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Hi my dear classmate and my teacher MR. richard, I saw your photo I felt very happy and very sorry. you know why I felt sorry becouse I was not enjoy with you i did not get chance to came there i mean i was busy. Any way i wish you to have a very good summer and good luck.

Friday, June 22, 2007



If you wrote 10 essays and didn't receive a certificate, I probably have it.

Email me at and I will make sure you get your certificate.

Have a great summer!

Picnic Photos

Click for photos of the 2nd Annual Jean Mulligan Neighborhood Centers Picnic at Redwood Regional Park.

Click for more photos of Room 101 Morning students

All the photos were taken by our phtographer extraordinaire, Kai Yan Lok.

Student Suggestions to Improve the Jean Mulligan NC Picnic and BBQ

Here are some notes from our debriefing discussion:

King suggests that we bring a microphone and loudspeaker so that everyone can hear announcements.

Victor suggests that someone should coordinate student volunteers so that everyone that wants to help has a job.

Tania suggests that more activities are needed so that people do more than just eat.

Kai Yan noticed that some schoolmates wasted food and threw it everywhere. He suggests that we talk to all students, in their classes, before the picnic and discuss picnic manners.

Cam Hong suggests dancing. Last night she went to the event at Clinton Park. There was dancing. She wants to dance at next year’s picnic.

Yan Hua also wants more activities. She wants some organized hikes. She would like to explore Redwood Regional Park.

Yan Hua suggests that we put signs (ARC/Shoong, 750) on the buses so that students are not confused.

Victor wants us to tell everyone, before they go to the picnic that there will be “No doggie bags.” “Eat as much as you can, but don’t bring food home.” Some students took sodas, etc. and put them in their backpacks.

Alberto suggests that we tell students to speak more English at the picnic.

Tania suggests that people be told to be careful with the garbage.

Alberto suggests that we talk to students, in classes before the picnic, and tell about how the tradition of the Jean Mulligan Neighborhood Centers Picnic and BBQ started. We should show pictures of Jean and of the tree that we planted in her honor.

King suggests that student volunteers work in pairs at each table. One person would keep an eye on the table and the other would keep the food refilled. This would control waste. Students could sign up for 1 hour shifts.

Kai Yan suggests that we take photographs of each class. Perhaps each class could have a class blanket area.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Manager Of A Restaurant

Last Sunday night, our family attended a wedding. It was my cousin’s elder son wedding.
My cousin and her husband were very cheerful. Because this was the first time, she and her husband are a mother-in-law and father-in-law.
In the wedding, bridegroom’s clothes were very casual. He didn’t wear a necktie and his hair was in a mess. But his younger brother, Andrew, his clothes was clean and tidy. And he wore a necktie. He looked young and vigorous.
When some of guests were coming, a manager of the restaurant appeared in front of Andrew. The manager shook Andrew’s hand and said, “Bridegroom. Congratulations!” Andrew replied immediately, “No, no, not I. He is really bridegroom.” Andrew pointed at his elder brother. All people were laughing and the manager was very embarrassing.

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HELLO! It`s me one more time,because I tried to correct my other blog.Maybe is boring but this is for practice my write.

I was tell you, went I write some time,but I never had a god luck,because I could`t be publish that.

The titles for my blogs is;

Well wish this time you can read my blog,help me to correct my mistake.and I continue to type god blog.

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HELLO! CLASSMATE I whis this time,I have a good luck,becose I wreti some most time but never can publish my blogs.Before I tallyou about my family in Mexico,other time is aboute mother`s day,nex is for my bithday,other is went I was a godmother,the last is whent I remember funy experiences for my husba`s family.Well hope this time you can reading my blog ,help me to correct my mistake.and I to continue to type a god blog.Bye

Monday, June 18, 2007

A laugh

A Laugh

A Story by Yan Hua Yang

In China, many years ago, my husband, my son and I went to Jilin City to visit our family for the Chinese New Year holiday.

When we arrived at my husband’s home, his sisters, brother and their clans had already come together to celebrate the holiday. We had a big dinner. After we finished that dinner, we talked with everyone, and we enjoyed the delicious tea.

