Thursday, November 30, 2006

My First Essay

Hi, teacher and class.

I have been learning English with you for almost one year, but I haven’t written anything on the blog. I know that practicing writing and speaking are the only ways to improve my English. I only can say "sorry", because I thought I didn’t know enough English and I didn’t have time to write an essay. Also, I don't know how to use a computer.

Everyday, during the class, I just understand about twenty to thirty percent of what teacher taught. I thought the level of this class was too high for me. Sometimes I wanted to quit it, but I told myself to try one more week. So I still study in this class.

The Legend of Toscano

People of my town, tell about the Legend of Toscano.

Toscano was a very rich land owner. He owned many haciendas near my town.. A hacienda is a big ranch. Toscano was a bad land owner. People say that he didn't trust anyone and that he killed a lot of people. He never trusted the banks. That is why he burried all his money in different places in the mountains.

After Toscano died, people said that he would appear in the night riding his black horse. He would cross the town and people could hear the steps of his horse. Some people saw him. They couldn't see Toscano's face. They also said that Toscano's horses hooves never touched the ground.

Outside my town, people found a big rock. On the rock there are the marks of horse prints from Toscano's black horse. People think that Toscano appears because he tries to guard his treasures so that nobody can steal his money.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Journal

Mom I want to tell you ……

A lot of things have happened in my life lately. I have been sad and I have been happy.

Everything shows me that I am not a child anymore. I must be more responsible.

When I came back home from San Francisco, my mom asked me, “\Would you like to find a part time job.”

I said, “Sure, why do you ask that?”

“Oh, nothing!” my mom replied.

I didn’t think about why she had asked me that. In fact, I didn’t have any ideas about getting a part time job.

Once when I went to bed late, I heard my parents talking about their salaries. My dad didn’t have a job because he didn’t have good heath. In my family, only my mom works. She doesn’t speak English well. Her boss is Chinese, and she gets paid about $1,000 per month. She has to pay rent and utilities. My brother pays for food. He gives my mom $500 every month. But now, my mom said our family does not have enough money to pay our bills.

When I heard that, I was very sad, because I didn’t know that before. The next day I bought a Sing Tao newspaper and tried to get a job, but it is hard to find a part time job. I won’t give up. I will keep trying.

I gave my mom $200 from my savings. She was amazed.

“My daughter is an adult now,” my mom said.

Mom, I want to tell you that I can help family, too. You have to take care of yourself. Don’t get sick. I will work hard in school. Don’t worry about me, because I am already an adult.

Trust me!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thank You Richard Very Much for The Turkey

I thought our teacher was an average cook. I was wrong. Our teacher is indeed a good cook!

Today our teacher brought a turkey to the class for our "Thanksgiving" party. He carved the turkey into many slices. I tried one slice of the turkey. Oh, it was delicious! I couldn't believe that our teacher seasoned the turkey so tastily. I liked it very much.

Thanksgiving is the first holiday of the season, so everyone is very excited. Most families gather together to have turkey and some traditional foods. People enjoy eating and talking each other.

Today our class had a big party for "Thanksgiving." Everyone shared food in the class, so the tables were full of foods. Everybody enjoyed good food and each others company.

We appreciate our teacher very much for staying up all night and cooking for us. We'll always remember your tasty turkey. We hope our teacher will cook for students every ' Thanksgiving Day.

I thought our teacher didn't love his students, but he does.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Waterfall of "Los Reyes Michoacan"

In the city of Los Reyes there are many beautiful places to visit. For example, "El Salto" is a big waterfall and another waterfall is "Los Chorros del Varal."

People go to the waterfalls to have a good time and enjoy nature. The city of Los Reyes is located in the west of the State of Michoacan, Mexico.

When you have a vacation or free time to visit Mexico don't forget tovisit these places and you will see beautiful scenery like this.

A Vietnamese Woman's Diary

Click here to read about this incredibly moving story about a young Vietnamese doctor's diary.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Aljazeera News

Click here to view the news on Aljazeera.

The video stream uses the Realaudio program. If it hasn't yet been loaded on your computer, you can get it here. RealAudio is free. Be careful, however, because RealAudio also sells a "premium version" that is not free.

