he is making me learn English as quickly as possible.

Randy is twelve years old now, but he still crys when I yell at him. Sometimes I forece him to study Chinese for the test. He doesn't like it and then he cries.

I seldom bring my kids go shopping on the weekends. Sometimes, I feel I am not doing the best job as a parent because I don't spend enough time with my children.

Phrasal Verbs

Those are some practices from my college class. it is easy to make mistakes when you fill them in first time. Supply the correct prepositions for the verbs in the sentences below:

1. We need a change. Let's talk the matter ____.

2. I saw the movie, but I didn't care ____ it at all.

3. He insisted ____ an immediate reply.

4. I will bring the matter ____ at the meeting.

5.Fred is very fond ____ Thai food.

6. I don't like this book. I'm going to look ____ another.

7. Are you getting accustomed ____ Berkeley weather?

8. They can't live ____ her income.

9. Parents shouldn't let their children talk ____ to them.

10.The police are looking ____ the metter.

Answers:(Click and drag your mouse over the numbers to reveal the answers to these sentences)
over 2. for 3. on 4.up 5.of 6. for 7. to 8. within 9. back 10. into

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Don't you think it is time for a few more jokes?

Click here

Keep smiling!

Happy Halloween!

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Monday, October 31, 2005

My teacher

Richard is my teacher. He has a nice last name. It is Blum. (It looks like plum fruit). I like to hear people call him Mr. Blum.

My teacher has a nice voice. His tone is communicative. However, he is aging now but he looks like a kid. He likes to have fun. He would rather make people laugh than cry. He is a happy person who always smiles at the world. He gives to the world a lot, a lot. . . .of happiness.

In America, most students call teacher by their first name. But I don't, I like to call him " teacher." I respect him very much. I like him, because he correct my homework. He always gives me nice words. I made him busy with my essays. Sometimes, I feel guity. But I have no choice. I really need him to help me improve my English. On my job, sometimes, I don't feel confident because my grammar is still poor. I can't make good in sentences. I'm not happy about my English. I confuse people with my talking.

Anyway, Richard is a good teacher and he has enthursiam for his students. He likes helping people. I like him because he is the one who always pushes me to study. He made me feel confident in speaking. I hope this class continues to let me have a opportunity to develope my talking.

He is a patient teacher. I have learned a lot of from him. I won't forget the happy face he has!

My Birthday

Last weekend was my birthday. I should have been happy but I was not. Many unfavorable things happened. On Saturday, I got up very early for a meeting. That took up my whole day until 10 pm. After I went home, I thought I would take a shower and go to sleep finally, but after I took the shower, I found I had made a big mistake, I had locked my bedroom door and left my keys inside. I couldn't get in! What could I do? I just waited for my roommate. He lent me some sheets. I slept on the sofa.

The next day, I found I had no money to take the bus to church, so I borrowed some money from my roommate and I went to church with my friend Mei. At noon, we went to my grandpa's house. My mother cooked a lot of food for us. We ate birthday cake, also. When I went back home I called my landlord. He didn't have an extra key, either. Our only choice was to break the lock. Finally, I could get into my bedroom. I could sleep in my own bed! That was my birthday. How unlucky I am!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

My Daughter's Birthday

Today is the change of time day and it is Joanna's birthday, also. She looks like she enjoys sleeping too much on her birthday. It's eleven o'clock now, but she is just weaking up.

She has never asked me to buy anything for her birthday, but I want to buy her somethings surprise her. Finally, I buy a birthday cake for her. She is very happy and enjoy eating the birthday cake with her brother.

Last night, Joanna was set up her birthday in my electric dictionary. So, this mornig I went to check a new word and I saw her birthday is show up in my dictionary. She is a very careful girl. She doesn't want me forget her birthday.


I used to bring my kids to Alameda to get Halloween candy for many years. It was crowded over there. Most kids and adults wore Halloween costumes when they went to get candy. They said," Trick or Treat " to people who gave out candy.

I feel like people like it over there very much because there are more people who gives out candy and the houses are close by. For that reason, the number of "trick or treaters" has been increasing year after year.

A few days ago, I asked my kids if they wanted to trick or treat in Alameda. They seemed to be not interested. They didn't answer me.

I want them to be happy and excited. Maybe I have to change where we go to get candy, but I don't know of a place that is close by where they can get a lot of candy and have fun.

Do any classmates know about places to go to get Halloween candy?

