Thursday, June 29, 2006

An emotion

My name is Kimthuy. I am a new member of the Room 101 morning class and I come from Vietnam. I have been in America for 2 months. Although I have just been coming to the Room 101 class for a few weeks, I feel happy to be a member of this class. My class has 17 members. We are friendly. We have a diligent teacher.

On the final day of the course, my teacher asked us to answer the question:" What did you learn in this course?" Every member of our class answers by turns. It was difficult for us to answer. We have learned so much, but the most important thing my friends and I learned from our teacher was to be kind and hard working. Now I am on summer break. I stay at home and remember about school, friends and the sound of our teacher’s voice while he was explaining a lesson.

Americans and Their Pets

Americans are very talent for training pets such as dogs, fishes and cats . . .

During Spring break, my family and I went to "Seaworld" in San Diego. I saw many shows like shamu, dophin and sealion show . . . , but the show I liked very much was Pets Stadium show. There were many little and cute pets were trained by professionalism. They arranged races, games for dogs and cats. When time is up for the show. They turned on the music "Who lets the dogs out." The dogs followed the music to run out messily. Suddently, the music stopped. And then one by one is performing. The dogs and the folk on the show are very funny. They made the audients laugh and laugh . . . The audients so happy and could not stop with the big clap hands.

Americans love pets very much. They treat pets like people. They even talk and feed them. They take good care of them. Americans give pets a very sufficient life.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

BBQ in Redwood Park

Last Thursday, our school went to Redwood Park for BBQ. I got up early and go to school early as usual. The weather was hotter than usual. Our teacher started to give us tickets when we came in the classroom. At 9:30 the school bus arrived and we started our trip. We were chatting and laughing during we were in the school bus.

After about 20 minutes, we arrived at Redwood Park. We sanded at BBQ and picnic park area. We sat down and eat some snack which we brought for BBQ. We were chatting, laughing and taking pictures each other. Suddenly, the teacher asked us to keep quiet as a docent want to inform us the important information. He told us that don’t touch this kind of plants and showed us the plant. That plant is harmful for us. It can make us itch all over if we touch it careless. In order to let us understand clearly. At the same time our teacher did some actions for us.

Some students and teachers were firing up the grill. There were 4 grills here. A big smog covered us soonest. We had many kind of fruits. They are Oranges, peaches, bananas and watermelon and so on. Some students were making orange juice. Some were washing fruits. Some were making foods. At that time there was delicious smell went around us. It was the time for our lunch. First, we ate corns. Our teachers cook hamburger and hot dogs for us. Teachers were sweat. We queued for pick up hamburger or hot dog and drink. After half and hour, all of us were full. We cleared up the rubbish. Buys were playing volleyball under the tree or playing football on the trail. We chatted and laughed under the trees. We never have spoken to each other such a lot since we knew each other.

At 2:40 PM, we have to come back school by school bus. Thanks to our teachers cook for us. We have a good time at our BBQ.

Herewith a picture.

First driving test

Almost everyone told me that drive a car is an easy job like you walked. But it is very inconvenience to go somewhere if you don’t drive. I started to learn how to drive once I got the permit. My husband employed an instructor to support me. At first I think drive is the same like drive bumping car in paradise. The different point is drive a car avoid to touch anything. But it can change my idea after I took the first driving test.

After several hours practice, my instructor told me that I can take a driving test in DMV. I was very delight after I heard it. I decided to take a driving test on next day.

Fortunately, I can get an appointment with DMV on next day. I asked my husband to go with me as I want to take his car in the test. On our way to DMV, my husband asked me:” Do you really want to take the driving test today? I don’t think you can get it. We can cancel it if you don’t want.” But I don’t agree with him.

It was my turn to take the test. I started the vehicle and feel very nervous when the examiner got in the car. At that moment the examiner said to me:” You need more practice.” I confused when I heard it as I hadn’t finished the test. I continued to drive. The examiner ordered me to backing, stopping, turns and changing lanes. But I couldn’t do all smoothly.” You need more practice.” The examiner said to me again when we came back DMV and she passed me a piece of paper about driving test. I felt upset as I failed the test. Almost everybody can get it easily but I couldn’t. I think the examiner was too strict.

