Sunday, April 30, 2006

My biology class

(picture of my university 001)


In this term, I took many various classes. Let me introduce you about one of them, the biology class. In this class, I have to learn about genesis of the world and the creatures. Especially the creatures, I have to learn on them from the first step until they evolve to the creatures this present. Teacher gives me a look at videos and sometime he gives students more explanations too. He said that some contents in the videos will be a final test, and students have to write 3 reports summarize 3 parts of this story too. Because of being overseas students, I and my friends can’t understand all contents of videos (I mean I understand some parts of them). But, fortunately teacher tell the students that there are 10 volumes of videos about this story in school library, so I can look by myself again.

Except final test and reports, it has the other one work. This work can do by oneself or by group. It is about investigation of animals’ walking patterns. So, I grouped myself with my Thai friend and 3 Japanese students, and have a plan about going to the zoo in the golden week that will start in this week (Thursday to next Sunday, 6 days running of vacations).

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Even More Voices

Try this if you have a very fast connection to the Internet.

Tongue Twisting Ptonunciation Practice

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

To Change the Atmosphere

I think sometimes changing teacher is very good for students because we have more chances to practice listening. Every teacher has different voice, accent and some intersting.

For example, I'm learning from a subtitute teacher now. He is a positive teacher. He always chooses intersting stories for students to read. After stories, sometimes we feel tired. He woke us up by Japanese Kung Fu that he had known. We followed him and did it. We felt good and got more motivating after that.

For eating is the same. Sometimes, we change the tasting so we feel good?

Make Me Laugh

Yesterday, my substitute teacher, Dan was teaching about nutrition food lesson. While he was explanation, he asked each student "what food do we crave?" so, each student answers him. Suddenly, he asked "what food do your teacher crave?" I was thinking and I would like to say, my teacher crave coffee, cappuccino. Then one of students in class said "Richard craves computers" This sentence made me and Kai Yan laugh a lot. It is not only in class. Sometimes, when I remember about this sentence, it always makes me laugh......and laugh.

This is true, my teacher craves computers very much!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

About buses in Japan

Hello. Let me tell you about buses in Japan.

I and my friends went to the city hall on Wednesday by bus. I just had a digital camera with me. So, I took some pictures inside the bus (see picture 1).

(picture 1)

When we go in the bus, first, we have to take the tickets near the door. In the ticket, it has a number that different by the place you take the bus. You have to keep it until you get off the bus. Next, I will tell you how to pay the money.

You have to pay the money before go down from the bus. If you want to get off the bus in the next bus stop, basically you have to press the button to make the driver know and he will stop at the next. Before getting off, you must look at the screen board at the front of the bus (see pictures 2). There are white numbers on the board, and red number showed in the screen under them. The white number is the number on your ticket, and the red number shows the money you have to pay. For example, I got the ticket number 1, so I have to pay for 320 yen if I get off at this bus stop. Besides, in the big screen, it show you the bus stop’s name too (bus stops in Japan have their proper names).

(picture 2)

Now, you have to put your money and your ticket into the machine that set
 near the driver seat (see picture 3). But it don’t return the change to you, anyway you can exchange the money with the machine before you put it in (can use both coin and banknote).

(picture 3)