Tonights lead story is about corruption and politics in Taiwan.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The hummingbird is a bird that lives in America. They live from Alaska to the Tierra de Fuego at the tip of South America.

The hummingbird is one of smallest birds in the world. They are only six centimeters tall. The majority of hummingbirds have a very eye-catching plumage. Their special feature is that they can fly flap their wings at a high frequency of 70 or 80 flaps per second. That permits them to fly backwards or to the side or even to stay static in the air.

Another characteristic typical of hummingbirds is that they have eight pairs of ribs. Other birds have only six pairs of ribs. The hummingbird eats the nectar of flowers for energy. To get protein, they eat small insects. This food is rich in the energy that they need, because their method of flight is highly demanding.

To wake up the interest of the female, the male performs a special dance. When the female is fertilized, she builds a small nest from spider webs and cotton. The nest is built in a small bush . The female lays two eggs in a period of two days. Then, they sit on the eggs for 14 to 19 days.

A hummingbird feeds her children for 3 or 4 weeks. The female goes back and forth to the nest about 140 times a dayto feed her young.

Natural enemies of the hummingbird are the matis, wildcats, and humans.

Hi, Dear Classmates,

I would like to share with you, my classmates, a little some jokes and short verses, which I heard in Brazil.

"A woman should never cry for a man, because he could be drinking your tears in the mouth of another woman.''

''Not all declarations of love are made by words, sometimes a simple look says all.''

''What the eyes don't see, the heart doesn't feel.''

''A daughter came back to her father's house after her husband had hit her.

Her father hit her also and sent her back to her husband with a message: ''If you think that you can hit my daughter, I will take revenge by hitting your wife!''

''A teacher called a mother to talk about her son’s behavior in class.

The teacher said: '' Your son copied his friend's answers during the test.''

The mother was surprised with the teacher's statement and replied: '' How do you know that one that copied was my son and wasn't the other boy?''

The teacher responded: ''Because the boy, whom your son copied, wrote “I don’t know the answer to this question.”

And your son wrote, “I don't know, either.''

Monday, November 13, 2006

A loving heart’s girl-Fang xin Qin

A young girl has been picking up garbage and recycling it to set up a scholarship to help poor children study.

Her name is Fang Xin Qin. She is thirteen years old. She moved with her parents from Si Chuan to Zhe Jiang. Her parents worked hard. When Fang Xin Qin was only six years old, she got up early and took care of her young brother. She cooked breakfast for her family. She took her younger brother to kindergarten and then she went to primary school.

After eight years, she was a middle school student. During those eight years, she picked up jars, cans and waste paper after school. She sold them and got money to help poor children study.

Her actions touched other people. For example, some university students and singers donated money to her foundation to help poor children study.

She is girl with a loving heart. We should learn from her

Meifang Gu

For"Thanks giving Day"

This year Thanks giving day, I will be going to my friends home. My Kung Fu a student William’s mother was invited my husband, my son and me, going to their house to celebrate for “thanks giving.”
I am so happy. Because, they are house looks at like park. I knew that from they were showed us are pictures.
I want to see their house how beautifully.

The Happy Day--November Seventh

My birthday is November 7, 1931. When I was young, on my birthday, my mother boiled an egg for me on this special day. I was very happy.

Now, last Tuesday, was my birthday. My children called me. They said, “Happy birthday, mom". My granddaughter sent a birthday drawing card to me.

In Oakland, my brothers, sisters and my husband went out to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate my birthday. We enjoyed ourselves at the party. Even though my sister has a kidney disease, she joined in the party. My other sister gave me shoes for my birthday.

My classmate Nhu Thai gave me a special present. Nhu Thai planted the present herself. The present had tomatoes, persimmons, figs and apples.
That day was my happy day!

Meifang Guo

My Job Crops Center lives

This spring I quit adult school and joined the Job Corp Center on Treasure Island. It changed my life.

I had to do everything by myself. That was a challenge for me. I made friends over there. We studied together and helped each other. I harvested a lot from these experiences.

I was living in the dorm and every weekend I went home because I had a part time job on the weekends.

I shared a room with another person. We shared a bathroom with our next door corpmates. My roommate was an American named Vivian. She is a friendly person. I still remember the day I moved in, and she helped me to get bed sheets and wash them. She told me about the rules in the dorm.

