Monday, October 31, 2005

My teacher

Richard is my teacher. He has a nice last name. It is Blum. (It looks like plum fruit). I like to hear people call him Mr. Blum.

My teacher has a nice voice. His tone is communicative. However, he is aging now but he looks like a kid. He likes to have fun. He would rather make people laugh than cry. He is a happy person who always smiles at the world. He gives to the world a lot, a lot. . . .of happiness.

In America, most students call teacher by their first name. But I don't, I like to call him " teacher." I respect him very much. I like him, because he correct my homework. He always gives me nice words. I made him busy with my essays. Sometimes, I feel guity. But I have no choice. I really need him to help me improve my English. On my job, sometimes, I don't feel confident because my grammar is still poor. I can't make good in sentences. I'm not happy about my English. I confuse people with my talking.

Anyway, Richard is a good teacher and he has enthursiam for his students. He likes helping people. I like him because he is the one who always pushes me to study. He made me feel confident in speaking. I hope this class continues to let me have a opportunity to develope my talking.

He is a patient teacher. I have learned a lot of from him. I won't forget the happy face he has!

My Birthday

Last weekend was my birthday. I should have been happy but I was not. Many unfavorable things happened. On Saturday, I got up very early for a meeting. That took up my whole day until 10 pm. After I went home, I thought I would take a shower and go to sleep finally, but after I took the shower, I found I had made a big mistake, I had locked my bedroom door and left my keys inside. I couldn't get in! What could I do? I just waited for my roommate. He lent me some sheets. I slept on the sofa.

The next day, I found I had no money to take the bus to church, so I borrowed some money from my roommate and I went to church with my friend Mei. At noon, we went to my grandpa's house. My mother cooked a lot of food for us. We ate birthday cake, also. When I went back home I called my landlord. He didn't have an extra key, either. Our only choice was to break the lock. Finally, I could get into my bedroom. I could sleep in my own bed! That was my birthday. How unlucky I am!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

My Daughter's Birthday

Today is the change of time day and it is Joanna's birthday, also. She looks like she enjoys sleeping too much on her birthday. It's eleven o'clock now, but she is just weaking up.

She has never asked me to buy anything for her birthday, but I want to buy her somethings surprise her. Finally, I buy a birthday cake for her. She is very happy and enjoy eating the birthday cake with her brother.

Last night, Joanna was set up her birthday in my electric dictionary. So, this mornig I went to check a new word and I saw her birthday is show up in my dictionary. She is a very careful girl. She doesn't want me forget her birthday.


I used to bring my kids to Alameda to get Halloween candy for many years. It was crowded over there. Most kids and adults wore Halloween costumes when they went to get candy. They said," Trick or Treat " to people who gave out candy.

I feel like people like it over there very much because there are more people who gives out candy and the houses are close by. For that reason, the number of "trick or treaters" has been increasing year after year.

A few days ago, I asked my kids if they wanted to trick or treat in Alameda. They seemed to be not interested. They didn't answer me.

I want them to be happy and excited. Maybe I have to change where we go to get candy, but I don't know of a place that is close by where they can get a lot of candy and have fun.

Do any classmates know about places to go to get Halloween candy?

Please, let me know and show me how to get there. Thank you very much!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My Feeling

I have wished I have plenty of English to let me can handle by myself for every aspect.

I want my English to get rich to let me can protect myself.

I feel shy if my English is poor.

I feel like having a hindrance on my way if my English is lack.

English is my priority and it is a big challenge for me also.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Land by Leo Tolstoy Part 3

This is the final part of Land by Leo Tolstoy

Part 3

Aren't You Interested in Sharing, Are You?

Hi, classmates:
I thought, the blogger here is the place for all of us to share the ideas, to exchange the knowledge and conversation each other.

The list of members are increasing, but the writers seem to be reduce.


Aren't you interested to share with me, are you?

Do you regret with a chance have gone?

The opportunity comes only at once, try your best!