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hoi An

Hoi An is a great place to visit. It is in the middle of Viet Nam. After you arrive at the Da Nang Airport, it takes about one hour to go to that ancient town. It is a romantic, quiet, old style town. You can rent a bicycle or a motorbike or three wheel bicycle to go around the town. There are many popular scenic places you may want to visit .You have to buy tickets, but they are not too expensive. All the houses in this town were made of wood. They were built in the Chinese style. Now these houses are protected by the government. An owner can fix inside of his house, but modifying the outside is not allowed. The people in this town are friendly. If you don't know Vietnamese, don't worry about it. Most of the people can speak English. They are always ready to help you when you need it. There are a lot of small bars set beside the river. The river is called "Thu Bon". On one side you can drink delicious coffee and on the other side you can enjoy the soft wind that comes from the river. Some great restaurants will introduce you to the special food of Hoi An. Try it. You won't forget it.You shouldn’t miss visiting the Japanese Bridge. It was represent of Hoi An. But it was broken one or two years ago. I can't remember exactly.which days of the week, but after 5 or 6 pm the people who live in the town must turn off their motors before they go into the town. All week, souvenir shops and restaurants can not use the white lights. They must use yellow lights. It is to keep the atmosphere of the town.I have a great hotel to suggest to all of you. It is called the "Vinh Hung". That company has a total 4 hotels in Hoi An. The Vinh Hung 1is in the ancient town. and Vinh Hung 2, 3 and the Vinh Hung Resort are located on the outskirts of the town, but they are not too far. It just takes 10 minutes to walk into town. I love the Vinh Hung Resort. It is the best hotel that I have ever visited.. They always offer special treatment. The Thu Bon River flows beside this resort. There is a big swimming pool. You can enjoy your sun bath there. I hope all of you will visit and have great memories of Hoi An.This is a web side of Vinh Hung hotel:

Monday, April 17, 2006


Hi! Haven`t see you for a long time. Maybe you already forgot who am I. Right? I am vivian, the student who studied in this class before. You may ask why I didn`t go to school now? The answer is working…… Now you may know why I put this picture on the blog. Right, this is my working place. But pay attention please, this is not an advertisement. I wrote this article just because our teacher catch me when I was working and let me write something on the blog. I told him I have no subject matter to write, so he just let me to write my working place. Now you may know why this article born. Although working is travail, but I thought my English advance faster than I studied in school. I talk with customers everyday, I got more chance to practice my English. In fact sometimes I am proud of I can working there. Because not everyone can be the cashier there. Why? If you have been there you may known the produce area have too much kind of fruits and vegetables, the first thing we need to do is remember all kinds of their`s name and code. There are more than 3000 codes, and someone you may haven`t see them before. Tell you the truth up to the present I can`t remember the name of them all, I just know what does them look like and the code of them. For the ESL person the name of them may confuse the memory, so I just use my way. Although sometimes I still forget some or have some mistake, but I am trying hard. If you think just like this, you are wrong. The price chenge everyday and sometimes the new one comes, so everyday we have chenge paper about them. This is studing not studied. In the beginning even I can`t know if I could do that. But the truch proved if you could try it you could got it. Thank you for reading this bored article. see you!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

About the Moon

Our homework has a story about the Moon. It's an interesting story which give us a lot of informations. It requires us to write a paragraph to answering some questions such as: What tis a lunar (moon) day? What is a lunar night? How long is each of these? How are they related to what we call a full moon, a new moon, etc.?
This is a difficult topic, isn't it? I tried to search the information on the Internet, but I didn't get much, I'll share with all of you:
The transition from day to night is cause by the spinning of the moon about its axis. Day is the half of the moon facing the Sun, and night once appear in the other sice. Because the moon spin around its axis in 28.5 days. so one moon-day is 28.5 Earth-days long! When we watch the phases of the moon we are actually watching the transistion of moon-day to moon-night and vice-versa.
New mmon: The phase of the moon work in a cycle. It starts with the new moon. This occurs when the moon is between the earth and the sun. During this phase the sun and moon are close together in the sky.
Full moon: The full moon occurs on day 14 of the orbit around the Earth. Now we can see the entire daytime of the moon. A full moon is 180 degrees from the sun. So the moon rises when the sun sets.
There are all informations that I can get. Do you know anything else? I hope I can get more information from all of you.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Here is a Sakura picture.


There are various kinds of subjects in my major. Even though my major is policy studies, I can take science classes as optional elective subjects. My major is divided to 3 main of lines to learn. There are international politics, management politics and environment politics. I want to learn about environment politics and I think knowing science is good for studying about that.

Now I have to write 4 reports in the biology class. 3 ones are about the evolution of creators, and the other one is observing animals’ walking method. My teacher said to students, “you should to see the Jurassic Park 1 before…” I think this subject is interesting. And I have to write 2 mental maps for other subjects.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rebuilding Chinatown after the 1906 Quake

Check out this interesting article about rebuilding Chinatown (San Francisco) after the 1906 earthquake. It was only a few years later that the immigration station on Angel Island opened.