Please, let me know and show me how to get there. Thank you very much!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My Feeling

I have wished I have plenty of English to let me can handle by myself for every aspect.

I want my English to get rich to let me can protect myself.

I feel shy if my English is poor.

I feel like having a hindrance on my way if my English is lack.

English is my priority and it is a big challenge for me also.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Land by Leo Tolstoy Part 3

This is the final part of Land by Leo Tolstoy

Part 3

Aren't You Interested in Sharing, Are You?

Hi, classmates:
I thought, the blogger here is the place for all of us to share the ideas, to exchange the knowledge and conversation each other.

The list of members are increasing, but the writers seem to be reduce.


Aren't you interested to share with me, are you?

Do you regret with a chance have gone?

The opportunity comes only at once, try your best!

I'd love to hear more feedback from you guys.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Famous Sayings

Different countries have their own famous sayings. They inspire you understand life philosophy. Now let me show you some famous sayings in English:

"Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments."----Rose Kennedy

"Think it more satisfactory to live richly than die rich."----Sir Thomas Browne

"The reward of a thing well done is to have done it."----Ralph Waldo Emerson

"It may be that those who do most, dream most."----Stephen Leacock

"Success is never final."----Winston Churchill

"You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist."----Indira Gandhi

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Land by Leo Tolstoy

Land is recorded in 3 parts: (Click each part to play)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (I'll post it after we discuss the third part in class)

I Enjoy My Job

I love my job because I meet different people everyday. I have learned many things from my customers.

My job is in customer services. So, I have to take good care and make my clients happy with my work. I like to take time with them when I'm not very busy. I like talking with customers to build the relationships with them.

I have many picky customers.
My challenge is to honor every customer request.

I'm very happy when I see my customers walk out with happy faces. I feel rewarded. All my hard work is paid off.

Most my customers are loyal. They don't mind to come back if I'm very busy. They are my main source of income.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hello, Classmates

My name is Veronica.

Can you guess my favorite color? (I have two favorites)

Can you guess my favorite animal?

Can you guess my favorite singer? (She is a Mexican woman)

Can you guess my favorite sport?

My Birthday's Present

Last year, my husband gave me an electric dictionary for my birthday. I was very happy because it was the one which was I really need it. The dictionary helped me to save a lot of time in checking new words. It's very tidy to bring to school also.
However, it isn't a valueable gift but I like it very much. Because it is the right one that I'm necessary. It help me a lot in studying.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

My Younger Sister's Birthday

This weekend is my younger sister`s birthday. She is my aunt`s daughter. She is 4 years younger than me. I watched her grow up. We used to celebrate our birthdays together because they are only one week apart. Now we can`t. But thanks to the Internet, I still can be with her on her birthday. I can chat with her and make a video with her, too. She plays an internet game very well. I also can play it, but not so well. We had a birthday party in the game. Many friends joined us online. She was very happy. The only pity was I couldn't eat the birthday cake this year. Oh! I miss her very much!

Know about Computers

Some times, when I get to school, some aged classmates would ask me to help them about computer prombles. Computer technology is a new invention, it is still strange to many people. What could I do if I owned a computer?

First, I can contact my friends who are living in China. In the last week in China, I collected some E-mail addresses of my friends, and now I can talk to them by E-mail whenever I want. I often tell them the experiences about my life in my new house and new school. Then, I can use computer for games. The gorgeous portraits and shaky melody can attract all the players. There is another point I can't neglect: I like art, especially painting. If I want to paint on a paper by pigment, it will take me a lot of time and things. If I did something wrong in my picture, my effort would be for nothing. By using a computer, I don't need to worry about that. "Photo Shop" is a famous painting program. Before I worked, I only needed to turn on the computer. If the picture couldn't satisfy me, I could change everything until I feel well. Very crazy!

Of couse, those are not all the merits of computers. I just tried to make you know how wonderful computers are!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Finally I knew that........

I missed Friday morning a class, but I finally knew how to save my picturs in my computer.

I want to show you my a picture.

I am not sure can do this step, I just to try.

Ben and Jerry Ice-Cream Makers

Ben and Jerry were friends in junior high school. They started and grew their business in 1960's & 70's.

It was during the generation called "hippies ". Hippies believed that people should think more about peace and love and less about making money. It wasn't cool to be a businessman at that time. Ben and Jerry's goal was to make people happy with their ice cream, not to get rich.