In the Job Corps Center, I took reading classes, accounting classes and high school courses. Accounting was not too hard but you had to type 45 wpm or more. You also had to be good at math and fast on the 10 key machine. I took the High School Exam last month. I am very sad because I didn’t pass the English, and I just passed the math.

In the high school program, I studied math, science, history and English. Maybe some day I can take it again. Even though I have one diploma from China, I still want to try it. I raised my reading and writing skills.

In the Job Corps Center we had to wear uniforms. It is a blue shirt and black pants.

You know what? The last time I washed my uniform in the dorm, somebody stole my uniform and next day I couldn’t wear it to school. I got a write up. A “write up” is like a parking ticket. You can a write up if you break the rules. I tried to explain to my teacher but he still wrote me up. He warned me to be more careful next time.

There are a lot of Chinese students in the Job Corps. They come from many different cities. We often went out to Chinatown to eat Chinese food.

The Job Corps is a government program. You don’t have to pay. Instead, you get paid when you are in the Job Corps. I got 40 dollars a month when I first came to the Job Corps Center. After several months, I got 80 dollars per month.

We had field trips every month. We went to Great America, saw movies, swam outdoors and rode the roller coater at Marine World and so on.

The Job Corp changed my life. I developed a lot of new skills. I made many new friends. And I learned a lot about how the American lifestyle!


(Cookie mixture)
3-3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup softened butter or margarine
1-1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1 tsp. vanilla
walnuts (optional)

(Cinnamon-Sugar mixture)
3 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
1.Blend flour, cream of tartar, baking soda, and salt.
2. In a separate bowl, mix butter, 1-1/2 cup sugar and eggs thoroughly. Add milk and vanilla and beat well.
3. Add dry ingredients to beaten mixture (butter, sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla), beating until well combined.
4. Shape dough into 1-inch balls.
5. roll cookie dough balls into cinnamon-sugar mixture (3 tbsp. sugar and 1 tsp ground cinnamond) and place 2 inches apart on an ungreased baking sheet.
6. Bake 8~10 minutes or until golden brown.

Makes about 66 cookies.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Was the cake delicious?

Ask Kathleen or Kai Yan. Posted by Picasa

The Room 101 Cooking Club

Look what Nhu Thai started!

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Strange Land

Hi ! classmates,

You and I are immigrants. We are from many different countries. We came to America to live. I don't know how you felt, but for me those first days were very difficult.

Seven years ago, I left Viet Nam. I came to America to live, because my husband was living in Oakland. He wanted to bring me and our three years old daughter to this city to live together.

I remember the first few days when I came here. Everything was so strange to me. I couldn't go to sleep because the time here is different than there.

I stayed at home. I was very afraid to go out. That's easy to understand because I didn't know the way and my English was poor, too.

I wanted to go to English school, but I had to take care of my daughter. I was very weary. At that time, I missed my parents and the rest of my family in Vietnam. I missed many things from my country. I would have gone back to my country if I had had a choice .

Now , it 's a different story. My kids go to school. I have a little free time to go to English class. I also have a part time job, too. I'm busy now. I don't have time to think about coming back to my country or not.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Spoke English In My Trip

I took a plane from Beijing to Chang Chen, on October 28th of this year. I got onto a plane early.

I found my seat in the middle of 3 seats in that row. After I sat down, a young woman came and sat in the seat on my right. Then a foreign man walked to our row and pointed to the empty seat next to me. My neighbor stood up to let him through. I hurriedly moved my legs so he could squeeze past. After he got his seat, l said “Hello! Good morning.” He said “Hi! Good morning.”

I was curious and asked him several questions.

“Where do you come from? Why are you going to Chang Chen? Do you like China? What city have you been to?”

We talked a lot in English. He answered all my questions, I learned that he is German. He is married to a Chinese woman. He doesn’t speak Chinese. He has a 5 years old daughter. She is very smart, and she can speak Chinese, English and German. The man loves his daughter very much. He has a company in Su Zhou in China. He comes to his Chang Chun home once every 2 or 3 months. He just stays home for one week each time.

He was surprised that I could speak English. He asked me, “Where did you learn English?”

“You speak English very well,” he said.

I said, “Thank you! But not so well, just a little.”

