Monday, February 25, 2008

The Myth of Rahu & The Lunar Eclipse


The Myth of Rahu & The Lunar Eclipse


The deities went in search of “Amarit”, the elixir of life or ambrosia. Amarit is made by churning the Sea of Milk, using Mount Mandara as a pivot. Amarit, the elixir of life, is difficult to obtain. The deities and demons had to call a temporary truce and work together to obtain the elixir. The demon named “Rahu” heard about the Amarit. He snuck over to the site where the elixir was being produced and awaited the opportunity to drink it.
The demons thought that they should have been able to drink the elixir. After the Amarit was successfully made, the demons immediately made a grab for the elixir. The deities tried to prevent them from doing so. Narai (The God of Hindus) transformed himself into a beautiful woman to distract the demons. While the demons focussed their attention on the beautiful woman, the deities quickly drank the elixir. Then the demons lost the fight.

During all this time, Rahu had been standing by waiting to snatch the elixir. As the demons and deities battled it out, Rahu seized the elixir and drank it. The Moon and the Sun spotted Rahu drinking the elixir and reported this to Narai.
Narai threw his crystal chakra disk at the demon, cutting the demon’s body in half. However as Rahu had drunk some of the elixir, he did not die.

*Rahu spends his eternity floating around in the sky. He swears vengeance on the Moon and Sun and whenever he sees either of the two, he tries to swallow it. This, according to ancient folk belief, is the mythological cause of the lunar and solar eclipses.

Thai legend says that when the lunar Eclipse happens that means Rahu is trying to swallow the Sun or the Moon. Because of this, Thai people make noise, so Rahu will be scared and cough the Moon or the Sun up.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eclipse Lunar...

Alberto Ortega Servin

On February 20, 2008 we saw total Moon eclipse, it could be seen in Mexico, America, Africa and Europe; it will be visible at first.
I remember different histories about that
Eclipse Lunar my grandfathers, uncles, friends, grandmother, mother, father, and seniors told me. They said the eclipses lunar are bad for animals and for women too.
It is bad women who are pregnant because it is possible their fetus, they will become deformed. I think so it is possible because when I was studying in the University during lecture about genetics my teacher explained about of this deformation in plants and animals.
Many deformations are good for evolution in plants and animals. Lunar Eclipses emits gamma ray and ultraviolet rage of different longitude wave. It is good production that makes deformation in animals and plants. Some times these deformations are good others are bad for animals and plants.
Many cultures spoke about the Lunar Eclipse as dead moon, earth and sun, but other many cultures, celebrate this phenomenon. For a long time, many cultures thought that the goddess was fighting with another goddess.
But in El Tecuan, Michoacán, Mexico, when my family spoke about this phenomenon, they believed, it influenced our lives. For example people put a red bow on tails cows, mares, a kids. They did these animals because they thought lunar eclipse happens and the animals are pregnant, it is possible for the animal to abort or to suffer a loss of the babies. Whether people not put bows on the tail of the animal, they abort still.
Also people put bows in fruit, and other crops because they believe the influence of this phenomenon is dangers for their crops because there will be a reduction in their harvest. But the solar eclipses are the most bad that the lunar eclipse because radiations are more powerful. I will explain this topic in another occasion.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hi,teacher and classmates!
How are you guys doing?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Valentine's Day

Saint Valentines Day

By Mei Mei

For lots of people in Western countries, the 14th of February is Valentine’s Day. It is the special holiday of year when couples or friends get together and celebrate love. Now Eastern countries also like that!

According to tradition, on this day, couples express their love for each other by sending Valentine cards, presenting flowers and chocolates. The day is the exciting for married couples and courting couples. They spend money or do something to prepare presents that their lovers want most.

If you have fallen for someone or have a crush on someone whom doesn’t know, this holiday is a chance to express your love with a Valentine’s present. Or we could celebrate with friends and family. Love is found around the world.

Today, a substitute teacher asked us what we knew about this holiday. I told a story about me.