After thinking about the test again and again, I understand that the examiner was right. I made a lot of mistake during the test. Such as I forget to turn on signal light when I started vehicle and backing. I forget look behind shoulder to check behind spots when I changed lanes. At the same time, I realized that safe is the first. Not in a hurry if I want to get it. I need more practice.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Free Public Transportation on Monday

Monday is a "Spare the Air Day"!

You can ride BART, the busses or the ferrys for free all day.

Click here to learn more.

There may be many more "Spare the Air Days", but this may be the last time this year that public transportation is free.

Get out and enjoy it!

I suggest a ferry ride to San Francisco. Maybe another ferry to Sausalito? If you see me, wave. I'll be riding my bicycle

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm here ^_^

heyy everybody....I'm alejandra..Do you guys remember me?

well...I remember you all...and as you can see i got new pets! my sister bought them three days ago and Im so happy with them.

well...I just wanted to say "hi" and if you want to write me, here's my e-mail

have fun in class!!

Let's Talk this Sunday at 9:30 pm

Let's talk this Sunday. If you haven't downloaded Skype yet, you can get it here. Of course, it is free.

I want to try out the Skypecast to see if we can have a group conversation over the Internet.
Click here around 9:30 on Sunday, June 25th.

Join the Techtutor group.

Talk to you this Sunday.

Incentive Students

I don't know what to say to my teacher besides "Thank you very much."

He is a very patient editor. He is never discouraged by essays which need a lot of editing. He is never bored by the topic of any essay. My teacher makes good guesses at what we are trying to communicate to our readers. He asks us to write clearly. He reminds us to make our essays easy for readers to understand.

My teacher always encourages us to write and write. He event gives certificates to students who write at least ten essays during a semeter. He does this to give students an incentive to express themselves through writing.

Richard hopes that each of his students will become an author. Perhaps, this is his dream.

So, let's realize his dream. We should write more and more next semeter. We must try our best to become authors whose essays can make our classmates laugh and cry. Let's scrible like Shakespeare to make Richard's dream come true.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Good to see your again! Could I?

How are you? Richard Blum; I am Hua Lin, I came back from China last week, sorry I had not to say good- bye eight month ago. My mother was sick in China. I went to China is fast! when I listen the bad news. I need care my mother in the Hosiptal still my mother's health change to fine! This was a hard time for me. Now I am very happy, my mother is fine! I took my mother together come back home last week. I am never forget your, my teacher, my classmat! I will see you soon! and my dear classmate! could I? Hua lin 06/23/2006

Hello, Classmates

Hi, my name is Kim Thuy. I will write my first story on the blog tonight!

Photos from our 1st Annual Picnic and Barbeque in Redwood Park

Click here to see yourself at the 1st Annual Picnic and BBQ in Redwood Park!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

An Invalid Trip

My mother-in-law likes pizza very much. Yesterday we received an advertisement. It said that large pizzas are on sale and there is no need to call ahead, no need to wait, and no limit. Supplies will be available all day, everyday. My mother-in-law was very happy when she read it.

It happens that this store is not far from our home. It just takes 10 minutes to drive there. My mother-in-law decided to go and buy a pizza. She asked my sister-in-law to go with her. But my sister-in-law had to finish her job first, so she refused my mother-in-law. This time my mother-in-law went by herself.

After one and a half hour, my mother-in-law hadn’t come back. We started to worry about her. Suddenly, the door opened and my mother-in-law walked in carrying a water-melon.

“What’s the matter? Why did you buy a water-melon not a pizza?” my sister-in-law asked.

My mother-in-law looked upset and sat down and began to describe her trip. She didn’t know how to go to this pizza store when she arrived at the bus stop so she asked a woman how to get there. The woman told her how to go to the pizza store.