We asked each other, “How are you?” “How about your health?” “How about your job?” and “How is your family?”

My husband spoke with a six years old boy named Xuefeng. He is my husband’s brother’s son.

My husband asked him, “How are you?”

The boy answered, “I am good.”

“Did you go to school this year?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Did you take the test at the end of this term?”

“Yes, I did”

“How many students in your class?”

“There’re more than forty students.”

“What number did you make in your class?” (In China, they rank all the students after the test. The best student is number one.)

“Six,” Xuefeng answered.

“Six? You didn’t do too badly!” my husband said.

“Counting from the back” Xuefeng looked at the floor and spoke softly.

Everybody had a big and long laugh.

Keyboard Symbols and Punctuation Marks Quiz

Take this quiz to review keyboard symbols and punctuation marks.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

About Present Perfect Tense

Hi, classmates, recently our teacher, Richard, taught us about the present perfect tense. I felt that it was not easy to make use of the present perfect. So, I wrote down some examples of sentences for my understanding and reviewing. Our teacher made corrections for me. And he asked me to post those sentences on the blog. I thought, if it is helpful for our classmates, I am willing to post it.

Present Perfect Tense

Subject + have (has) + past participle

1, recent past action that is important now. (Just, already)
2, past experience, indefinite (now) past time. (How many times, ever, never)
3, past experience (past action or situation) that continues now. (Since, for)
4, with yet.
5, with a superlative.
6, with “the first”, “the third”, etc.
7, repetition of an action.

Usage 1:
Key words: just, already.
1, I’ve just gotten up.
2, I’ve already bought one. I don’t need two.
3, Taame has just learned that his friend is alive.
4, Susan has just gotten back from China. She told me that she had a great time.

Key words: finish, realize, come cook, take, run.
Sam: I have just cooked some spaghetti. Would you like some?
Dean: No, thanks. I have just (means recently) finished eating lunch.
Pete: Hey, the next time you go to the post office, would you pick something up for me?
Gwen: It’s too bad you didn’t ask me sooner. I have just come back from there.
Keith: Can you give me a ride to the store now?
Jim: I’m sorry, but my car has just run out of gas.

Woman: Excuse me, sir. Has flight 663 left yet?
Man: Yes, it has already taken off. Why do you ask?
Well, I’ve just realized that I have left my carry-on bag on the plane.

Usage 2:
Key words: How many times, ever, never.
1: “Have you ever gone there?”
“No, I’ve never gone there, but my uncle has traveled there many times.”

Key words: Have, think, hear, study, eat, be.
Emily: Have you ever eaten tempura?
Laura: No, I haven’t. What is it?
Emily: It’s a Japanese dish. It’s fried vegetables or fried fish.
Laura: Really, I have never heard of it.
Emily: You should try it. It’s delicious.

Vic: Have you ever studied a foreign language? (Present Perfect – indefinite)
Carl: Yes, I studied French when I was in college. (Past – definite)
Vic: Have you ever had a chance to use it? I mean, have you ever been (traveled) to France?
Carl: Unfortunately no. I have never traveled (have never been) a broad.

Ben: I’m sorry I’m late, but I had car trouble again this morning.
Jean: Why do you keep that old car? Have you ever thought about getting a new one?
Ben: Sure, I’ve thought about it many times, but I have never had (don’t have) enough money to buy one.

Usage 3:
I have been studying (Perfect continuous) here for two years.
I have studied here for two years, but I’m going to go to Laney this summer

Use Since with a beginning date or time (yesterday, 2:00 am, 1993).
Use for with a period or length of time (2 weeks, 1 minute, 3 years, decade)
I live in Oakland. (Present Tense)
I moved here five years ago. (Past Tense)
I moved there in 2002. (Past Tense)
I have lived in Oakland for five years. (Present Perfect Tense)
I have lived there since 2002. (Present Perfect Tense)

Apples are on sale. The sale started on Monday.
The apples have been on sale since Monday.

Cam owns a BMW. She bought it in 2001.
Cam has owned a BMW since 2001.

