Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Terrible Morning

Hi, my class. This is my first time to write on the blog. I hope all of you can understand what I wrote.

On Tuesday morning, I was on my way to school. I saw two men fighting in the street. I was very afraid. I didn't know what was happening, so I just stood there and thought whether I should go to school this way or go another way.

While I was thinking, I saw a white man wearing a white T-shirt. His T-shirt was torn and there was a lot of blood on his T-shirt. It looked ugly. I also saw a black man. He was wearing a black jacket. His forehead was hurt, and blood as streaming down his face, and it looked terrible. A car was parked next to them and a woman was standing in front it. That woman was, maybe, with the black man, because the black man asked the woman to call the police. While the woman was making the phone call, the white man was trying to run away. The white man couldn't do that, because the black man was pulling his T-shirt.

After that, I made up my mind to change the way I go to school. I don’t know what happened to them. This is all I know.

Hi, Classmates.

Hi, classmates. I am Huong Tuyet. This is my...

Love's Meaning

People say that love is forever, or better, that real love lasts forever.

But do you agree with that?

In fact, I have my doubts...

I think, you will never know if your love is true if you don't try to bring love into your life and heart.

When you are in love the days are wonderful, however, the consequences can be devastating too.

Why? Love can be dangerous and complicated. Love, the most beautiful feeling in the world, should be safe and valued. Sometimes, love can cause us great suffering., Love can break the heart into pieces.
Maybe, we need to learn more about love, before we allow it to consume us.

Or maybe, we need to end this story with a quotation by Shakespeare:
"That which is infinite, endures forever."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This is How my Town Began

This is my town. Its name is Pajacuaran. This picture was taken a long time ago. I'm not sure when it was taken. The meaning of Pajacuaran is "a place of straw and fungus."

I want to tell a little story about my town. Chichimecas, an ancient indigenous Mexican group, founded our town 1,500 years ago. This town is located in the northwest of the state of Michoacan, Mexico. The principal activities are agriculture and raising livestock. Many people from Pajacuaran have immigrated to the United States.

Religion is very important in our town. We celebrate different religious holidays all year round. We celebrate some saints all year long, for example, the"Virgin of Rosario." Each day a statue of the celebrated saint goes to a different house to help the families pray, and sing religious hymns. Another holiday is on July 25th. We celebrate the Patron of my church. The name of the Patron is San Cristobal. We begin celebrating the Christmas holidays on December 1st. This holiday finishes on January 6th. Thank you for taking the time to read this small tale about how my town was founded.

A Bad Experience for My Son

When was our trip to Redwood Park, I went with my children. They were playing baseball, but my dauhter hit the ball very hard and the ball fell in the grass, then my son went for the ball.
After a few days my son had a rash on his arms and neck, he was very desperate because he had itch.
I called a doctor and I said him about the problem of my son. He asked me if my son had touched poison oak.
Then I remembered that somebody told us that there was poison oak in the park.
The doctor said me that maybe the rash would disappear in about 20 days.
Then, I bouht a medicine for my son and a few days the rash disappear.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Hello, my class!

This is my first time that I have written a story on the blog . I hope this story will teach you a lesson about life.

I heard this story on the radio. It was about cats and mice. Everybody knows that a long time ago cats and mice were not friendly. Even now, if a cat meets a mouse, the cat will catch the mouse and eat it for dinner.

One day ,a cat was very hungry and it made up its mind to catch some mice. So the cat started to look for some mice and waited to catch them when they left their mouse hole. But the mice were not so stupid. They already knew what the cat wanted to do and they stored a lot food into their hole. They thought that if they didn't go outside. the cat couldn't catch them, so they stayed in their hole everyday and the cat waited outside the hole

How time flies! The cat was waiting for them for more than 10 days. It thought "that was not a good idea only to stay here .I should think of a better plan ." So the cat thought and thought.

The mice have probably almost finished their food. It makes sense that they will go outside to find some more food .

So the cat changed his plan. It wrote a note saying that he wanted to make friends with the mice. He said that he didn't want to eat mice anymore.

Anyway, the cat talked nicely to the mice and brought a lot of food and left it outside their hole.

The note surprised the mice and made them happy. At first, they didn't believe the cat, but they knew that they didn't have any more food, they couldn’t stay in the hole for much longer.

They took a look to seek where the cat was . They didn't see that the cat was waiting. They saw a lot of food outside their hole.

All the mice believed that the cat really wanted to make friends with them and that he didn't want to eat them anymore. They didn't have any argument with the cat so they just plucked up their courage went outside.

Oh.....when the mice went out , the cat and his friends ran towards them and caught them as quickly as possible.

So that is how the story ended . It stands to reason the cats were the winners and had a big meal.

When I heard the story .I was so anxious. It made me clam up. This story just describes our society. Many things happen like this around us. The story tells us not to strike up a friendship with anyone that they weren't friendly with before. I really know we have to be careful in this society. Many things are really not as we think.

Do you like my story? How do you feel about it?

A Little boy's Day at Fairyland

On Sunday morning, there were many people at Fairyland, a playground near Lake Merritt. Some of them were feeding the geese. Some of them were strolling.