I'd love to hear more feedback from you guys.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Famous Sayings

Different countries have their own famous sayings. They inspire you understand life philosophy. Now let me show you some famous sayings in English:

"Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments."----Rose Kennedy

"Think it more satisfactory to live richly than die rich."----Sir Thomas Browne

"The reward of a thing well done is to have done it."----Ralph Waldo Emerson

"It may be that those who do most, dream most."----Stephen Leacock

"Success is never final."----Winston Churchill

"You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist."----Indira Gandhi

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Land by Leo Tolstoy

Land is recorded in 3 parts: (Click each part to play)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (I'll post it after we discuss the third part in class)

I Enjoy My Job

I love my job because I meet different people everyday. I have learned many things from my customers.

My job is in customer services. So, I have to take good care and make my clients happy with my work. I like to take time with them when I'm not very busy. I like talking with customers to build the relationships with them.

I have many picky customers.
My challenge is to honor every customer request.

I'm very happy when I see my customers walk out with happy faces. I feel rewarded. All my hard work is paid off.

Most my customers are loyal. They don't mind to come back if I'm very busy. They are my main source of income.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hello, Classmates

My name is Veronica.

Can you guess my favorite color? (I have two favorites)

Can you guess my favorite animal?

Can you guess my favorite singer? (She is a Mexican woman)

Can you guess my favorite sport?

My Birthday's Present

Last year, my husband gave me an electric dictionary for my birthday. I was very happy because it was the one which was I really need it. The dictionary helped me to save a lot of time in checking new words. It's very tidy to bring to school also.
However, it isn't a valueable gift but I like it very much. Because it is the right one that I'm necessary. It help me a lot in studying.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

My Younger Sister's Birthday

This weekend is my younger sister`s birthday. She is my aunt`s daughter. She is 4 years younger than me. I watched her grow up. We used to celebrate our birthdays together because they are only one week apart. Now we can`t. But thanks to the Internet, I still can be with her on her birthday. I can chat with her and make a video with her, too. She plays an internet game very well. I also can play it, but not so well. We had a birthday party in the game. Many friends joined us online. She was very happy. The only pity was I couldn't eat the birthday cake this year. Oh! I miss her very much!

Know about Computers

Some times, when I get to school, some aged classmates would ask me to help them about computer prombles. Computer technology is a new invention, it is still strange to many people. What could I do if I owned a computer?

First, I can contact my friends who are living in China. In the last week in China, I collected some E-mail addresses of my friends, and now I can talk to them by E-mail whenever I want. I often tell them the experiences about my life in my new house and new school. Then, I can use computer for games. The gorgeous portraits and shaky melody can attract all the players. There is another point I can't neglect: I like art, especially painting. If I want to paint on a paper by pigment, it will take me a lot of time and things. If I did something wrong in my picture, my effort would be for nothing. By using a computer, I don't need to worry about that. "Photo Shop" is a famous painting program. Before I worked, I only needed to turn on the computer. If the picture couldn't satisfy me, I could change everything until I feel well. Very crazy!

Of couse, those are not all the merits of computers. I just tried to make you know how wonderful computers are!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Finally I knew that........

I missed Friday morning a class, but I finally knew how to save my picturs in my computer.

I want to show you my a picture.

I am not sure can do this step, I just to try.

Ben and Jerry Ice-Cream Makers

Ben and Jerry were friends in junior high school. They started and grew their business in 1960's & 70's.

It was during the generation called "hippies ". Hippies believed that people should think more about peace and love and less about making money. It wasn't cool to be a businessman at that time. Ben and Jerry's goal was to make people happy with their ice cream, not to get rich.

In the first year, the business wasn't making money. But Ben & Jerry had promised to celebrate their aniversary by giving away ice cream. Every year on May 5 is "Free Cone Day" for all the Ben & Jerry stores.

For the next three years, Ben and Jerry sales increased but they failed to make a profit for each year. It was clear that they had to make a choice: raise prices or go out of business. So, they raised their prices.

In 1980, Ben and Jerry began expanding their business. They started selling their ice-cream in local stores. The ice cream was a big hit with the public. Time magazine call it the" best ice cream in the world ". Today, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is sold in nearly every state.

Ben and Jerry also feel there is a spiritual aspect to business which is usually overlooked. Love, kindness and caring need to be a part of every aspect of our lives.

Ben and Jerry have proven that a socially responsible business can indeed work!