You can read the article and then click on the "listen" at the top to hear it. The photos are also interesting.

Leave a comment (below) if you think I sould post more articles for you and your classmates to explore.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Angel Island Photos

Click on this link to see more Angel Island photos.

Click on "View as Slideshow" to watch our trip from beginning to end.

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sakura came out.


Now, Sakura is in bloom. I can see Sakura out of the window. I think it’s very beautiful. However it can bloom just around one week.

By the way, I finished all of my Japanese class last term. And from now, I have to study other subjects with Japanese students. So, now I have a big problem that I need to learn about various technical terms to understand content of the lectures. And it’s hard to understand what teachers say in Japanese. Because it is fast and has many vocabularies. That means I have to study Japanese by myself. And when I have free time, I think I should practice my English skill too.

See you.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Field Trip to Lawrence Hall of Science

My son's class is studying about dinosaurs and fossils. Last Tuesday we went on a field trip to the Lawrewnce Hall of Science in Berkeley. It was about 9:00 am when we left my son's school. It was raining very hard. We had to hurry up to get onto the bus which was parked in front of the school.

When we got to the Lawrence Hall of Science, it was still raining. The children were very excited about what they saw, especially when they saw different kinds of dinosaur models moving and making sounds like real dinosaurs.

There were also dinosaur eggs. Some baby dinosaurs were hatching from the eggs. Some children liked a kind of dinosaur called "veloceraptor." They said that this dinosaur was mean.

There was something that was interesting to me. It was about the stages of human death. It said that there are five stages of human death. They are:
  1. Fresh
  2. Bloated
  3. Decayed
  4. Post Decay
  5. Skeletal
At 11:00 am, all the classes from my son's school met in the auditrium. A person talked about fossils and dinosaurs. Soon after, we ate lunch in the cafeteria. After that, it finally stopped raining, so we went outside to admire the beautiful view of the bay area.

We really enjoyed this field trip!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Trip to Angel Island

Last Thursday, our class decided to go to Angel Island. It was the first time I got up so early since I have lived in the United States. At 7:40 AM my father-in-law and I arrived at our classroom. Some of my classmates had already arrived and were waiting for the teacher. Everybody felt happy and excited.They smiled all the time.

We started to walk to the Lake Merritt BART station after our teacher took a picture of us in front of the school. We each bought BART tickets once we arrived at the Lake Merritt BART station. It was very crowded when we got on the Bart train.

In a few minutes, we arrived in San Francisco. It was a long walk from the Embarcadero to pier 41. We really felt tired by the time we arrived at pier 41, but we still had a lot of energy.

We got on the ferry boat after we brought ferry tickets. I felt cold once I got on the top deck of the ferry boat. The weather didn’t influence us. We still chatted and laughed. We took pictures each other. Suddenly, there are some gulls flying toward to us. That’s great. Then I took my camera and ran to the closer to take a picture of gulls. At that mement, I heard someone say that we had arrived and we needed to get off the ferry boat. I hadn’t taken a picture of gulls yet, but I had to follow my classmates and get off the ferry boat.

First, our teacher led us to climb up 142 stairs. We stopped after a while. Then we sat down and listened to a docent talk about the Angel Island‘s history relevant to Chinese people. Because the prison houses were being repaired now, the docent couldn’t allow us to go into them. He showed us some pictures of the old immigration station and a poem in Chinese. I can understand that person’s feeling who wrote the poem after I read it.

Then our teacher led us on a climb up the mountain. The trail up mountain were rough and wet. We stopped and took pictures once we found a nice scenic view. Suddenly, I found that our teacher and some of my classmates were disappearing. They were far ahead, so I did my best to climb fast although I felt tired. I decided not to wait for my father-in-law. I realized that he could do his best to catch up with me if I climbed faster than him. Otherwise, we may get lost. I climbed the mountain and, at same time I looked back to see whether my father-in-law was following me.

Finally, we arrived at the top of mountain. We panted and cheered. At the top of mountain we surveyed the whole Bay Area including the Golden Gate Bridge. We felt excited and took pictures of each other. We chatted and ate our lunch there.