I studied in Taipei, Taiwan and lived a apartment with some students from the university. My landlord was a young man whose father bought the apartment building for him while he was studying in Taipei. He was a student at the university, too.

The apartment had four rooms, he lived in a room and rented the others to us. We were all girls, but we lived peacefully with him. One day, I wanted to go back to my hometown by train. He gave me a book and told me, “ Don’t open it before you arrive at your home!” When I arrived at my home, then I opened the book. On a page under the front cover some sentences were written for me , and the date was written as “Valentine’s Day”. I didn’t know the word’s meaning, so I looked in the dictionary. Oh! Suddenly I realized that he had feelings for me.

Unfortunately, I had a boyfriend who studied abroad in Japan.

After, the teacher asked Celline. She said that she wanted to carve some fruit for teacher Richarl today. Chariya immediately took two pictures of carving fruits, they are very colorful. I also saved some pictures on my computer. They were taken from the Watermelon Festival of Tainan in Taiwan. I hope you appreciate them!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Biography from Alberto Ortega Servin

Alberto Ortega Servin

My name is Alberto Ortega Servin, I was born in El Tecuan, Michoacán México. I was born on July 22, 1968. I was studying Elementary School, a part in El Tecuan, and another part in San Jose; these small towns are near de Penjamillo, Michoacán. During the years from 1975 to 1981, I was studying Middle & High School in Penjamillo, Michoacan, Mexico; during the years from 1981 to 1984 after this I was studying High School in Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico in the years 1984 to 1986. In the Michoacán University I was finished of the High School, I was study in the same University my career in Agriculture Degree. during the years 1986 to 1993. On April 30, 1994 I was graduated in Agriculture Degree. My graduation is more important goal in my live because when I was student I didn’t well student. But I was graduated in my career. In the Facultad Agrobiología Presidente “Juarez” It is dependent of the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo.
On September 1, 1994 I was beginning to work for over 7 years experience as a Laboratory Instructor in the Eduardo Ruiz High School of the Michoacán University in the Uruapan, Michoacán Mexico. I am experienced in preparing and maintaining laboratory tools and testing equipment in the laboratory. I am skilled in chemistry and science laboratory instruction and safety in the laboratory I am Detail oriented, organized and efficient in completing tasks in the laboratory I am reliable, dependable and honest worker.
On November 16, 2003 I was studying English and Computer literate in Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet and ESL Courses in the Neighborhood Adult School, Oakland, CA.
On October 16, 2007, I was studying in the English Center for International Women, Mills College and Intensive English Program that included English, computer and career preparation and Office Service Workplace Preparedness and Low Beginning Level proficiency.
I was beginning to work in the Metro Furniture in the Oakland, CA. In the year 2007, there to work for 9 month I was different activities as Upholsterer and Data Entry. Now I am studying English in the ESL Courses in the Neighborhood Adult School. I will look for job in different areas.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wedding Day Be a Witness

Hi, Richard and classmates.

Last Wednesday, my friend and he is my coworker, too, wanted me to go to his wedding and be his witness. I felt happy to be in his wedding. I had heard about his girlfriend for a while. He told me to go to 12th Street and Broadway the following day at 8:30 am. The name of the building was called the Alameda County Superior Court House.

The next day, I went there at 8:30 am, but I couldn’t find that building, so I asked some people. Then I learned it was not on 12 St. and Broadway, but actually it’s on Madison and 12th St. I think my friend misunderstood.

Then we met each other at 10.30 am. He made me get a little bit mad for having to wait, but it was all right for his wedding day and his first time getting married. I looked at him and his bride from the Philippines. No one came with them. He said everyone was busy. After the wedding, the bride told me that my friend had asked her to marry him yesterday night. Oh my God! What t… h… was my friend thinking? I gave a bunch of flowers to the bride. I called my friend “Deth” in case they need two people to be the witnesses.

When we arrived, the person who worked there told us that we just needed one person be the witness, but that person had to be older than 28 years old. I helped my friend to fill out the forms.

It’s not difficult to get married. It is very easy. I took their pictures. After that we went to eat Japanese food and went to the bride’s house to talk a little bit.