Finally, my mother-in-law found the pizza store. When she approached the shop she saw that some construction workers were working there. She realized that this pizza store hadn’t opened yet!

She didn’t want to come back home empty handed so she went to the market and bought a watermelon.

That’s why she bought a watermelon and not a pizza. Everyone, except my mother-in-law, laughed when we heard that.

“Don’t be disappointed, you can go again when it opens,” I said to my mother-in-law.

What Do I Learn From This Class?

I have learned many things in my ESL class, the Room 101 Morning Class. I learned how to get the most important and hot news without waking up early to read the newspaper or listening to the radio (It is simple: Just come to the class and listen to my dear friends!).

I learned how to express my ideas and how to share my feelings in English. I learned how to search for any needed information by using the Internet. I learned how to study English in many interesting ways on the Internet. I learned how to make friends with all of my classmates, and it’s wonderful!

Now I feel more confident when I talk with Americans. I can do anything I want without any help. I am not scared to talk on the telephone anymore.

My writing skill has especially improved a lot. It is useful to me that when I write on the blog the whole class helps me edit. With their help I can repair all my mistakes and realize what are my weakness and avoid them the next time.

I hope I will learn more with all of you in the future.

My Excuse!

My Dear Classmates,

I am really sorry because I couldn’t join this morning’s field trip with you. I like to go to new places and I always try to attend all trips with my friends. I know that I am missing a chance to have a lot of fun with everybody. On our Angel Island trip I had a great trip with my classmates, so this time I felt very sad.

Now, I am sitting in front of my computer trying to finish three essays for the teacher. I can image that all of you are playing on a hill, enjoying your barbecue or looking at beautiful scenery. I think it’s not fair to me! And tomorrow you will come to class talking about your fun with beautiful pictures without me and you will say, “You were silly when you decided not to go with us!”

I think you may want to know why I didn’t join the field trip. First of all, I had to finish the three remaining essays for the teacher.

Secondly, I had to take care of my son and my mother-in-law at home just because Jie Hua refused to bring her father-in-law this time. There was no friend for my mother on the trip and I couldn’t bring her with me.

Please don’t complain about me. It wasn’t my fault at all.

Where Do You Feel Safer?

In Vietnam, if you leave you bicycle or motorcycle for a moment, it will be stolen immediately. The same thing will happen with all your property: your purse, your wallet, your mobile phone, your necklace or earrings when you walk in the street, especially in crowded places. But, if you pay attention and are careful thieves will have no chance. They are stealthy but most of them are afraid of you.

When I came to the U.S, I thought it will be safer than my country. People leave their cars parked on the street without worry. (In Vietnam if you leave your car unprotected for a single night you will regret it the next morning because a lot of things will be missing!).

I realized that America was not safer when my relatives advised me not to carry cash or jewelry while walking on the street. I was really surprised, but it’s true. It’s very dangerous when you walk on the street with a purse at any time anywhere in Oakland! And the robbers aren’t scared of you! They will stop you and force you to give them everything you have. People are advised not to intervene but to call the police.

That is the biggest difference between the U.S and Vietnam. In Vietnam you are encouraged to try to catch a thief or robber. American criminals have guns so they are more dangerous.

Just in one month, there were 3 murders near my apartment. Now, I don’t dare walk out alone after dark. Even in the daytime, if I see some fishy guys, I change my route.

In your opinion, which country is safer?

My Best Friend

Friends are very important in our life. sometime we want to get some opinions from other people for personal questions, the first one we thinking about is our best friend. that easier to discuss with friend than parents.

Sammi is my best friend, we knew each other when we went to elementary school . She is very nice, she always smill, you won't be bored when she is over you.

Her family moved to U.S six years ago, we didn't stop keeping in touch, she is living in Las Angeles. She was passed the resident test few months ago.