A father held his son in his arms. The boy’s mother walked beside them. The boy was about two years old. When the boy saw the many geese eating, he kicked his father.

Speaking in Chinese, the boy demanded, “Let me down!”

(to be continued)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where Are We?

Originally uploaded by muypadre.
Teacher Jean and I were here today.

Can you guess where we were and what was happening there?

Add your guess to the comments.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Hi, class

In my country, Laos, people like to eat "sticky rice." Today I am going to tell how to make it. Okay?

First, put as much rice as you think you may need into a bowl.

Pour enough water to completely cover the rice by at least two inches.

Let the rice soak for 2 hours or more.

Next, pour about 3 cups of water into a pot and bring it to a boil.

Put the rice and water mixture into a bamboo basket over the pot of boiling water.

Keep it boiling for about 30 minutes.

Now you can enjoy sticky rice. It is so delicious!

First time in the United States

I never wanted to live in the United States, but after I met my husband I wanted to come to the United States soon. My husband lives in the U.S.A, and he often told me about education, traditions, and culture in the United States.

When I walked onto the airplane, I was very sad because I was traveling alone and I had left my parents, my family, and my country. In the airplane when I looked outside I saw black clouds in the sky. In a few minutes the pilot said, “ We can't land plane at the Singapore airport because we know that a huge storm is heading toward the Singapore airport. Then the pilot turned the plane and headed toward the Malaysia airport and landing there.

After two hours at the Malaysia airport we took off from Malaysia airport flew back to the Singapore airport because we knew that the huge storm had passed.

The manager at the airport said, “ I'm very sorry about the delay. I will give each person a room in the hotel, foods, and $70 Singapore.”

It was a good time for me because I never had visited Singapore before.

The airport in the Singapore is very beautiful and the city is nice and clean.

I arrived in the San Francisco International Airport, I felt very happy because I knew that the United States is the land of opportunity for everybody who has ability and works hard.

I think that if you work hard you will have money but if you don't work you will be homeless.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My First Time at the Water Slides

This was the first time that I saw a park with water slides. It was a beautiful place. There were slides in the park and there was a beach with sand. I want to write about the experience that I had there.

When we were there, my son wanted to go down the slides. I took him there, but after arriving there I asked the lady how deep the water was. It wasn’t very deep, but I felt scared. My son and I didn’t know how to swim.

I went down first. It was very fast. When you go down the slide you put a piece of plastic under you. This helps you go faster. I was so scared, I let go of the piece of plastic, but I made it down.

When it was my son’s turn, I was worried. I worried about how he would feel. I waited for him at the bottom in the pool. The first time he slid down he felt scared, too, but he wanted to go down again and again.

Finally, he lost the piece plastic that he was sliding on and he got stuck on the slide. He started crying. He was really scared. But, he was lucky. My niece came behind him and she gave him her piece of plastic. He slid down safely. She shared her friend’s plastic.

After that, my son didn’t want to go on the slide anymore.

We had a great day. The water slide in Pleasanton is a nice place to bring your family.

My Relative Mrs. Chan Tao

Mrs. Chan Tao is a relative on my wife’s side. Twenty years ago, Mrs. Chan Tao was pregnant. Unfortunately her husband died from cancer. She was very painfully sad.

After her son was born, she gave her unique son all of her love and time. She fed him and gave him a good education. She worked hard for him.

Twenty years past. Mrs. Chan Tao’s son, Derrick, grew up to become a youth.
He enrolled at UC Davis this year. He had prepared everything for the coming new term this September. His mother was very happy.

But an unfortunate thing happened to her again. Last Tuesday at midnight, Derrick drove to his uncle’s home. He drove too fast. His car crashed and turned over. He passed away.

Today, in the morning, my family attended Derrick’s memorial service in San Francisco. During the memorial service, his mother fell into a swoon twice. I tried to keep calm in my mind, but I could not stop the tear that dropped from my eyes.

This is one of the tragedies in the world, especially for our relative, Mrs. Chan Tao.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

Vacation By Plane

This summer my family took a three week vacation to Viet Nam. My husband bought the tickets two months before we left. At first we decided to buy four tickets from Eva's Airline Company, but they were sold out. We bought tickets from China Airlines.

We started our trip on July 13. My brother took us to SFAirport. At the airport we checked in. We went through passport control. We waited in the departure lounge. It was almost time to get on the plane when, suddenly, they told us the flight delayed because of a huge storm inHong Kong. We waited and waited. Finally, we got on the plane. It took about twelve hours to get to Taiwan Airport. In Taiwan we transfered to another plane to Viet Nam. The flight took about three and half hours. I was very tired because it took so long.

The stewardess reminded the passengers to complete the landing cards because in fifteen minutes more would be landing.

At last we arrived at Sai Gon city. You know, Sai Gon is very hot and wet in the summer. We took a taxi to the Sai Bay Hotel. During the three weeks we stayed at the hotel, we visited our big family, friends, and old neighbors. My daughters love to swim, so sometimes we went to the beach or a swimming pool. At night we went shopping and enjoyed delicious food.