Ben and Jerry make great ice cream! But they also use their business as a tool for social change. Their commitment to social values has paid off big in profits and loyalty of their customers and employees.

People love their ice cream. It looks like my children love it, also. After my kids read about Ben and Jerry's history they believe in Ben & Jerry's ice-cream even more.

Now, they only eat Ben & Jerry ice-cream. That's why?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

To Visit Young Museum

Last Sunday, My family and I visited the M.H. de Young Museum.( see picture )
It is located at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This museum is a sleek copper-clothed building. This 293,000-square-foot museum has 3 exhibition levels. At the northeast corner of the building stands a 144 foot-tall tower.

A lot of the display objects have been showed off. The heaviest objectt is the Olmec " Colossal head no.4 ". It weighs 5 tons. ( see picture )

We did not have enough time to see everywhere, so we just visited the first floor and left before it closed.

My Feeling

When I was new in America, my English was very poor. Before I came, I didn't think so much about my life in America. so I didn't study English very hard. After I came, I always felt hesitant: What are the people saying? What do they mean? When I had to talk to somebody, I would feel very upset, and I would hesitate. People couldn't understand me. I felt nervous, and tried to say more, but that only confuses them more! Finally, we both felt embarrassed and stopped talking.

Now it is different, I have gotten used to my American life. If someone can not understand me, I will keep cool and find an easier way to express my meaning. Sometimes I use my dictionary. I don't feel nervous any more, and I am happy because I get many new experiences.

Classmates, try to talk more English, please. This is the best way to improve your conversation skills!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

About Grammar

Today, I studied unit 47 exercises. In 47.1 no.2, the answer is: "How long have they been married."

Can I answer this exercise like this: "How long have they married?"?

Last week, in unit 43, 43.1 no.7, the answer was: " Three men are said to have been arrested after the explosion."
Can I answer this exsercise like this: " Three men are said to be arrested after the explosion."?

Teacher could please give me some corrections.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My favorite Relative

Joanna is my daughter and she is my favorite family member. She is a beautiful, smart and alert girl. She is going to turn thirteen.

Joanna is good at communicating with me. We like going out shopping, eating and doing laundry together. She likes to talk and ask about funny things to make me laugh. She know how to make jokes and make me happy.

She loves making cake. She made a birthday cake with decorations for her brother. On Mother's Day, she made some paper roses by herself and gave them to me.

She is a busy girl. After English school, she comes home. She eats a snack, takes a shower, and then it is time to go to Chinese school. For several years, she has been an excellent student in both schools. She won many medals in English school and got reward checks from the Chinese school, also.

Joanna is nosy. She read my essays on the computer, then she said, "Your writing does not make sense. I don't understand it." Then I said, "It's O. K., my teacher understands my writing."

I feel pround of her and hope, that when she grows up, she will stay close to me, because she is the one, who brings me a lot of hapiness and laughter. I love her very very much . . . .

My Favorite Relative

My favorite relative was my grandma. She was my father's mother. My grandma was very kind to my sister, brother and me. She cooked delicious food for us and washed our clothes every day. She often made new clothes for us. She encouraged us to do what we wanted to do. She often bought a lot of things for us, but her life was very simple. That was my grandma. She has been dead for 12 years. I miss her very much.

My Favorite Relative

My uncle's name is Wang. He is my mother's brother. He is 68 years old. He is single. He was a carpenter. He usually worked very hard. When he didn't have work he liked to visit us. Sometimes he bought food for us. Sometimes he took me for a bicycle ride. I like him very much. He took care of us like his own children.

Hello, Classmates

My name is Selina.

You may also know my Cambodian name. It is Sibory.

Can you guess my favorite color?

Can you guess my favorite hobby?

Can you guess my favorite knid of music?

See you in class!

Monday, October 17, 2005

My Best Friend

My best friend is Libby. We knew each other from primary school because she was my deskmate. She is a friendly girl. She has a nice smile and plays piano very well. Now, she is studying in Austria. She studies harder than me. She is learning 3 foreign languages at school: English, German and French.

One Question

Today, we learned about "Reported speech". After the students wrote down the exercises' answers on the board, I found No.11 was different from mine. My answer was "...I could come and stay with her if I were ever in Toronto". The answer on the board was "...I could come and stay with her if I am ever in Toronto".