Last christmas, I went to L.A visited her, both of us were so happy to met again, I coundn't believe we could met in L.A because after she left Vietnam she hasn't go back to Vietnam. She took me to ate some special food, some places in L.A. In the evening we were talking until midnight, we talking about the life of six years we were separate. Although i just stayed a few days, but that was wnough to re-warm our emotion.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The World is Really Small by Mei Fang

Lastr week I went to 8th Street and Harrison for physical therapy. An office worker there talked to me. She asked me where I was from. I told her that I came from Guang Dong, China.

"What county?" the office worker asked.

"Da Bu," I told her.

"What town?" she asked.

"Da Ma," I told her.

She said that her mother had studied at a middle school in Da Ma. Then she told me her mother's name, Liao Ni Man.

I was surprised to hear this name. I told the office worker that her mother had been my classmate!

Unfortunately, the woman said, her mom had passed away in 1989.

After I met my middle school classmate's daughter in Oakland, I said, "The world is really small!"

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


My coworker is my friend. She is a very nice person. She is older than me. I have only known her for a few months. We have a good relationship. We help each other at work. I like her. She is a happy woman, but I didn't know much about her past.

One day she told me, "If you have time on Saturday, listen to the Chinese radio station." That night, when I heard her voice on the radio, I was surprised. That is when I heard the tragic story about her past.

Her name is Kit. She is from Hong Kong. Her family immigrated here to start a business. They rented a big house and opened a grocery store and lived happily together. They hoped to have a perfect furture. After 5 years, Kit had a big shock. Kit's husband had a stroke. Also her store was burglarized. Many expensive things were stolen. Her children were all very young. At that time she felt upset and depressed. When I heard that, I cried. I thought if I were her I wouldn't have known what to do. I continued to listen.

She didn't give up. She took care of her whole family. She accompanied her husband to the hospital. She continued to take care of her family for the next 12 years. Her husband passed away. Her children graduated from college. She bought two houses and she retired from her job. She closed her store.

She wanted to go back to Hong Kong to help poor people. I felt excited by her story. She encouraged me. If you have trouble and you don't give up, you will be rewarded with success.

I want to share this story with you because when we feel sad we often forget that there are many people worse off than us.


Yesterday was Father's Day and Sunday.
My friend Pan graduated from Stanford University this year.

A ceremony for the graduates took place in the one of the halls on this Father's Day. Pan invited his father, mother, wife, his three years old son, his sister, his good friends and me to attend the ceremony.

The ceremony was simple and grand. Each graduate not only got a diploma from the headmaster, but also got warm applause from the professors, classmates and visitors. When Pan held his son’s hand when went to the headmaster to get the diploma. He was greeted by laugher and a lot of warm applause, because his son was very bashful in front of so many people.

After the ceremony, Pan hosted a tea party to treat his friends. Everyone was happy. Pan's family was specially proud of him.

I left the party before dusk, becaues I wanted to go to Oakland in hurry. My wife and my two sons were waiting for me to celebrate Father's Day in Oakland.

Yesterday was a double happy day to me!

Monday, June 19, 2006

My Car

One day two months ago, I came home and parked my car in the garage. When I stopped the engine, I heard something that sounded like boiling water from under the hood. After several seconds, the sounds stopped.

The next day, after school, I drove my car to a my favorite car repair shop and asked the mechanic to check what happened to the car.

He lifted up the hood and then we saw something that looked like white foam overflowing from the mouth of the engine coolant reservoir. He took off the lid of the radiator and put a plastic funnel into its mouth. Then he started the engine and put a smoke detector into the plastic funnel where exhaust might come out. Several minutes later, the reading on the smoke checker showed that there was some exhaust coming out from the radiator. The technician told me that my car's engine block was cracked. When the engine was running, the exhaust was pressed out by the moving pistons through the crack in the engine block into the coolant which surrounds the cylinder. The exhaust passed through the tubes into the radiator then into the engine coolant reservoir. At last, pressure from the exhaust pushed open the lid of the reservoir. The white foam was the product of the chemical reaction of the exhaust and the coolant. It was pushed out of the coolant reservoir by the exhaust.

The mechanic told me that while this problem rarely occurred, it was serious and I needed to replace the engine block. He told me that a brand new engine costs more that $2,000, a used engine costs about $1,200.