We know the mayor. We met him ten years ago.
We have known the mayor for ten years.

I began to work at this office two years ago. I still work here.
I have worked at this office for two years.

Henry has a huge house. He bought it when he moved here.
Henry has owned a huge house since he moved here.

Keith plays tennis. He learned how to play in 2003.
Keith has played tennis since 2003.
Keith has played tennis for 4 years.

Usage 4:
1, Ben always eats dinner at 7:00 pm. It’s 6:45 now.
Ben hasn’t eaten dinner yet.
2, The weather report predicted rain for today. The sky is dark, but the ground is dry.
The rain hasn’t fallen yet.
It hasn’t rained yet.
3, The monitor says the plane will arrive in 10 minutes. The plane is still in the air.
The plane hasn’t arrived yet.
The plane hasn’t landed yet.
According to the monitor, the plane hasn’t landed yet.
4, We are all very hungry. The stew is on the stove. It needs to cook some more.
The stew hasn’t finished cooking yet.
5, I wanted to speak with Dr. Adams yesterday, but I didn’t have time. I need to speak to him.
I haven’t spoken with Dr. Adams yet.
6, The big game is tomorrow. I forget to buy my ticket this morning. I need a ticket.
I haven’t bought my ticket yet.

Usage 5:
1, Key words: long, trip, take.
That was the longest trip that I have ever taken.
2, Key words: good, mojito, drink.
That was the best mojito (that) I have ever drunk.
3, Key words: expensive, car, drive.
It was the most expensive car I have ever driven.
4, Key words: delicious, meal. Eat.
That was the most delicious meal I have ever eaten.
5, Key words: beautiful, flower, see.
It was the most beautiful flower I have ever seen.
6, Key words: expensive, shirt, buy.
This is the most expensive shirt I have ever bought.
7, Key words: busy, day, have.
It was the busiest day I have ever had,
8, Key words: fun, movie, see,
It was the funniest movie I have ever seen.
9, Key words: hard, time, experience.
That was the hardest time I have ever experienced.
10, Key words: bad, day, have.
Yesterday was the worst day I have ever had.

Usage 6:
1, This is the second time that you have given me yesterday’s paper.
2, It’s the third day that I have seen Frank and Tony, but I still have trouble remembering
their names.
3, that is the fourth time that you have dropped a ball in this game. Are you trying to set a
new record?

Usage 7:
Paolo: Yeah, it’s crazy. We’ve had six tests so far this month. (Key words: six…so far)
Weiping: You know, in my biology class, the teacher has given only one test this semester.
(Key words: one…this semester)
Maybe so, but I’ve had a lot of classes like that here. (Key words: a lot)

Friday, June 15, 2007

People make a mistake sometimes

When I was in my country, I didn't like to study English.
But I don't why I didn't like it to study
Al thought the people in my country use English as their second language I didn't like to study.
My mother was advancing me to study English, but I didn't take her advance.

Sometimes I remember her advance.
when I was in my country, I learned Arabic language.
but know
sometimes I said to my self ''why you don't study English instead you studied Arabic language.''

any way I am happy know because, I have marvelous teacher.
I am happy to my self. If I say one correct English word, because English is not my first language, and I have been studding English a few months
When I came this school I was like deaf people I couldn't understand one word.Thank you teacher I did what you requested to me I wrote ten stories on the blog.

By:Sadia Nur

My last day Of the school

Today was my last day of the School.
tomorrow morning I am goingto fly to Is to visit my family. I will comeback to Oakland September
I am sorry because I miss the picnic.

Iwill miss all my classmates, and my teacher also I will miss room 101.
Thank you teacher for your helping.

By:Sadia Nur

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The bully guy

One month ago, I went to Berkeley with my friend. We took a bus there. We waited for the bus for about for a long time. After about thirty minutes the bus came and we got on.

The bus was almost full so we couldn’t sit together. I sat next to an Asian guy. After a few minutes a black guy came up, and said to the Asian guy, ''Stand up and find another seat!''

The Asian guy stood up quickly and found another seat. When the black guy sat next to me, I was scarred. I worried about my English because my English isn't very good. Sometimes I can't understand the people.