An unreal condition is used to talk about a hypothetical or imagined situation, it in the present describes a situation that is not real now. We should use a past form in the if clause and would or could +base form in the main clause. I thought No.11 is one example of these situations, so I prefer "were" in this sentence.

What do you think?

I am learning to create a post

Hi guys I don't know how to create a post so I want you to help me to learn pleas send me amasege with atip Thank you

My Best Friend

Ivan is my best friend. We have been friends for almost three years. He likes to share with everyone. His sister’s name is Verenice and his mother’s name is Martha. We met in English class in Concord. We go together to parties very often.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Last night, I found I became a millionaire in a dream.

Today, I am thinking about my dream: What would I do if I really won a million dollars?

I think I would dance for joy for 3 days! My life would have a big change.

First of all, I would pay off my college tuition which I have owed for 2 months. Then I would get a driver's license and a new car. What kind of the car? My favorite is Mercedes-Benz 600SL(SHOW ROOM). I would drive to all the cities in America.

Next, I would help my family and the people who lost everything in the Hurricane Katrina.

Finally, I would save some money for my future, but I also would work hard in my job. I wouldn't want to be a lazy person because of the money.

If you were me, what would you do?

The Trip to Hawaii

Last summer, my family and I went to Honolulu, Hawaii. Everybody dreams about going there because it is a lively city. Many travelers visit Honolulu.

It took about six hours to fly to Hawaii. On the airplane, I was excited. I wanted to get there as soon as possible. I waited for every hour to pass by. I read, watched TV and relaxed.

It didn't take too long before we got to Hawaii. We took a rental car and drove to the Waikiki Surf Hotel. We stayed there for one week. It was not very fun for the first day because we didn't know much about Hawaii. But it was okay. We walked to the beach and took a look and we went around Waikiki. We looked at a few restaurants where we were going to eat for the next few days.

On the second day, we took the Atlantic tour. That tour lasted a few hours. We went into a submarine, saw fish, seaweeds and turtles. We even saw some ships on the ocean's floor.

On the third day, we joined a snorkeling tour. We took the minibus and then transferred to a big ship. We stayed on the ship for about three to four hours while the captain took us to a place in the ocean. We swam and saw lot of fish. We put on lifejackets before we jumped into the ocean. The kids liked it very much.

On the fourth day, we attended the Polynesian Cultural Show at the Princess Hotel. This was the first time we saw Hawaiian singing and dancing. We ate dinner at the hotel before the show started.

On the fifth day, we joined the tour called The Island Tour. We sat on the bus though out most of the tour. The tour guide was also the driver. He drove us around the island. At every point he stopped, he let us out to take a look at the view. Some points weren't so special. He explained about the island and what we saw. I also remembered he us through a wildlife preserve. We saw a lot of flowers and special trees. We also stopped at the Dole Plantation and bought some pineapples.

On the sixth day, we went to a water park. We went by ourselves. We had a lot of fun because there was a “hurricane” ride. For the people who knew how to swim, they didn't care about the hurricane's waves coming. People who didn't know to swim were scared, but they had a lot of fun.

On the seventh day, we went home.

It was a happy and enjoyable trip. Hawaii had very nice weather. I will never forget the trip there. I regretted that I didn't have a chance to visit Pearl Harbor.

It was a worth while trip even though it was expensive.

Cam Hong

Friday, October 14, 2005


Dear Classmates,
When I go to home, I sew a men in the elevator, he is my neighbor. We were say "Hello!" to each other. The man asked me"what's your name?"I answered to him"my name is hua." Then I asked to him"what's your name?" he said"my name is David." I was quickly to say that"my husband is David!" I was lost two word to speak that "my husband name is David too." The mean is different. Oh... The elevator's door was close. The men will think"Who am I?" my English is poor, I also to speak"Word by Word". In my sentence hasn't grammar! I had been make a lot of joke in here!

Please Don't Feed the Pigeons

Most people don't like pigeons very much because they deface vehicles, trees, benches and fountains in parks. They made cities dirty. Pigeons cause pollution with their feathers and odors from their nesting material.

Pedestrians may be slip by their excrement on walkways. Airplanes are endangered from large numbers of pigeons.