In the first year, the business wasn't making money. But Ben & Jerry had promised to celebrate their aniversary by giving away ice cream. Every year on May 5 is "Free Cone Day" for all the Ben & Jerry stores.

For the next three years, Ben and Jerry sales increased but they failed to make a profit for each year. It was clear that they had to make a choice: raise prices or go out of business. So, they raised their prices.

In 1980, Ben and Jerry began expanding their business. They started selling their ice-cream in local stores. The ice cream was a big hit with the public. Time magazine call it the" best ice cream in the world ". Today, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is sold in nearly every state.

Ben and Jerry also feel there is a spiritual aspect to business which is usually overlooked. Love, kindness and caring need to be a part of every aspect of our lives.

Ben and Jerry have proven that a socially responsible business can indeed work!

Ben and Jerry make great ice cream! But they also use their business as a tool for social change. Their commitment to social values has paid off big in profits and loyalty of their customers and employees.

People love their ice cream. It looks like my children love it, also. After my kids read about Ben and Jerry's history they believe in Ben & Jerry's ice-cream even more.

Now, they only eat Ben & Jerry ice-cream. That's why?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

To Visit Young Museum

Last Sunday, My family and I visited the M.H. de Young Museum.( see picture )
It is located at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This museum is a sleek copper-clothed building. This 293,000-square-foot museum has 3 exhibition levels. At the northeast corner of the building stands a 144 foot-tall tower.

A lot of the display objects have been showed off. The heaviest objectt is the Olmec " Colossal head no.4 ". It weighs 5 tons. ( see picture )

We did not have enough time to see everywhere, so we just visited the first floor and left before it closed.

My Feeling

When I was new in America, my English was very poor. Before I came, I didn't think so much about my life in America. so I didn't study English very hard. After I came, I always felt hesitant: What are the people saying? What do they mean? When I had to talk to somebody, I would feel very upset, and I would hesitate. People couldn't understand me. I felt nervous, and tried to say more, but that only confuses them more! Finally, we both felt embarrassed and stopped talking.

Now it is different, I have gotten used to my American life. If someone can not understand me, I will keep cool and find an easier way to express my meaning. Sometimes I use my dictionary. I don't feel nervous any more, and I am happy because I get many new experiences.

Classmates, try to talk more English, please. This is the best way to improve your conversation skills!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

About Grammar

Today, I studied unit 47 exercises. In 47.1 no.2, the answer is: "How long have they been married."

Can I answer this exercise like this: "How long have they married?"?

Last week, in unit 43, 43.1 no.7, the answer was: " Three men are said to have been arrested after the explosion."
Can I answer this exsercise like this: " Three men are said to be arrested after the explosion."?

Teacher could please give me some corrections.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My favorite Relative

Joanna is my daughter and she is my favorite family member. She is a beautiful, smart and alert girl. She is going to turn thirteen.

Joanna is good at communicating with me. We like going out shopping, eating and doing laundry together. She likes to talk and ask about funny things to make me laugh. She know how to make jokes and make me happy.

She loves making cake. She made a birthday cake with decorations for her brother. On Mother's Day, she made some paper roses by herself and gave them to me.

She is a busy girl. After English school, she comes home. She eats a snack, takes a shower, and then it is time to go to Chinese school. For several years, she has been an excellent student in both schools. She won many medals in English school and got reward checks from the Chinese school, also.

Joanna is nosy. She read my essays on the computer, then she said, "Your writing does not make sense. I don't understand it." Then I said, "It's O. K., my teacher understands my writing."

I feel pround of her and hope, that when she grows up, she will stay close to me, because she is the one, who brings me a lot of hapiness and laughter. I love her very very much . . . .

My Favorite Relative

My favorite relative was my grandma. She was my father's mother. My grandma was very kind to my sister, brother and me. She cooked delicious food for us and washed our clothes every day. She often made new clothes for us. She encouraged us to do what we wanted to do. She often bought a lot of things for us, but her life was very simple. That was my grandma. She has been dead for 12 years. I miss her very much.

My Favorite Relative

My uncle's name is Wang. He is my mother's brother. He is 68 years old. He is single. He was a carpenter. He usually worked very hard. When he didn't have work he liked to visit us. Sometimes he bought food for us. Sometimes he took me for a bicycle ride. I like him very much. He took care of us like his own children.

Hello, Classmates

My name is Selina.

You may also know my Cambodian name. It is Sibory.

Can you guess my favorite color?