We had to climb down the mountain after we finished our lunch. We got on the ferry boat to go back to San Francisco. We needed to take a Bart to get back to Oakland. We said goodbye to our classmates who wanted to take ferry boat back to Oakland. We really enjoyed ourselves that day!

Write and Receive

If you post an account of our field trip, I'll give you a disk full of photographs.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My Adventure

I had been to Angel Island twelve years ago, but I couldn't remember much about it. Last Thursday my class took a field trip there, so I had a chance to go back to Angel Island and to take a ferry again.

That morning, we met in our class room. The teacher took a picture of us in front of school, then we walked to the Lake Merritt BART station. We each bought BART tickets and used them in the machines. We met a few classmates at BART station. The teacher took some pictures of us there. We we waited for the BART train and got on.

It was not too long before we arrived in San Francisco. We walked from the Embarcadero to pier 41. It was a long . . . distance. Everybody was excited. We had a lot of energy. We followed the teacher. He stopped at a bakery to buy a loaf of bread. He shared just a tiny piece of bread with me. He is a cheap teacher.

It took us not so long to walk to pier 41. We hung around there for over 15 minutes and we bought the ferry tickets. We accidently cheated two tickets from the young man who sold the ferry tickets. We used that money to give to the docent. Our teacher said, " We made money."

We got on the ferry. We just followed the teacher. The teacher was wild and so were we. We went up to the top deck of the ferry. It was extremely cold, but everybody was excited. We talked. We laughed. We changed the money from buying the tickets. We took pictures. We were very very happy on the ferry. We were indeed wild!

Finally, we got to Angel Island. Many of us brought cameras. Each took pictures of each other. Then we began to climb up around 143 stairs. We stopped at one point to hear the park docent talk about the history of Angel Island. It was not interesting to hear because he is a very very slo.........w man.

We started to climb up the Mount Livermore mountain. We stopped at one point to take pictures. It is a nice view. We saw the San Francisco bridge. We saw skycrapers. That is a real picture which I have never seen before.

We continued to climb up to the top of mountain. Although, everyone was very tired, but eventually, we had arrived to the point. We had our lunch on there. While we were eating lunch, we were talking. We enjoyed eating many kinds of foods that we had brought and we shared each other.

Then, time was up. Everybody had to climb down from the mountain. One of the groups got lost. We had to hurry to climb up again. We swerved to other way to going down. If not we would stay there for overnight because that was the last ferry. Luckily, we saw the teacher. He was happy and relaxed to eat food. He was a bad leader right?

We all of us chatted and shared some foods again. Then we going down to the Angel Island and took the ferry back to San Francisco. We said good bye to classmates who wanted to take the BART home.

Then, we half of us followed the teacher to go to the "Trieste caffe." It took us a long .......way to walk there to had a cappuccino. It's kind of strange of the coffee shop with colorful tile-top tables. There were many classic pictures on the wall. The teacher took order for us because we were over exhausted already. We enjoyed the cuppuccino. We cheered cups each other. We talked and relaxed.

Soon after, we went back to the ferry. We bought tickets to get back to Oakland. On the ferry I saw the sunset among the ocean. It is a poetic view when I looked out from the ferry.

I will never forget my adventure because it was wild and it stayed on me a lot of tiredness.