Still, some people like pigeons. They love to feed them left over food.

However, some people don't know diseases may be carried by these birds and transmitted to humans. Ornithosis is found in pigeons.

So, should we stop feeding pigeons?

To avoid an increase in the pigeonpopulation we must realize"food control" to keeping ourcities cleaner so people don't get diseases and pollution from pigeons.

Cam Hong

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Good Restaurant

Hi, Classmates,

I like to eat different foods. Today I found a good restaurant in Berkeley. It is a Middle Eastern restaurant. I tried the "Mediterranean Meza" and the "Middle Eastern Plate". They tasted good! If you are intersted, this is the website: www. cafelamed. com. I don't want to get fat! But it is an intersting place, If you visit it, please tell me! Thank you!

Last Saturday, I went to S.F. with my friends. We were going to watch "Blue Angels" flying show. "Blue Angels" is a name of an navy flying team. Last Monday, Chun Mei mentioned this show on the blog.
On our way to bus station, I found a beautiful church. The church is not a gorgeous building, but I think it is very sacred.

I took some pictures of it immediately. It is a delicate building. My friends and I like the towers which are on top of the church very much. Now we would like to know the name of the church. Could you tell us?

Space Star (part 2 continued)

this is an audio post - click to play

This is the end of the story!!!

Read the previous post first!!!

Space Star (part 2 )

this is an audio post - click to play

Start Part 2 here!

Listen to Space Star (part 2 continued) after you listen to this post.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dear classmate;
I like to make some picture at different place, to do that, I like to travel. Sometime I like to see my old picture, I from a baby to grew up to a adult. We will grow old, but the smile still in the picture. Dear classmate, I like to enjoy your interesting picture.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Go out to the sea

About 7 months ago, I took a trip to S.F. with some of my friends. We wanted to experience the ocean so we booked a yacht.

Our ocean adventure began at 4:10 pm. See the picture, the three people who are sitting in the front are from Taiwan. The boy who is behind me is from HongKong. I'm from China. If you know about Chinese politics situations of China, you understand that this is an interesting combination.

We had an unforgettable trip that day.

The big guy in this photo already is now in LA . The girl in the red coat has gone back to Taiwan. The others are studying in a different school.

I miss them, and hope to take a trip with them again.

Space Star (Part One)

this is an audio post - click to play

Please forgive my reading mistakes.

This is the first time I recorded a story for the Internet.

Like all of us, I need more practice speaking to an audience.

Leave comments if you would like me to record Space Star (part 2).

Speak More English


We spend time going to school everyday. We have one goal. It is that everybody wants to improve their English.

Also, I would like to talk to other students using English and I want to listen to the teatcher.

Hello, Classmates

My name is Tracy.

Who is my favorite singer? Can you guess?

Do you know my favorite color?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

This one is for Mung Kai

Do you want to learn an interesting new (and, often, difficult) word each day?

Go to the New York Times Word of the Day website.

American high school students take a test called the SAT (Scholastic Achievment Test) before they apply to colleges.

Many students memorize the Word of the Day in preparation for the SAT.

The air show

Man, I embarressing to tell something, acturely I don't want to say, but I real can't keep that secrete in my mind. I did a stupid thing today. I went to SF to watch air show with my friend today. At first, I so excited because never seem an air show be fore, that why I thought it is going be fun. Ha, Ha, when the show begun, it was not as fun as my thought. I stood under the sun and streght my poor neck to try to watch clearly, I could see only one air-craft few over my head, and when I turned arround to follew it, It was gone. And so on, I stood over there for another hour, there was an other air plane joint to the show. Then got one other plane joint in in every hour. At last, I spent a few hours over there, so I could see a few planes flied in deep blue sky. That was the only exciting movment.
Nothing was much except people. God, there were lots of people in whafman shore, nosy and crowded. More people less toilets, I don't need to explain, and you'll know what was going to happan. Yes, you are right, it took me an hour to stand in line to take my turn to use the toilet. Man that was a horrible experience, I almast could not control " the faucet" , poor people! But it was good, nobody cut in line. Good people! they all have good self-control. Oh, it was a great countywith a banch of good people.
I guest some of you went to the show too. But I don't know if you guys have the same experience as me. I hope you had a good time,and didn't need to stand in line under the lovely sun waiting for using toilet.