After that, I told him that I live in the USA. and my job is Kung fu coach. He said “Oh! You have to speak English.”

The time passed very fast. Before long our plane arrived at the Chang Chen Airport. I said, “Nice to meet you. Thank you for speaking English with me.”

He said “Me, too.” Then we said “Bye, bye!” to each other.

Friday, November 10, 2006

When I Lived in Washington State

In 1993, I lived in the State of Washington. I lived there from 1993 until 1994. When I arrived, I felt sad because I thought that I wouldn’t find many friends there.

My brother was there, too. He lived with his wife, and I went to live with them. They lived in a small village with only two streets and the only fun place was a bar. When I saw the village, I though that I would die of sadness. Well, for several days I only stayed in my room and only thought about how I would pass the days in the small village.

One day my brother told me, “Come with me to look for a job for you.”

Over there it was very hard to find a job because the activities are agriculture and cattle farming, and all the ranchers had already chosen their employees. You couldn’t find a job unless somebody was not there when the rancher needed them. I couldn’t find a job for one month.

Finally, I found a job in the hop fields. This job is very hard. I will explain why . We work in group of eight workers. One drives a tractor, another drives a pick up with the wet string. Two workers tie the string on the wires that cover all the field. The other four tie the string to a bar to support the hop plants.

I also picked apples, grapes, and killed moles. The pay was low. For this reason I came back to California. Here life is a little better than up there and the salary is better, too.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rare White Black Twins

In China, there lives a pair of twins. One is white and the other is black. They are 10 months old. When they go out on the street everybody stares at them because one of them is very pale and other is very dark skinned. People think that it is impossible that they are twins, but they are.

Their mother said, "Our family is not mixed. We're purely Chinese. Their father and I are 100% Chinese and our ancestors are also Chinese."

Experts say that this is normal but very rare.

Unusual Girl

Yesterday, I read a newspaper article that told about a girl with an unusual disease. She has eaten soil since she was seven years old and now she is 19. Everyday, in addition to her normal meals, she also eats at least two pounds and at least four ounces of soil.

If she doesn't eat soil, she will feel uncomfortable and can't sleep. It's very addictive. According to the hospital, there is nothing wrong with her physically. However, she is still looking for treatment.

I hope that she will find a cure.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Good Ideas of Our Teacher

If I had known our teacher had a bunch of cards in his drawer, I would have asked him to let us practice conversation using the cards. I think it is very good to do this everyday.

It is a good idea to change partners and tables in conversation every time. It makes our conversation practice more exciting.

If we had started the conversation practice two months ago, we might have been very good by now.

Form gun shot

Hi, classmates!
I like to tell you about some thing happend in front of my house.
Last Tursday, about 6pm, I was watching TV, I heared sound from outside. I didn't surprised, bacuse my neightbourhood make a lot of noise all the time, I still watched my TV. One minute later, Renata asked and told me " did you heared something, I looked at outside, I saw a woman talking on the phone and saw something like blood on a sidewalk,that made me scared, I thought that sound was from gun" I said" yes I heared it, and I heared somebody scream, but I don't know what's going on" Then, we both looked at outside by a window, was much blood on the sidewalk, and many people talked. We found out somebody by shot, that made us scared again, bacuse on that time, only had both of us and my cousin at home. We called who live in my house, and told them came home later, somebody by shot in front of our home. After ten minutes, the police came and blockade the street almost three hours, the Ambulance took one person to the hospital. One police knocked door to asked us some information.
I can't belief that was happening in front of my house, my first time heared gun shot.

I Try To Write Some Sentences.

I will try to write some sentences with “unless”, “as long as”, “provided” and “providing”. I hope our teacher and classmates will give me your valuable corrections.

Thank you.

I’m going to play soccer tomorrow unless it rains.

(Looks good to me.)

I’m going to play soccer tomorrow provided it is not raining.

(Still good)

The Fox team can win the champion as long as their team finishes the last competition.

(Not so good but we can fix it.

The Fox racing team can win the championship for this year as long as their team wins the final race of the year.)

The Fox racing team will win this year’s championship unless they lose the last race of the season.


Providing their team wins the final race of the season, they will win the championship this year.


(All the the rest are also OK.)