Can you guess my favorite hobby?

Can you guess my favorite knid of music?

See you in class!

Monday, October 17, 2005

My Best Friend

My best friend is Libby. We knew each other from primary school because she was my deskmate. She is a friendly girl. She has a nice smile and plays piano very well. Now, she is studying in Austria. She studies harder than me. She is learning 3 foreign languages at school: English, German and French.

One Question

Today, we learned about "Reported speech". After the students wrote down the exercises' answers on the board, I found No.11 was different from mine. My answer was "...I could come and stay with her if I were ever in Toronto". The answer on the board was "...I could come and stay with her if I am ever in Toronto".

An unreal condition is used to talk about a hypothetical or imagined situation, it in the present describes a situation that is not real now. We should use a past form in the if clause and would or could +base form in the main clause. I thought No.11 is one example of these situations, so I prefer "were" in this sentence.

What do you think?

I am learning to create a post

Hi guys I don't know how to create a post so I want you to help me to learn pleas send me amasege with atip Thank you

My Best Friend

Ivan is my best friend. We have been friends for almost three years. He likes to share with everyone. His sister’s name is Verenice and his mother’s name is Martha. We met in English class in Concord. We go together to parties very often.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Last night, I found I became a millionaire in a dream.

Today, I am thinking about my dream: What would I do if I really won a million dollars?

I think I would dance for joy for 3 days! My life would have a big change.

First of all, I would pay off my college tuition which I have owed for 2 months. Then I would get a driver's license and a new car. What kind of the car? My favorite is Mercedes-Benz 600SL(SHOW ROOM). I would drive to all the cities in America.

Next, I would help my family and the people who lost everything in the Hurricane Katrina.

Finally, I would save some money for my future, but I also would work hard in my job. I wouldn't want to be a lazy person because of the money.

If you were me, what would you do?

The Trip to Hawaii

Last summer, my family and I went to Honolulu, Hawaii. Everybody dreams about going there because it is a lively city. Many travelers visit Honolulu.

It took about six hours to fly to Hawaii. On the airplane, I was excited. I wanted to get there as soon as possible. I waited for every hour to pass by. I read, watched TV and relaxed.

It didn't take too long before we got to Hawaii. We took a rental car and drove to the Waikiki Surf Hotel. We stayed there for one week. It was not very fun for the first day because we didn't know much about Hawaii. But it was okay. We walked to the beach and took a look and we went around Waikiki. We looked at a few restaurants where we were going to eat for the next few days.

On the second day, we took the Atlantic tour. That tour lasted a few hours. We went into a submarine, saw fish, seaweeds and turtles. We even saw some ships on the ocean's floor.

On the third day, we joined a snorkeling tour. We took the minibus and then transferred to a big ship. We stayed on the ship for about three to four hours while the captain took us to a place in the ocean. We swam and saw lot of fish. We put on lifejackets before we jumped into the ocean. The kids liked it very much.

On the fourth day, we attended the Polynesian Cultural Show at the Princess Hotel. This was the first time we saw Hawaiian singing and dancing. We ate dinner at the hotel before the show started.

On the fifth day, we joined the tour called The Island Tour. We sat on the bus though out most of the tour. The tour guide was also the driver. He drove us around the island. At every point he stopped, he let us out to take a look at the view. Some points weren't so special. He explained about the island and what we saw. I also remembered he us through a wildlife preserve. We saw a lot of flowers and special trees. We also stopped at the Dole Plantation and bought some pineapples.

On the sixth day, we went to a water park. We went by ourselves. We had a lot of fun because there was a “hurricane” ride. For the people who knew how to swim, they didn't care about the hurricane's waves coming. People who didn't know to swim were scared, but they had a lot of fun.

On the seventh day, we went home.

It was a happy and enjoyable trip. Hawaii had very nice weather. I will never forget the trip there. I regretted that I didn't have a chance to visit Pearl Harbor.

It was a worth while trip even though it was expensive.

Cam Hong

Friday, October 14, 2005


Dear Classmates,
When I go to home, I sew a men in the elevator, he is my neighbor. We were say "Hello!" to each other. The man asked me"what's your name?"I answered to him"my name is hua." Then I asked to him"what's your name?" he said"my name is David." I was quickly to say that"my husband is David!" I was lost two word to speak that "my husband name is David too." The mean is different. Oh... The elevator's door was close. The men will think"Who am I?" my English is poor, I also to speak"Word by Word". In my sentence hasn't grammar! I had been make a lot of joke in here!