Thanks you ......

I very glad. I can post something to "101 room" on computer.

I want to thanks our teacher and a classmate Li Hong.

Crucita's Physical Appearance

Crucita wasn't a beautiful girl. She had black eyes. They were always half-closed. She walked verey carefuly, because she was almost blind.

She wasn't as beautiful as her two sisters, but everybody liked her a smile face.

More Stories

I'm very interested in this class because it has grammar lesson every morning. Although it's complicated, but I like it. In addition, if this class have two or three stories to read every week, it'll great! It might attract me more.

What is the purpose of taking this class for? Is it grammar and reading?

I think having more stories to read is very helpful.

Cam Hong

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Writing is Difficult

Writing is difficult, but it can express all what we want to say; and it can stay what we want people to remember. I think it's very good in any aspect. Sometimes it look like a souvenir.

Mention to writing we have to know well about grammar. But grammar is so difficult for foreigner like us. If we are not good in grammar, it might be mixed up or misunderstand to the audience.

Anyhow we are students, we are on practicing. We don't care about any mistake, we still have a good editor beside us. We have to be brave to write it directly. The more we write, the easier it gets.

Cam Hong

Blue Angels flying show

Dear Classmates,

I am Kai Lok.

Yesterday there was a Blue Angels flying show in San Francisco.

It was very difficult to park in the north coast area of San Francisco, so my wife, my elder son and I drove to Treasure Island.

WE could see the planes from there. We got there about 1:30 pm.

It was a warm, bright sunny day. Breeze blew from S.F. bay. Many people sat on the benches or the rocks facing S.F. along the coast.

The show was taking place. A red biplane flew from high in the sky to near sea level then flew up over the Golden Gate Bridge with a white smoke curve line. After several minutes, three stunt planes appeared. They flew toward S.F. When they flew close to the Golden Gate Bridge, they suddenly flew up to the sky and released red, white and blue smoke. The three colorful curved tails followed them.

The curved tails looked like a big colorful cloth which was hung in the sky. After this flying team leaving, a black spot moved quickly from our left hand side. Very soon the blackspot became six jet planes – F-18 Hornet jets. People could easily identify them.t They were the world famous “Blue Angels" flying team. They flew together over S.F. and up high with colorful smoky tails, and then they seperated. The colorful smoke looked like a big flower. People applauded.

Suddenly a thunderous sound exploded. A Hornet jet flew over us from behind. It flashed closely to us toward S.F. People were very excited and applauded again. Six jets flew together. They did rolls, loops and reverses. They flew about half hour and then flew to the south east of San Francisco and ended the show.

If you have never seen the Blue Angels flying show, I suggest you have to visit this event sometime to feel that exciting moment.

During the show, I had taken some pictures although it was not easy to take pictures of flying jets. I will post several pictures on the blog. I hope you like them.

Different countries, didfferent customs

Although we are in USA now. And we are almost from different countries, and have different customs.
Some habits can not change quickly. We need time to accommodation. Sometimes someone want us to do something we don`t like to do. Maybe he likes, or he don`t like too.
I remembered a sentence like,"Don`t let the others to do someting you don`t like too."
I don`t like the compelling feeling.
Everybody have their right and duty. Do what they have to do and like to do.
Don`t order the others. Then I think you can adapt your life here quickly. Right?
What do you think? Do you agree with me?

Use dictionary in class? Or not?

I think use dictionary in class is OK. Because sometimes we always forget some words we studied, or some words we don`t know.
Teacher like to teach fast and more things, that`s good. But if we just listen it but don`t understand the meaning. That`s useless.
Teacher said we can ask him what we don`t understand, or we check the word after class. If we always ask the word what somebody has already known. That`s waste the other one`s time. And maybe somebody just study in class. Bucause they have to work or take care of family after class. They have not time to review so that the class is become useless.
What do you think? Do you agree with me?

Friday, October 07, 2005

Hiring a New Administrative Assistant

Today we listened to a podcast about hiring a new administrative assistant.

Click on for the complete transcript.