We’ll achieve our goals unless we are lazy.

We’ll achieve our goals as long as we study according to the plan.

We’re going to eat out tonight unless it rains.

She can catch the bus as long as she leaves home early in the morning.

They’ll arrive here on time provided the traffic is not too bad.

He’ll go to the concert provided the ticket is free.

My Job

Hello classmate. I want to talk about the place that I work. It is in San Francisco Ca. The name of the place that I work is "Art Institute of San Francisco." It is a college of art, I have worked there about one year and half, I had a lot lucky to find this job. In all this time, I have worked confortable. All the staff is very friendly and help me a lot. When I was start in this job, I didn't speak much English, but they said is o.k. But I said not is o.k. Because what happen when , I need to explain something about my job with my supervisor. I need to speak English because her speak English only. For this reason, I come to adult school to learn English, and reality study here in this school has helped me a lot. In my job I have a title of " Senior MaintenanceTechinican."
My duties are keep the building clean, repair furniture, fix lights, move furniture and set up, paint, plumber, repair the wall if are broken, help the staff if they need something that I can do.
Is why I think my job is perfect to me because, it give me a time to study, and the opportunity to achieve my goals. In addition if I improve my English here. I can study in this college free and that is very good. As you know go to the college and study there is very expensive, is why I say I have lucky to have this job. If some day I can study in this college I'll want study interior design or animation.

Driver's license

Yesterday, I went to DMV to exam the driver's license. When I came there, I took an examination immediattely. I didn't have to wait because I appointed before I came.
My examiner was a Black man. His name is Mike. He was really popular. He always had smile on his face so I didn' feel nervous. I felt selt-confidence when I drove a car with him.
He asked me :"who drove you here?"
I answered :" oh, my father."
But,you know,I lay to him. I drove to there by myself. Because I knew if I told him I drove a car by myself, he wouldn't let me to exam the driver's license.
We drove a car five blocks from DMV and I began to do anything he said. First time, I had to stop on the red light. Second time, I had to turn right. Third time, I had to turn left. Four time, I had to drive back and parking. I just had three mistakes, when I stopped at stop side, I stoppde my car over the yellow line. But he said :" you passed"
I was happy when I passed the driver's license because I have to drive a car to work by myself.
P.S: I lay to my examiner but I thought it didn't make somebody hurt. So I thought it ok. Do you think so? If somebody meet Mike, please, don't tell him about that,ok?

Great News! Great News!

Today I try to make the Coconut Milk Cake . It's indeed successfull. I feel very happy.

I'm going to bring the cake in our class tomorrow. I let you guys try how the taste is.

If you guys come in late tomorrow. The cake will be gone.

Specially, Veronica, If you want to try my cake, you have to come to school tomorrow. If not we will eat all!

My School

The name of my school is the "Neighborhood Centers Adult School." My school has two branches, one is at the corner of International Blvd. and Eighth Avenue and the other one is nearby, just one block away.

My school building is old but classical. There are many class-rooms in it. My school has many classes such as E S L , Computer, and G E D. There are three teaching shifts in my school: morning, afternoon, and evening. My school is always busy and crowded with students.

All the teachers in my school are excellent. The teachers of my school are of many races. They are enthusiastic and hardworking teachers. All the pupils like them very much.

The personnel who work in my school are sweet and efficient. When students need help, they are willing.

There are many pupils that take two classes. Some students live in other cities. They like to come to this school to study because the teachers are interesting and the school is comfortable.

Anyway, my school is the best place to learn English. I am indeed proud of my school.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hacking Democracy

Click here to view the HBO video about problems with computerized voting systems.

A Special Day

Last Friday, I was absent because I went to a hospital with my aunt in Berkerly. My aunt is pregnant now, but the doctor in Chinatown could not make sure whether the baby has heartbeat or not, so they asked my aunt to go to the big hospital in Berkerly. When we got there, it only took us 20 minutes to wait for the doctor. We got into the room, the doctor asked my aunt to lay on the bed and closed to her. My aunt's English is not very well, so she said to the doctor," Can you speak Chinese?" The doctor said," I can't." "Can you speak English?" the doctor asked me. I said," No." Because we knew there is a Chinese staff there, and we thought if we said we could not speak English, the doctor would ask the Chinese staff to help us, but she didn't do that. After that, she started to check the baby. I thought maybe she got mad because no smile on her face, and she didn't say anything to us even one word during she checked the baby. I was afraid because I didn't know whether she got mad or the baby was not very well. After she checked the baby. She walked out with a paper and said," Wait for me here, I'll be back." We thought she was going to ask the Chinese staff to tell us something about the baby, but she came back alone. She looked at us and said," I think the baby is ok, you can leave now." After she said the baby is ok, we were very happy, because we love baby very much. We all look forward to this new baby born.