Please Don't Feed the Pigeons

Most people don't like pigeons very much because they deface vehicles, trees, benches and fountains in parks. They made cities dirty. Pigeons cause pollution with their feathers and odors from their nesting material.

Pedestrians may be slip by their excrement on walkways. Airplanes are endangered from large numbers of pigeons.

Still, some people like pigeons. They love to feed them left over food.

However, some people don't know diseases may be carried by these birds and transmitted to humans. Ornithosis is found in pigeons.

So, should we stop feeding pigeons?

To avoid an increase in the pigeonpopulation we must realize"food control" to keeping ourcities cleaner so people don't get diseases and pollution from pigeons.

Cam Hong

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Good Restaurant

Hi, Classmates,

I like to eat different foods. Today I found a good restaurant in Berkeley. It is a Middle Eastern restaurant. I tried the "Mediterranean Meza" and the "Middle Eastern Plate". They tasted good! If you are intersted, this is the website: www. cafelamed. com. I don't want to get fat! But it is an intersting place, If you visit it, please tell me! Thank you!

Last Saturday, I went to S.F. with my friends. We were going to watch "Blue Angels" flying show. "Blue Angels" is a name of an navy flying team. Last Monday, Chun Mei mentioned this show on the blog.
On our way to bus station, I found a beautiful church. The church is not a gorgeous building, but I think it is very sacred.

I took some pictures of it immediately. It is a delicate building. My friends and I like the towers which are on top of the church very much. Now we would like to know the name of the church. Could you tell us?

Space Star (part 2 continued)

this is an audio post - click to play

This is the end of the story!!!

Read the previous post first!!!

Space Star (part 2 )

this is an audio post - click to play

Start Part 2 here!

Listen to Space Star (part 2 continued) after you listen to this post.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dear classmate;
I like to make some picture at different place, to do that, I like to travel. Sometime I like to see my old picture, I from a baby to grew up to a adult. We will grow old, but the smile still in the picture. Dear classmate, I like to enjoy your interesting picture.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Go out to the sea

About 7 months ago, I took a trip to S.F. with some of my friends. We wanted to experience the ocean so we booked a yacht.

Our ocean adventure began at 4:10 pm. See the picture, the three people who are sitting in the front are from Taiwan. The boy who is behind me is from HongKong. I'm from China. If you know about Chinese politics situations of China, you understand that this is an interesting combination.

We had an unforgettable trip that day.

The big guy in this photo already is now in LA . The girl in the red coat has gone back to Taiwan. The others are studying in a different school.

I miss them, and hope to take a trip with them again.

Space Star (Part One)

this is an audio post - click to play

Please forgive my reading mistakes.

This is the first time I recorded a story for the Internet.

Like all of us, I need more practice speaking to an audience.

Leave comments if you would like me to record Space Star (part 2).

Speak More English


We spend time going to school everyday. We have one goal. It is that everybody wants to improve their English.

Also, I would like to talk to other students using English and I want to listen to the teatcher.

Hello, Classmates

My name is Tracy.

Who is my favorite singer? Can you guess?

Do you know my favorite color?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

This one is for Mung Kai

Do you want to learn an interesting new (and, often, difficult) word each day?

Go to the New York Times Word of the Day website.

American high school students take a test called the SAT (Scholastic Achievment Test) before they apply to colleges.

Many students memorize the Word of the Day in preparation for the SAT.

The air show

Man, I embarressing to tell something, acturely I don't want to say, but I real can't keep that secrete in my mind. I did a stupid thing today. I went to SF to watch air show with my friend today. At first, I so excited because never seem an air show be fore, that why I thought it is going be fun. Ha, Ha, when the show begun, it was not as fun as my thought. I stood under the sun and streght my poor neck to try to watch clearly, I could see only one air-craft few over my head, and when I turned arround to follew it, It was gone. And so on, I stood over there for another hour, there was an other air plane joint to the show. Then got one other plane joint in in every hour. At last, I spent a few hours over there, so I could see a few planes flied in deep blue sky. That was the only exciting movment.
Nothing was much except people. God, there were lots of people in whafman shore, nosy and crowded. More people less toilets, I don't need to explain, and you'll know what was going to happan. Yes, you are right, it took me an hour to stand in line to take my turn to use the toilet. Man that was a horrible experience, I almast could not control " the faucet" , poor people! But it was good, nobody cut in line. Good people! they all have good self-control. Oh, it was a great countywith a banch of good people.
I guest some of you went to the show too. But I don't know if you guys have the same experience as me. I hope you had a good time,and didn't need to stand in line under the lovely sun waiting for using toilet.