In the last eight years I had driven more than 240,000 miles. The car's body, frame and other parts are still in good condition. If I bought a used car with around 100,000 miles, I would have to pay about $7,000. So, I decided to let the mechanic replace the cracked engine with a used one.

One week later, I paid $2,000 for the used engine and labor charges and then I drove my “new” car back home.

I hope I can use this car for many more years.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Farther's Day

Happy Father's Day for who are fathers now!

Father's Day

My father helped to bring me into this wonderful world. In my heart, he is a perfect man, a hero, a best friend. When I was a child he left us for two years, because he wanted to give us a better life. He left Vietnam and went to Thailand in order to apply to immigrate to a more prosperous country. He applied to the United States and Canada as a refugee, but he was stuck in Thailand. He had to live on an island in Thailand for two years. He tried with all his ability to send us everything we needed He worked and sold fruit on this island. Although he was very tired when he finished work, he didn't forget to write letters to us. We were so happy when we received my father's letters because they were the only communication between him and us. I kept the cards that he sent to me carefully, I put them into my drawer. Sometime, I did a silly thing. I made small talk with them ( It was like I was talking with my father) especially when I was sad.

Day after day he waited for an answer from the United States immigration office. Day-in day and day out he waited for almost two years. Unfortunately, he was disappointed when an immigration officer told him that the government couldn't permit him to immigrant to their country. So , he had to come back to Vietnam.

After my father came back to Vietnam, we celebrated Father's Day together. But now I can’t. I just can say"Happy Father's Day' by telephone.

Parents are great and mighty persons in this world, like no one else. I am so proud of my parents.

Environment biology


One of my classes is environment biology. At this, I and other students learn about use of microscope to do experiment that teacher gives to us. One day, teacher ordered each groups to sketch the pictures of cabbage butterfly’s external frame. And I took charge of sketching abdomen in this group work.

Each groups had to prepare materials for this experiment. That is, we put dead cabbage butterfly in test tube that contains 10% potassium hydroxide solution and heat it in boiling water for 15 minutes, so that butterfly’s inside muscles melt and only external frame stays behind. Afterward, I poured out the material from test tube and my teacher separated it in head, chest and abdomen. Then, I move abdomen to laboratory dish contains distilled water and started to clean up it before sketch.

I saw my material (abdomen) through microscope and produced bristles by absorbent cotton twists on tweezers’ tips. When it had nearly cleaned, I changed distilled water in laboratory dish to 70% ethyl alcohol, cleaned up it more, and started to sketch external frame. At that, I think I used time for producing bristles more than sketching.

This work is funny for me, because it makes me feel like I have gone into micro world and do something like sweeping (cleaning).

See you.


Saturday, June 17, 2006


I didn’t know my father until the age of 4. My father was a soldier. He often had to live apart from our family. After my country’s civil war ended, he came back and brought my family to Saigon. It took me a long time to get familiar with the appearance of him. My father was a big, tall and handsome man. There was an invisible gap between us, especially after my sister and brother were born. My father saved all his love for them with none left for me.

I had to live with that envious feeling until the age of 18. Then, I finished high school and went to a vocational college. That was the first time I lived apart from my family and the first time I felt my father’s love for me, too.

Every week, on Monday my father drove me to the school and picked me up on Saturday. He checked everything in my dormitory to ensure that all was in good condition, gave me all his money (he usually didn’t have much money), repeated a lot of advice and held my hand for a while before he left. Our relationship had changed a lot. I became friendlier and he showed more concern for me.

Not until I got married and went to live with my husband’s family did I finally realize the depth of my parents’ love. And not until I had my own son, could I image all of the sacrifices of parents and how difficult it is to raise a baby to an adult. As the teenagers, we used to complain about everything that our parents did. We liked to compare our parents to others' parents. We didn’t want to obey their commands and wondered why they never understood us.

When I put myself in their shoes, I felt much regret about all the silly things I did including about my bad behavior toward my parents. I wanted to do something to compensate for my mistakes.

