Friday, May 29, 2009

An Invitation to Our Party

Hi Mr. Little Birdie,   We want to invite you to our end-of -the-school year party on Thursday,
June 18 in room 101, from 10:ooam to 11:30pm.  We hope you can come, and you don't have to let us know, just come!  We're going to have a surprise D.J. and singer, and great music and dancing.
Of course, there will be excellent ethnic food from many countries, no alcohol, but coffee, tea,
and other drinks.  It should be a great way to end this school year. 
We're looking forward to our field trip on Wednesday, and heard that you're going on Monday
and may send us some pictures and recommend what to see.  Have a great time!
Don't worry, be happy ( remember that song by Bobby Mcferrin?)
Love from your 24/7 am class.

Spelling Words for Friday, June 5

1.  follow up
2.  concentrate
3.  grateful
4.  excuse
5.  report
6.  select
7.  nervous
8.  service
9.  nature
10.  relieved
11.  encourage
12.  benefit
13.  recruit
14.  collaborate
15.  recognize
16.  successful
17.  permission
18.  productive
19.  support
20.  obstacle
21.  solution
22.  potential
23.  favorable
24.  donate
25.  look sharp

Monday, May 25, 2009

Spelling Words for Fri. May 29

1.  unpredictable
2.  optimistic
3.  gratitude
4.  strengthen
5.  connections
6.  challenges
7.  failure
8.  isolate
9.  miracle
10.  insight
11.  thrive
12.  ritual
13.  pancreas
14.  lungs
15.  kidneys
16.  gall bladder
17.  liver
18.  intestines
19.  spleen
20.  thyroid
21.  heart
22.  stomach
23.  appendix
24.  kindness
25.  goodwill

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We Miss You Extremely!

Hi Mr. 911, We are having an emergency. Can you help us? We want to plan an end of the year party at school. Can you come to join us? We will write an emergency story for you to read.
We finished our CASAS tests yesterday, and some students need to go back to room 102, including Pedro. He is still sitting in the back of the room, by the door, waiting for you to visit
us, and it is so cool by the fan. Please give us a surprise soon!!!

Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy a BBQ, go to the beach with Ceda (your dog), and spend some
money to help the economy. We miss you and love you,
Room 101am, 24/7 class

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Shadow Knows

A little birdie told me that certain students are slinking (have slunk) to the back table.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spelling Words for Thurs. May 21

1. products
2.  warnings
3.  avoid
4. contact
5.  ingest
6.  precautions
7.  prolonged
8.  label
9.  absorbed
10.  external
11.  internal
12.  antidote
13.  adequate
14.  container
15.  extremely
16.  puncture
17.  ignite
18.  ventilation
19.  contaminate
20.  contents
21.  irritate
22.  disinfect
23.  hazardous
24.  insecticide
25.  directions

Friday, May 15, 2009

We Continue To Miss You!

Hi Richard, How are you today? Every Friday we like to check in with you. Are you enjoying the sunshine and very hot weather? We're trying to keep cool by turning the lights off ("sit down") and saving energy to the school. That way we can have summer school here. Today we got a new student, Javier Gonzalez, who worked at Piedmont Grocery and now at Baja Ta-
queria on Piedmont Ave. Come by for a complementary super burrito and maybe a margarita (not a new student). You missed the special Ferrero chocolate treat that we had today. Everyone liked it very much, and Pedro ate three, and one is white paper chocolate, made by Yun Ping.
Pedro tried to eat it, but opened it instead. Pedro said, " It's hard to swallow!" Swallow was one of our spelling words this week. So, Pedro started to choke and Ella gave him 5 abdomen thrusts,
and he started to feel better. And Yun Ping started to call 911. No emergency today, but we had lots of fun.

We miss you a lot!!! Love from your 24/7 am class

Monday, May 11, 2009

Greetings from Berkeley

You guys are funny!

Of course, I think of you all the time, but today the Room 101 Morning Students earned "extra credit" in my thoughts.

I had just ordered a super burrito when, as I watched the guy behind the counter splash guacamole onto my carne asada and beans, I thought of your guacamole party post on the blog. In the photo I could clearly see that Pedro was "cutting up" in class again.