Thanks you ......

I very glad. I can post something to "101 room" on computer.

I want to thanks our teacher and a classmate Li Hong.

Crucita's Physical Appearance

Crucita wasn't a beautiful girl. She had black eyes. They were always half-closed. She walked verey carefuly, because she was almost blind.

She wasn't as beautiful as her two sisters, but everybody liked her a smile face.

More Stories

I'm very interested in this class because it has grammar lesson every morning. Although it's complicated, but I like it. In addition, if this class have two or three stories to read every week, it'll great! It might attract me more.

What is the purpose of taking this class for? Is it grammar and reading?

I think having more stories to read is very helpful.

Cam Hong

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Writing is Difficult

Writing is difficult, but it can express all what we want to say; and it can stay what we want people to remember. I think it's very good in any aspect. Sometimes it look like a souvenir.

Mention to writing we have to know well about grammar. But grammar is so difficult for foreigner like us. If we are not good in grammar, it might be mixed up or misunderstand to the audience.

Anyhow we are students, we are on practicing. We don't care about any mistake, we still have a good editor beside us. We have to be brave to write it directly. The more we write, the easier it gets.

Cam Hong

Blue Angels flying show

Dear Classmates,

I am Kai Lok.

Yesterday there was a Blue Angels flying show in San Francisco.

It was very difficult to park in the north coast area of San Francisco, so my wife, my elder son and I drove to Treasure Island.

WE could see the planes from there. We got there about 1:30 pm.

It was a warm, bright sunny day. Breeze blew from S.F. bay. Many people sat on the benches or the rocks facing S.F. along the coast.

The show was taking place. A red biplane flew from high in the sky to near sea level then flew up over the Golden Gate Bridge with a white smoke curve line. After several minutes, three stunt planes appeared. They flew toward S.F. When they flew close to the Golden Gate Bridge, they suddenly flew up to the sky and released red, white and blue smoke. The three colorful curved tails followed them.

The curved tails looked like a big colorful cloth which was hung in the sky. After this flying team leaving, a black spot moved quickly from our left hand side. Very soon the blackspot became six jet planes – F-18 Hornet jets. People could easily identify them.t They were the world famous “Blue Angels" flying team. They flew together over S.F. and up high with colorful smoky tails, and then they seperated. The colorful smoke looked like a big flower. People applauded.

Suddenly a thunderous sound exploded. A Hornet jet flew over us from behind. It flashed closely to us toward S.F. People were very excited and applauded again. Six jets flew together. They did rolls, loops and reverses. They flew about half hour and then flew to the south east of San Francisco and ended the show.

If you have never seen the Blue Angels flying show, I suggest you have to visit this event sometime to feel that exciting moment.

During the show, I had taken some pictures although it was not easy to take pictures of flying jets. I will post several pictures on the blog. I hope you like them.

Different countries, didfferent customs

Although we are in USA now. And we are almost from different countries, and have different customs.
Some habits can not change quickly. We need time to accommodation. Sometimes someone want us to do something we don`t like to do. Maybe he likes, or he don`t like too.
I remembered a sentence like,"Don`t let the others to do someting you don`t like too."
I don`t like the compelling feeling.
Everybody have their right and duty. Do what they have to do and like to do.
Don`t order the others. Then I think you can adapt your life here quickly. Right?
What do you think? Do you agree with me?

Use dictionary in class? Or not?

I think use dictionary in class is OK. Because sometimes we always forget some words we studied, or some words we don`t know.
Teacher like to teach fast and more things, that`s good. But if we just listen it but don`t understand the meaning. That`s useless.
Teacher said we can ask him what we don`t understand, or we check the word after class. If we always ask the word what somebody has already known. That`s waste the other one`s time. And maybe somebody just study in class. Bucause they have to work or take care of family after class. They have not time to review so that the class is become useless.
What do you think? Do you agree with me?

Friday, October 07, 2005

Hiring a New Administrative Assistant

Today we listened to a podcast about hiring a new administrative assistant.

Click on for the complete transcript.