Here is a list of the key words, phrases and idioms in today's podcast:
  • Administrative assistant
  • Gave notice
  • Could not have happened at a worse time
  • Busy time of year
  • Nothing I could do
  • Right away
  • Want ad
  • Classified
  • Applications
  • Interviews
  • Narrowed it down
  • Resume
  • Experience
  • Working at
  • Telecommunications
  • Looked promising
  • Dressed professionally
  • Seemed personable
  • With confidence
  • Sounded like
  • Perseverance
  • Drawbacks
  • Chatty
  • Seemed disorganized
  • Capacities
  • Candidate
  • Rough around the edges
  • Earnest
  • Eager
  • Air of someone who had
  • Corporate environment
  • Seemed bright
  • Easy to get along with
  • Did strike me
  • As shy
  • Nervous
  • Two options
  • Give it some more thought
Look at your notes to review the meaning of each item on the list.

English In Use CD ROM

Each morning we do an exercise from English In Use (intermediate level) .

Many students find these grammar exercises useful.

Would you like additional practice exercises that you can access on your home computer.

Here is a link to the English In Use CD ROM.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Internet Radio

If you want to listen to Internet Radio on you computer, download Scream-Radio from their website.

I just learned about it today and have been listening to it all night.

In case you are interested, I am posting this link.

Adverbs of Probability

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Heart Will Go On

Celion Dion

Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you
That is how I know you go on
Far across the distance
And the spaces between us
You have come to show you go on
Near far whenever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on
Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never let go till we’re one
Love was when I loved you
One true time
I hold you In my life we’ll always go on
Near far whenever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on
There is some love that will not go away
You’re here there is nothing I fear
And I know that my heart will go on
We’ll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

In the end of the last century, a movie shocked the world by a astonishing number of receipts. It was thought the top of the romantic movies. Its name is <TITANIC>. Many young people became enthusiastic with the story in this movie. "My Heart Will Go On"is the theme song of the movie. It also is a famous romantic song like "My Love", but it is well-known because of the movie. I'm sure you will enjoy them, not only <TITANIC>, but also"My Heart Will Go On"!

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What is the topic tomorrow?
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Monday, October 03, 2005

How to make our class attractive?

Do you feel bored in class ? Do you feel sleepy when you are bored ? Do you think changing our seats is the best way to make our class better ?

I don`t think so. If we could make our class attractive first, then maybe students would like to stay longer.

Usually, I am a good student in class with no absences. I don't leave class early. But now, I think I am a bad student in our teacher`s mind.

What do you think? Do you agree with me?

If you are brave, please sign in and make some suggestions. Maybe our teacher will accept them. Then we could have a good study time.

You know, just maybe , because althought our teacher always say somebody is tough , but he is tough , too. Pray for that.

God bless us . Amen .

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Independence day

October 1 is the independence day of the People Republic of China. I watch the celcbration on TV news, suddenlly I notice that all the celebrations for independence in many countries have no big differences. Nothing out of the celebrate by the goverments, some events like the governer speach, the leaders of the country have some talk show on TV to th public, then get a big firework at night. Of couse, be one citizen, I am sure to take a part of th celebration. Nothing is special, at least we need to give our goverment some respect. No matter, we love the country.
Honestly, I like the in dependence day because it is a holiday. I don't need to go to work, go to school, for these resons, I don't need to get up early even my family won't yell at me" hay. you'll be late to work." Or" The sun is over your house already, wake up." Hmm, boring suguests. Acturely, I know what I need to do. These events never happen in a holiday, that is why I love independence day, because it is a holiday!

Initial and Final

Since I have been to America, I attend this school for a long time. I met many kindly teachers, and I learned many knowledge from them. Now I'm studying in Room 101. In fact, everyday I come to this room, some marvellous feelings will show up in my mind. I know why.

One year ago, when I was new, my first class was in "Room 101". My teacher was Ronald Bryan. He is a gentle black man. There was the first time I met many friends who are from different countries. During the class, we have ever gotten sad, laughed, strain and rapture, but we always are together. I won't forget anything about them.

Now I get back to my first room. Next year I will take full time classes in Laney, so this class will be my final class in adult school. I very enjoy it because of nice teacher and nice classmates. Have a day!

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