A "special shout out" to Kai Yan! He knows how to make me feel better with not one but - count 'em - two posts on the blog - - with photos! Thanks, buddy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spelling Words for Friday, May 15

1.  first aid
2.  safety
3.  prevention
4.  breathing
5.  pressure
6.  medics
7.  thrusts
8.  choking
9.  explosion
10.  poisoning
11.  dangerous
12.  protection
13.  accident
14.  swallow
15.  pesticides
16.  illnesses
17.  child-resistant
18.  demonstrate
19.  exposed
20.  medicines
21.  chemicals
22.  original
23.  eliminate
24.  immediately
25.  injury

Friday, May 08, 2009

We still miss you!!!

Hi Richard, How do you feel? We hope you feel better. Prosperity showed up to class today
like a new moon. He's going back to the Big Apple to try life over again, a new beginning. Don't
forget to celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday. Try to go to church with your Mom, even though you said you'll never go. We had another fire drill today to practice, in case there's a real one. Now
we've had two fire drills while you've been gone.
Don't forget to take your dog for a walk! Is the dog your daughter or girlfriend? Please let us know. BTW, Kathleen says" I miss you everyday." We hope that we see you at the class trip.
It's happening! Much love from your 24/7 am class.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Three Wheels Motorcycle

Generally, motorcycles are more save gas than the auto cars. But motorcycles are more dangerous. I thought that if there are manufacturers produce three or four wheels motorcycles, it would be the good things for saving energy.
Yesterday, a peculiar car attracted my sight. It was parked on International Boulevard near our school. When I approached it, I almost made sure that it was a three wheels motorcycle. I was afraid of losing this nice opportunity; I took some pictures of it immediately.
I hope that this motorcycle will be developed to be other kind of saving energy transportation.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

We Enjoyed Guacamole, Mexican Food

Yesterday, teacher Linda introduced Mexican food, Guacamole, and its recipe to us. She brought all of materials and tools to the class.
Our chef Pedro and Chef Ella made Guacamole as teacher’s guide. Classmates stood around our chefs waiting for a taste. Several minutes later, our classmates had tasted delicious Guacamole.
Thanks for Linda, Pedro and Ella.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Slope Mower

In spring, the Plants, flowers and grasses grow up fast. Especially the grasses grow up faster than the other plants. Usually people will cut the grasses short in their front yard or back yard with a mower every week. They cut the grasses for good looking.

I have had a question in my mind for a long time. I know that many residences are built on the top of slope and the grasses grow on the slope. My question is that how the residents or workers cut the grasses with an ordinary mower on the slope. Although people could let the grasses grow up freely, the grasses will dry out in summer. It is very dangerous to the residents because the dry grasses catch fire easily.

One day, I saw a scene. It solved my question. A flock of sheep were eating grasses on the slope. These slope mowers were not only needed not gas or electricity but also environmental protection.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spelling Words for Friday, May 8

1.  swine flu outbreak
2.  face masks
3.  virus
4.  disease
5.  hand sanitizer
6.  emergency
7.  affected
8.  frequently
9.  effective
10.  spreading
11.  symptoms
12.  fatigue
13.  headache
14.  sore throat
15.  cough
16.  respiratory
17.  vaccine
18.  epidemic
19.  preparation
20.  catastrophe
21.  protection
22.  restrictions 
23.  medications
24.  pandemic
25.  infection

Friday, May 01, 2009

We Miss You!

Hi Richard, How are you feeling? We miss you very much. " Don't forget to turn on the computer,"
Pedro said. "Do you eat more food now?" said Kai Yan. "We hope we can see you at the class
trip." said Ayako. "Don't be scared to come to the class. I don't have the swine flu." said Pedro
because he hasn't gone to Mexico yet. "If you want some exercise, come to my backyard" said
Ella. "We hope you feel better soon" said Ling. " I came to class early everyday to see you to
say good morning, and I don't want you to say good afternoon to me":) said Yun Ping. We love
you wonderful class. Don't teach too much English to your dog! We all love you and need you.
Your 24/7 class in the morning

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