Here is a list of the key words, phrases and idioms in today's podcast:
  • Administrative assistant
  • Gave notice
  • Could not have happened at a worse time
  • Busy time of year
  • Nothing I could do
  • Right away
  • Want ad
  • Classified
  • Applications
  • Interviews
  • Narrowed it down
  • Resume
  • Experience
  • Working at
  • Telecommunications
  • Looked promising
  • Dressed professionally
  • Seemed personable
  • With confidence
  • Sounded like
  • Perseverance
  • Drawbacks
  • Chatty
  • Seemed disorganized
  • Capacities
  • Candidate
  • Rough around the edges
  • Earnest
  • Eager
  • Air of someone who had
  • Corporate environment
  • Seemed bright
  • Easy to get along with
  • Did strike me
  • As shy
  • Nervous
  • Two options
  • Give it some more thought
Look at your notes to review the meaning of each item on the list.

English In Use CD ROM

Each morning we do an exercise from English In Use (intermediate level) .

Many students find these grammar exercises useful.

Would you like additional practice exercises that you can access on your home computer.

Here is a link to the English In Use CD ROM.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Internet Radio

If you want to listen to Internet Radio on you computer, download Scream-Radio from their website.

I just learned about it today and have been listening to it all night.

In case you are interested, I am posting this link.

Adverbs of Probability

That's right, I used the present continuos because I was typing the title "right then".

Now that the moment has passed I could change the title to:

In case you are interested, I posted this link.

In case you are still hungry for knowledge, click here.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Heart Will Go On

Celion Dion

Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you
That is how I know you go on
Far across the distance
And the spaces between us
You have come to show you go on
Near far whenever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on
Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never let go till we’re one
Love was when I loved you
One true time
I hold you In my life we’ll always go on
Near far whenever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on
There is some love that will not go away
You’re here there is nothing I fear
And I know that my heart will go on
We’ll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

In the end of the last century, a movie shocked the world by a astonishing number of receipts. It was thought the top of the romantic movies. Its name is <TITANIC>. Many young people became enthusiastic with the story in this movie. "My Heart Will Go On"is the theme song of the movie. It also is a famous romantic song like "My Love", but it is well-known because of the movie. I'm sure you will enjoy them, not only <TITANIC>, but also"My Heart Will Go On"!

What is the topic tomorrow?

I didn`t watch TV or read news recently. Do you?
What is the topic tomorrow?
What do you like to talk?

Do you need a laugh this morning?

Click here for a quick laugh.

Monday, October 03, 2005

How to make our class attractive?

Do you feel bored in class ? Do you feel sleepy when you are bored ? Do you think changing our seats is the best way to make our class better ?

I don`t think so. If we could make our class attractive first, then maybe students would like to stay longer.

Usually, I am a good student in class with no absences. I don't leave class early. But now, I think I am a bad student in our teacher`s mind.

What do you think? Do you agree with me?

If you are brave, please sign in and make some suggestions. Maybe our teacher will accept them. Then we could have a good study time.

You know, just maybe , because althought our teacher always say somebody is tough , but he is tough , too. Pray for that.

God bless us . Amen .

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Independence day

October 1 is the independence day of the People Republic of China. I watch the celcbration on TV news, suddenlly I notice that all the celebrations for independence in many countries have no big differences. Nothing out of the celebrate by the goverments, some events like the governer speach, the leaders of the country have some talk show on TV to th public, then get a big firework at night. Of couse, be one citizen, I am sure to take a part of th celebration. Nothing is special, at least we need to give our goverment some respect. No matter, we love the country.
Honestly, I like the in dependence day because it is a holiday. I don't need to go to work, go to school, for these resons, I don't need to get up early even my family won't yell at me" hay. you'll be late to work." Or" The sun is over your house already, wake up." Hmm, boring suguests. Acturely, I know what I need to do. These events never happen in a holiday, that is why I love independence day, because it is a holiday!

Initial and Final

Since I have been to America, I attend this school for a long time. I met many kindly teachers, and I learned many knowledge from them. Now I'm studying in Room 101. In fact, everyday I come to this room, some marvellous feelings will show up in my mind. I know why.

One year ago, when I was new, my first class was in "Room 101". My teacher was Ronald Bryan. He is a gentle black man. There was the first time I met many friends who are from different countries. During the class, we have ever gotten sad, laughed, strain and rapture, but we always are together. I won't forget anything about them.