A Walking Day

On March 30th my class went to Angel Island. That day we have to go to school early at 7. 45 am. My husband took me to school on the way he went to work. I went to buy some food for my lunch. At school, I met my classmates with some friends from another class. We waited for the teacher about a few minutes. Our teacher came and he brought some jackets. Maybe he thought some of us would be cold when we arrived to Angel Island. As the plan, we left school at 7. 55 am. We walked to the BART station, where we met some friends. They already bought tickets and waited for us.My teacher showed me how to buy the ticket, and then I showed to others. We took the BART from Oakland to San Francisco. The BART was very crowded, we didn't have a seat. When the BART started go, it was shaking a lot. I had to hold a friend's shoulder. Who in the afternoon class. Just a few minutes the BART took us to San Francisco. That was my frist time I took the BART. And then we walked from BART station of San Francisco to Pier 41 about 15 minutes. We colleted money give to our teacher. He bought ferry tickets for our group to go to Angel Island. The ferry dedart at 10 am. We got into the ferry and went to the top of ferry to view San Francisco Bay. Many bird fly follow our ferry. We try to took pitures for the birds but they move quickly.
The weather was cloudy and windy. We arrived to Angel Island at 10.20 am. We climbed throught 142 stairs to view immigrantion station. At there, the docent man told us about history of Angel Island. He is a volunteer worker on Angel Island.
After that, our teacher gave to each person of us a map of Angel Island. We climbed to the Mt Livemore. It is the top of the Island. I was so tired and hungry when I got there. We enjoyed our lunch and view around San Francisco Bay. Before I have never viewed San Francisco Bay like that. It is a beautiful bay.
We went down of the mountain at 2 pm. We have to came back the ferry station at 3pm. On the way came back I was chating with some friends in another class. Seem the way was shorter and I walked faster, althoungh I was hurt my feet.
While we waited the ferry came back to Pier 41 our teacher asked each person of us about thinking of the trip. We was tired but we was happy.
When we came back to Pier 41 haft of us took the BART back to Oakland . I and some friends went to the cafe Trieste with the teacher. We walked throught many block to get coffee. But I didn't drink coffee, I drinked tea.
We took the ferry back to Oakland at 5. 45 pm. We arrived the Jack London square about 6.30pm. We walked again about 20 minutes to the bus station. We went back to school at 7.00pm. My husband picked up me get home at 7.10pm.
That day was a long day for me. Before I never walked long way like that. My feet was so bad, it was hurt a lot. But I was happy, I had a good time with my classmates and my teacher. I'll never forget this trip.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Let me tell my story.

Hello classmate.

There are 3 new students came from Thailand 28th last month. I have to take care of them and it makes me busy. New students need to learn about life in Japan and have to do various documents. I, my friend and my senior have to teach them and help them with interpreting Japanese into Thai.

New students from each country have to do the placement test and interview. By the result, teachers will tell them which class they have to go in. It has Basic Japanese Class, Intermediate Japanese Class and Advanced Japanese Class. Now, the test has finished. For Thai, 2 students go in Basic Japanese Class, and the other one go in Intermediate Japanese Class. But 3 of 4 Chinese students can go in Intermediate Japanese Class. In this year, I think almost of new students are Thai, Chinese and Korean.

See you.


Angel Island Journal

H ave you ever experienced many kinds of emotion just in one day? Last Thursday, I have had a special day like that. At frist, when I was waiting at the Bart station for about 20 minitues, I was felt very nervous. Especially after 8:20, I didn't know why nobody arrived. I went forth and back watching other people were hurry in their commute. I thought if I had missed the trip. At the time I felt disapointed, I saw a familiar head, without hair - of course, and all my sorrow was gone. then, when we were together in the ferry, it was windy and cloudy, so I afraid of rainning could destroy our trip. Maybe the God heard my prayer, it was getting better. Actually, if it was less windy, the weather would more excellent for a field trip. We decided to climb to the Livermore Mount, the peak of the Angle Island. At the beginning, we all didn't image the hight of the mountain. We climbed, climbed, and climbed until we felt totaly exhaust - too tired to feel anything else! I thought I couldn't reach it, but I didn't give up and I did it!
From the top of Angle Island, we could see the whole sight of San Fransisco Bay, one of the most beautiful bay in the World. We saw the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge were behind a light smoke. We saw Alcaza prison stand on a small island among the water. San Fransisco was over there with many of skyscraping buildings. There were few sailing boats flow peacelly arround the island.
Went down the mountain seemed to be easier and faster, but our group lost the way, we turned back and tried to reach the others. I felt a little when I was running alone on the beaten track, wondered whether I went on the right way or not. Finally, we catched the crowd.
There were too many remembrances about the trip to write, but I just want to share with all of my friends my felling: Throught the trip, I found out that my classmate are wonderful!

Cafe Trieste

Some of us walked up to the Cafe Trieste in North Beach.

You may find this story in Saturday's San Francisco Chronicle interesting. Posted by Picasa

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