Monday, November 06, 2006

How to Make Coconut Milk Cake

Coconut Milk Cake is a teatime snack. It is an absolute favorite among all ages in Vietnam. It is usually served on occassions such as birthdays festivals. The following recipe makes 2 pans of the cake.

These ingredients you can buy in an Asian supermarket:

14 oz of tapioca starch
2 packets of 0.38 oz of baking powder (about 5 teapoons)
1 can of coconut milk
2 cups of sugar
8 eggs
screwpine flavored paste


1. Add a 14 oz package of tapioca starch, 2 packets of 0.38 oz of baking powder (made by Bestfoods France), 1 can of coconut milk, 2 cups of sugar together into a large bowl and mix well.

2. Add 8 eggs. The secret is stirring slowly with your hand.

3. Then add a few drops of screwpine flavored paste so that all the material will become green.

4. Next, pour the mixture into pans.

5. Heat oven to 360 degrees and bake for 35 minutes. To test if it is done poke with a toothpick. If it is ready it will not be sticky.

6. Finally, serve immediately, cut the cake and enjoy with your family or friends. The cake will smell of coconuts.

My Neighbor

When I went to the Job Fair, I had a pleasant surprise. A man sitting at one of the job fair tables was my neighbor. He called to me and I was confused because I didn't know who he was. The first thing he said was, "We are neighbors." Then he told me about my son and my cars. He was right on. That's when I recognized him. He lives two houses down from me. We have seen each other often, but we have seldom spoken. I was surprised that he was at the Job Fair. I was also surprised to learn that he was the director of Mills College.

Now when I see him, we say “Hello.”

Parking Ticket

Last month, I had something pitiful to tell you. I got a parking ticket, it was 35 bucks. I was just absent minded for 5 minutes. I forgot to pay money to the parking meter. It was a pity. Thank you for your time.

An Idiom

This is my story that I read to the class before, however, I wanted to put it on the blog for the teacher to correct.

I learned an Idiom that fits into my life: kill two birds with one stone. I went to work by bike. I got exercise and saved on gas.


This is the second time I wrote a story about my country, Laos, on the blog.

In my country, on Sundays almost everybody is off work. People don't have to be in a hurry. Sunday, November 5th, was a special holiday. In Laos we call it Mahathgan. It always is on a full moon day and it is a special day in my country.

Almost everybody from the countryside, and the cities come to the special urn place. It is in the capital city, Vientiane. They honor the bones of ancestors who died for our country.

On that day, everybody wakes up early at about 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock in the morning to prepare sticky rice, food, fruits and new money. After that they have to prepare themselves by wearing traditional clothes and going to the special urn place to offer sticky rice, food, fruits and new money to the monks. After that people buy food and eat together.

In the afternoon, some men play games together and in the evening people walk around the urn three times with flowers and candles.

In everything we do, we hope for prosperity in our life and we remember those who died for our country.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Hi everyone,
How are you guys doing?
I'm doing very well. Today I'm going to talk about "saudade". I know that most of you guys don't no what is that means, so let me explain:
Saudade is when you miss somebody that you really like. In english, the perfect translation for "saudade" it's "miss you". Saudade can also be a felling when someone has passed away, maybe a very close parent or whatever. Here in the United States I can say tat I miss so much my family and a bunch of friends also. For me, being here means a big step ahead in my life, it's more than learn english, it's the best experience of my life.
My plans are to go back to Brazil in february and for sure I'll miss the U.S., the good times that I spent here and the friends that I made and also the money thay I've earned. It'll be hard to switch back to Brazil's reality, and see the true about unemployment and poverty there. But, this is another subject, maybe in another post I'll write about that.
Bye bye

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