Now I get back to my first room. Next year I will take full time classes in Laney, so this class will be my final class in adult school. I very enjoy it because of nice teacher and nice classmates. Have a day!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Listen to English on the Internet

In our morning class, we often listen to English on the Internet.

You can listen to English poems at The Writer's Almanac.

(To listen to the Writer's Almanac you must install RealAudio on your computer. RealAudio is a free program. Click here to read about how to do it.

ESLpod is a good place to build your vocabulary and improve your listening skills. Click here to read the scripts of the stories we heard in class.

Buying CD's from the Internet

Has anyone purchased CD's on the Internet?

Did you join a club?

Do you have any advice for me?

Current Events Topic For Next Week

Please use the blog to suggest a current events topic for Thursday of next week.

If you haven't posted on the blog yet, have a fellow student post your suggestion.

We will select the topic, from your suggestions, with a vote on Tuesday.

More About Improving Our Classroom

Today we discussed ways to improve our class.

The teacher suggested that students who only attend for the first two hours sit at a table in the back of the classroom. He said that when students leave their study group in the middle of the class, they disrupt the study group.

Some students wanted to talk about this plan.

Khalil said that he wanted to stay in the front of the class because he has a problem with his vision.

Phung Chau said that she had the same problem.

Mei Fang said that she also had the same problem.

Wing also said that she has this problem.

Ha To also has difficulty seeing from the back of the room.

Richard tried to explain the problem, as he sees it.

He said, working in study groups is very important because study groups are the most effective way to improve your English.

Richard wants you to use this opportunity to learn. He knows that his students can not continue in the advanced class forever. They need to develop skills that will help them to succeed in college and in their jobs. Even students that have retired need to learn English communication skills to help their families.

The study groups are the most effective way to improve conversation, writing and editing skills.

What can we do in our class next week, he asked?

It was suggested that the two front tables be reserved for the students that leave at 10:30 and that after 10:30, the students in the back would move forward.

Hector said that he thought this was unfair. He comes to class every day and he usually comes early, he said. He said that he sits in the front because he thinks it is the best place to learn.

Wing, Khalil and Phung left the class because it was 10:30. Mei Fang also left.

Francisco asked, "Do all the people leave at the same time, or do they leave one by one." It would disturb the class if people were always moving.

Mung Kai said, "Some people sneak away."

Francisco said , "If people left from the back it wouldn't disturb the class so much."

Wai Ping said, why don't you write on the black board in the middle of the class so the students at the back table will be able to see better.

Xiao Yan asked that we quit "wasting our time talking about this and start listening to some music or reading literature or maybe a tv show."

Richard said, "We haven't spoken this much English in class all of this month. this is, perhaps, the best conversation practice we have had."

Wai Ping wants to talk about news. He wants to talk about current events.

The teacher asked that we try to make a plan for Monday. We change the plan later, but what should we try, on Monday, as an experiment.

We agreed to try to put the students that have to leave at the two tables in the front. The teacher said that he will try to use the front board less and emphasize working in study groups more. We will review how this works in the near future.

Xiao Yan suggested that we do more intersting topics like news and current events.

Francisco wants more dictation.

Vivian said, "Why don't that we use the two front tables by the windows because they are used to those tables."

Yan Hua doesn't want to move at all.

Vivian suggests that the teacher create study groups "by mnumbers" every day.

Dickson suggested that we have a day each week to just talk. "No paper, now writing."

Jiao said, give us a topic. that we can discuss.

Francisco suggests that we choose discussion groups by whether they leave early or not.

Yan Hua wants to form the groups each day after 10:30.

Richard said, "We still don't have a plan for Monday."

Han Xian said, " All morning, we have no time to relax. We feel very bored. There is no break."

The teacher explained that the school does not allow for official breaks anymore.

Richard asked, "Is there anything you do like about this class?"

Kai Yan said, " I like the class."

Wai Ping agreed, he likes it, too. But he wants to talk about the news.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Want To Know about China

Dear Chinese Classmates,

It's nice to know you. I'm interested in making friends with you because you are from China. It's a country which I want to know about. I plan to go there the next summer. So, could you tell me some famous places that you know? Please recommend to me which restaurants are the best?Are there any elegant holtels there?

Write me as soon as possible.

Your classmate
Cam Hong

Which is harder?

Today I saw a movie about racing . Many people want to pursue speed , but only less people can did it . They need defeat themselves before they defeat the others. I think defeat ourselves are harder than defeat the others. What do you think ? Did you defeat yourself before ?

This Day in History