After a few minutes, he asked me, ''Are you from Africa?''

I answered, “Yes.”

He said, “Me, too. I am from Africa, too.”

After that he took out a small knife. I asked, ''What is that?''

'He answered, “It's a knife.'' '

I said, “I see but what are you going to do with it.''

He answered, ''Nothing, but sometimes I use it to kill people.”

While we were talking the bus stopped and the Asian guy got off. Before he got off he said a bad word to the black people. Then all then black guys got off the bus. The Asian guy didn't run so the black guys caught him quickly. The black guys beat the Asian guy and then the police came.

By Sadia Nur


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My biggest mistake in my life

Last year I visited my aunt. She lived in Kenya. My aunt was living in an apartment building. She lived downstairs. In her apartment building there were some very rude girls. The girls were from my country, but they had grown up in Kenya.

Every night when we tried to sleep they were noisy. One night they made a lot of noise. I went upstairs to their apartment and knocked on their door.

One girl opened the door. When I tried to speak to her in my language, she laughed at me. She spoke to me in the Kenyan language . After I went back to my aunt’s apartment, they were noisy again. I couldn't sleep all that night.

The next night, they did the same thing. They made a lot of noise, just like night before. I went back up to their to the girls’ apartment. One girl spoke to me in Somali, my language. We said many bad words to each other.

While we were talking, another girl spoke in another language. Then she said '' I will kill you'' in Somali. When she raised her hand to her head. I thought that she was going to hit me, so I smacked her. I thought to myself, ''Smack her before she smacks me!” I didn't know she is only trying to scratch her hair.

That was the biggest mistake in my life, but it was an accident.

By:Sadia Nur

English drive me crayz


Sometimes English drives me crazy.

Last Saturday I heard one new word on TV. That word was [appreciate]]

Then I wanted to memorize that word. I went to the mirror to practice the word. While I was talking to myself in the mirror, my brother saw me, but he didn't come into my room. He saw me but he didn't interrupt me. He went back to the living room

What happened was that when my brother saw me he thought that I was not OK. He thought I was going crazy.

All that day, my brother treated me in a different way. He asked me many questions. At night, after dinner, he asked me, ''Sadia, what was going on with you this morning. Why were you talking to yourself''

I laughed and then I explained it to him.

By: Sadia Nur

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I understand little

Thanks, teacher Richard, for helping us to review the present perfect tense.

Now, I understand a little more about it. The present perfect tense has seven usages:

#1. Recent past action that is important now
#2. past experience indefinite past time
#3. Past experience that continues now
#4. With yet
#5. With a superlative
#6. With “the first”, “the third”
#7. repetition of on action

We have already reviewed usage number one. The key words are just and already.

Usage number two key wards are ever, never, and many times.

Usage number three key wards are for and since.

My Last Vacation

I took my last vacation to China in September, 2006. I went to China earlier than I had planned, because my mom passed away. I arrived in China 40 days after my mom died.

My whole family came together in remembrance of her. I felt very sad that week.

One week later, I left Jilin, my mom’s hometown, and traveled to my home in Chang Chun. I made a round trip between both cities a total of three times in that month. I was very busy on my last vacation, and also I did a lot of things.

I bought a new house in China. I met my good friends at one of my friend’s home. We remembered a lot of interesting stories from when we were young. One of my friend’s husband asked me a lot of questions.

“How do you make a living in America?”

“Is there really freedom in the United States?”

“Is it safe to live in America?”

“How do you study English?”

“Why did the United States send its army to Iraq?

My friend’s husband is a sport teacher in college. Their daughter is a teacher, too. She is teaching English in a different college. That day all of my friends made me very happy.

So, I felt different on my last vacation.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Foolish Man

There once was a foolish man. His name was Ahmed.

Ahmed worked in a store. Ahmed wasn't a smart man, he was also a coward.

One day he went out and he saw a fat man carrying a guitar.

Ahmed wasn't too smart so he thought the guitar was a big knife.

He said to himself, ''This man lives in town and I am working in the store maybe someday in the future he is going to go to the store and kill me. I have to do something to protect myself.''