Before I could do it, I had to leave my parents far away. I came to the U.S. leaving my parents in Vietnam in their old age. My parents missed me and my son so much that they got sick for few months. Every time we were on the telephone, usually only my mom talked. My father couldn’t say anything. He needed to hide his emotions.

That’s life. We owe our parents and our children owe us. We can’t repay our debt to our parents, but we can do the same things for our children. On Father’s Day, I want to send to my father all my gratitude and say to him that I love him so much.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Xin Yue (A Little Girl) by Mei Fang

Xin Yue lived in Chang Chun, China. She is six years old. Her family is ordinary. She got a brain disease and became blind. She hoped to attend the Tianamen Square flag raising ceremony, but her family didn't have enough money to visit Beijing. Kind hearted people offered to raise a flag in Chang Chun. This made Xin Yue very happy.

Some friendly people contacted a doctor at a hospital in Beijing. The doctor invited Xin Yue to his hospital. Her parents and a local doctor accompanied her on the train to Beijing.

After examining Xin Yue, the doctor decided to perform an operation on her. Xin Yue got better. She could see. When her parents took her to Tianamen Square to watch the flag raising ceremony, Xin Yue was really happy!

Xin Yue is still being treated at the Beijing hospital.

Mei Fang


Everybody seems excited on summertime because the weather is hot. It's kind of special season which people expected for the whole year.

Most people like to travel on summertime because kids have no school. Parents spend time with their children go somewhere. Some mothers no work, they take good care on their children at home. They want their children are happy and enjoy much during summertime.

Summertime is relaxed for everyone. Especially for kids students and teachers.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Great Wall

In China, there has a famous spot, it representative as a long history of China. It was built in B.C 214, it function is protact other foreigner invasion, it called" Great Wall"
Three years ago, that was the first time I visited Pei-Jieng, which is the capital of China. I visited a lot of places in Pei-Jieng, there are palace, museum, Great Wall...
The Great Wall gave me a deeply attractive when I saw it. I felt how is a beautiful spot, a great building. If you want to stand at the top of the Wall. you must to hold the rail to climb on. It will be dangerous if you don't hold anything. When you arrive at the top, you can see mountains stretch as far as the eye can see.
Every year, Pei-Jieng attracts a lot of tourist to come in, there have some professional tourism guidehelp us to know about Pei-Jieng.They try all their best to explain the history of China, ofcourse we couldn't understand all of them, but at lease, we would know some importance. We can increase our knowledge by a cheap price. i promise you can find something you never hear before.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Last week, on the radio, they shared a story about a loving and kind mom. Her name is Martha Osborne. She has a heart of gold. She wished to adopt a child, so she went to an orphanage in China.

They told her that there were no more orphans other than those with handicaps, but she adopted a child anyway. The child Martha adopted had heart disease.

In the past ten years, Martha has adopted four more children from all over Asia. Some of them suffer from not having noses and parts of their brain.

Her husband is an architect. He works very hard to save money to provide for their operations to correct their disfiguring conditions.

Martha takes care of the children every day. However, they didn’t have the resources to take care of so many children, therefore they created a website called Rainbow That helps people who adopt children like they do. Martha and her husband hope that many more children will find their way to good homes.

New York Times Immigrant Story

Check out this newspaper story about an illegal Chinese immigrant.

It is a long story, but I found it interesting.

What are your feelings about the story.?

Please leave a comment.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Berkeley Kite Festival

In our classmate Loan's essay, she mentioned flying kites in Vietnam. It made me remember the Berkeley Kite Festival.

During two days of the Berkeley Kite Festival, visitors can sit on the green grass , see many colorful, different size, different types of flying kites in the blue sky and children can study how to make the kites and fly them.

Every year, an older performer who comes from Canada controls three kites at the same time by himself. People will enjoy this peaceful and friendly activity.

I took some pictures last year. Now I am posting two of them here.

This year’s Berkeley Kite Festival will take place on July 29th and 30th, 2006. I suggest that our classmates “go fly a kite” with their children or their friends.