He went back to the store and took all the money and he also took a knife to protect himself. He wrote a letter to the owner of the store.

He wrote, ''I am going to go home. Don't follow me. If you follow me I will kill you.''

When he arrived home, he said to his wife, ''Today, somebody tried to kill me. Maybe that person is going to follow me here. You have to listen to me carefully. I am going to hide under the bed. If anybody comes to house, and asks you where your husband is, tell them that I am dead.”

“If he asks you when I died, tell him that I died yesterday. I am going to listen to you so don't make any mistakes!''

His wife said, “OK.”

After a while, two men knocked on Ahmed's door. His wife opened the door.

The men asked, “Where is your husband?”

She answered, “He is dead.”

The men asked, “When did he die?”

She said, “The day before yesterday.''

When Ahmed heard her say “The day before yesterday” he yelled and said ''No! No! Say yesterday Say yesterday''

Then the men heard him and came into the room but Ahmed killed his self with the knife before the men could reach him.

Before he died, he said, ''A coward dies twice.''

By:Sadia Nur.

Grammar Suggestion

The Grammar book almost finished. last week a teacher Richard Blum requested students to write on the blog Their suggestion.

So I am goingto write here my suggestion

My idea is why we don't review present prefect.
That tense is difficult for me. I can understand when the people using but I can't use when I am speaking.

Iwould like to review that tense.If some my classments and my teacher agree with me that idea.

By:Sadia Nur


Monday, June 04, 2007

New Experiment

Click here to try this new experiment.

I am trying to find a way to add more multimedia to our blog.

Hi, Classmates

My name is Taame. I am going to write a story on the blog today.

Look for it!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Funny Story

A Funny Story

Hi, teacher, today I have a funny story I want to tell everyone.

This morning, my friend and I went to San Francisco, Chinatown by BART. When we were on the BART, my friend saw a woman reading a story in a magazine. She was reading a Chinese magazine. My friend was very surprised because she was a black woman.

My friend asked her, "Excuse me ! Are you Chinese?"

She said "No, I'm not. I'm Vietnamese."

My friend was very very surprised and said, "But I saw you reading a Chinese magazine and you are a black woman."

She smiled and said, "I was born in Vietnam but my Dad was a black man. He was American and my mom was Chinese. We lived in Vietnam that is why I'm Vietnamese.

She is a black woman but she knows a lot of Chinese words. She said she understood everything in the magazine.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Dress Of Lace

A few weeks ago. I called my friend and she told me this story. She is from Kenya, Africa.

She told me about her first day in school when she came U.S.A.

She said:

I was fifteen years old when I came to the U.S.A. but the schools were closed for the summer vacation.

A few weeks before school started, my aunt, my uncle, and some of my dad's friends came to visit us, and they brought a lot of presents. I was surprised when I found clothing in one of boxes.

The clothes were nice but ordinary. They weren't special or fancy except for one dress. It was a dress of lace. There was lace surrounding the neck and the sleeves and lace on the bottom. I was very happy when I saw this dress.

On the first day of school I wanted to look my best and impress the other students. I wanted them to make friends with me, so I put on my fancy dress of lace.

When I got to school, all the students stared at me. They were laughing and saying something in English. I didn't know why they were doing this. I thought that maybe they had never seen an African girl in a dress before or that they wanted to make friends with me but were too embarrassed to come over.

In the classroom, an American teacher spoke to me in English and pointed at my dress, but I didn't know what she was saying so I just smiled. The whole morning she didn't let me walk around or stand up. I had to sit all the way in the last row in the back of the room. During lunch, when all the others students had gone, a teacher from Kenya came into the room. The minute she saw me she spoke in my language. She told me that I shouldn't wear a nightgown to school, that American only wear nightgowns to sleep in!

I was so embarrassed that I almost burst into tears. That morning, when I left home, I thought I looked good but I didn't. Instead, I embarrassed myself on my first day of school. I felt like not going to school anymore.

This embarrassment taught me not to try to impress others or I might end up making a fool out of myself. I also learned the difference between a fancy dress and a nightgown!

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