If you need detailed information, please go to this web site: Remember to bring wind coats and water with you. And don't miss the last show because children will love it--- many candies are dropped from the sky

A Spring Display

On Sunday I went to safeway supermarket.
When I walked through the front door. There was a table caught my eye. Ribbon bows of decorated the whole table. Some gift cards were on the table. Some gift cards were on the table. There a Father’s day sign that said,” What’s best Father’s Day gift?”
At the end of the table, There was a display of roses. It was a very nice display. There was a tier display of colorful roses arranged in bouquets. The roses color are red, white, yellow, orange, purple, pink, etc. I could smell the fragrance of the roses.
Near rose display was different fresh cut flowers. Now is spring time. So have tulips, peony, orchids ,iris, lilies, gardenia, pansy, etc.
On the other side, there was a plant display. The plants were Mum, cyclamen, mini roses, calla lily etc. There were many graduation balloons put in middle of plants.
The floral manager told me this time theme was about spring. Many young ladies love and marriage. Girls want to be June brides. Also, Schools have graduations. The students have a prom. They order corsage and boutonniere for prom. Now it is time to make more money.

Good Morning. Howarya?

Friends and classmates smile.

Did you get exercise 91?
Yes, I have a copy for you.
Don't mention it.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Spelling Bee

The name "Spelling Bee" asks you to think about the name. What does "bee" mean?

There are two meanings, bee as in the bug and to be.

The contest "spelling bee" asks you to think like that. It asks you to think about the meaning of a word as well as know how to spell it.

Spring Time

Spring is the best season of the year. It is warm. The Spring brings a new hope to everybody. It gives trees new clothes. You can hear birds sing everywhere. This season flowers compete with flowers. There are so many lovely blossoms. I love orchids. They are very beautiful.

Some people like to go camping in the Spring. They can appreciate the stars in the sky because in the Spring the stars have a special shine.

In my country, the countryside is a good place for people to fly kites in the spring time. I can't believe that the sun shines until 9 pm. This is a special thing that I found in the US.

My Roses

I have planted some roses in my back yard for years. I pruned them at the end of last year and I fertilized them in March this year.

Spring is the time when everything grows.

My roses bloomed recently. They were so beautiful that I took some pictures of them.
Now I put one of the pictures on the blog.

I hope my classmates like it.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Spring Feeling.

When I lived in Vietnam, I didn’t have the feeling of the Spring clearly. At Sai Gon, a year just has two seasons, one has rain and the other hasn’t. People distinguish four seasons only by a calendar. Now here, in California, I can see the weather change from season to another season.

When I lived in Vietnam, I didn’t have the feeling of the Spring clearly. In Sai Gon, a year just has two seasons, one has rain and the other hasn’t. People distinguish four seasons only by a calendar. Now here, in California, I can see the weather change from season to another season. Last winter was the first time I lived in the cold weather. It made me a little uncomfortable. That is why I really looked forward to the coming of Spring.

The Spring comes little by little in the air, the warmer the weather is, the fewer clothes I wear. One early morning, when I rode my bike through the Laney College Park as usual, I realized the carpet of green grass was adorned by many little white and yellow flowers. “The Spring has come!” I whispered to myself. I looked around. Everybody seemed to be happier with colorful clothes and smiling faces.

The tree in front of my house, which was denuded of leaves all winter, is now covered with green. And along some streets, peach trees blossom jubilantly with pink flowers. Now I understand why people love the Spring!

The Spring brings a new energy, a new hope to everything on the earth after a long cold winter The sun shines until 9PM. That’s a nice surprise for me! The days become longer and I feel I have more time for working and entertainment.
Like a wonderful party, the Spring seems too short for people to enjoy. Spring has just begun but the summer is coming all too soon. I wish that the Spring would be longer and the winter would be shorter. But I think, if we didn’t have to endure a long cold winter waiting for Spring, we couldn’t experience all its beauty and the wonder.

Do you agree with me?

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