Have you ever been to Viet Nam? There is a lot of food , and it is very delicious!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Return to School.

Hi class! Let me tell you a little be about my return to Oakland Adult School this year. I left it around five months ago, but right now, I'm here again. Ahhhh, how I missed this wonderful truth!!! Are you asking to yourself why? Well, well class, I'll tell you why in a few lines; don't be anxious please. There are too many reasons why I missed and I came back to school. One of these is: I didn't come to school in a lot of time, therefore, I didn't learn new things about English, and it was hard for me, because my son came from my country two months ago and I still needing to improve my English for help him with his homeworks, talk with his teachers, and specially you know, find a better job. Another one more reason is: I wont to see one of my favorite teachers at school again. Do you know who is this teacher? Yes class, you get it!!! He is an excellent, terrific and smart teacher, who always has something new to teach us, sure, he is the Teacher Richard. You don't think? I think so! I hope to see my old partners at school too, you know, when you have good partners, good teachers, and you want to go ahead in your life, you always, always will be thinking about school. O.K. class, thank you for read about it, take care, and I'll write more next time.

My Life with my Friends Back Home

In my opinion, it is good to have one or two best friends.

I have two friends back home. Their names are Arsema and Zebib. We have known each other since high school. We lived in the same area. They are polite, kind and friendly. My parents know them and their families. My friend’s families know me, too.

They would often come to my home or I would visit them to eat food or drink coffee. In Eritrea, drinking coffee with friends takes time. We relax and enjoy each others company.

Whenever we had a problem, we solved it together. I never thought to separate from them but it was God's will. I can't forget them and I know they can't forget me.

It is very difficult to miss best friends who I like so much.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Man and A Bird

When you see this picture, what do you feel?
Last time, I had a trip to Monterey. I went to a street fare there. I saw this scene which gave me a strong impression.
The bird acted like a spoiled child leaning on her parent, and the man was comforting his child. This scene was full of love.
At this time, I thought that If our world were full of love, it would be becoming peace and brightness.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Hi, Classmates

My name is Milena.

I am new to the Intermediate High Class.

I'm going to write a story this weekend. I

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hi, Classmates

My name is Heliodoro. I am from Mexico.

I will write a story very soon.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Choosing your life partner is a decision that requires very careful thought. You and your partner should have similar goals.

You and your partner must have devotion, be honest, respect each other, and be helpmates. You should marry someone who is hard-working, not someone who is lazy or too easy-going.

Before you decide to get married you should learn about how your partner treats other people, about their character and habits.

Marriage is not always easy. I think falling in love is a great feeling. I took time to enjoy all the strong feeling that go along with it. Everybody always has shortcomings. We should accept the good and bad points of our mate.

After you decide to marry, you and your partner must spend time finding a place, selecting a menu, ordering invitations and sending them to friends and relatives. You need to chose bridesmaids and ushers, to select musicians and much more.

I will never forget my wedding day.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Cute Boy

Johnny is my Kung Fu School student. He is eight years old, but he looks younger than his age. Two years ago, he came to my Kung Fu school to train. He only stayed with us about six months. He took a group class. He was a very quiet boy. Then he got sick. His mother told me that the doctor said: “He needs an operation to remove his tonsils.” I didn’t see Johnny again for two years.

This year, in May, his parents brought him to my training room. His mother told me that he wants to learn Kung Fu very much. He wanted continue to practice, and he remembered every form that I had taught him. I was so happy to see him again. I saw that he had gotten taller.

Johnny had brought his a yellow/black belt and a broad sword with him.. I was very surprised. He had kept that belt in new condition. I could tell that he treasured that belt.

His mother said Johnny wanted to take two private lessons a week on Saturday and Sunday.

I still remember his first class after coming back. He came to the school with his parents. Johnny didn’t talk to me. I thought he was shy like he had been two years ago.

He is smart. He learned the new movements very fast. His parents didn’t come with him again. Johnny started talking to me. We always spoke when he has took a break or waited for his parents to pick him up after class.

When he talked to me, he opened his eyes wide. He told me how his parents spent a lot of money to buy expensive things; how they were once bought three pizzas, and they only ate pizzas for three days. He told me how his parents and him drank too much beer and did a lot funny things one evening. His mom likes to go shopping and sometimes she went shopping three or four times a day, Johnny told me a lot interesting stories about his family.

Sometimes he was my “teacher.” He taught me some words in Vietnamese, but I almost forgot all of the words. I only can remember one word in Vietnamese that sounds like “channel” and means “die” in English.

Some student’s parent said “Johnny is very quiet.” I like him very much. Johnny makes me feel happy.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Differences Between a Small Town and a City

The difference between a small town and a city is notable. I will explain the reasons.
In a small town everything is beautiful. There are mountains, lakes, rivers, animals and, especially, the people. The environment that surrounds a small town is very peaceful and the soul feels as though you are in a paradise and live together with all of nature.

The life is less stressful and more silent. The people are more friendly and all the time they wave at you, and they are very courteous and nice. This is why I think the life in a small town is wonderful.

Now I will speak about life in a city. Unlike the small town, in the city life is more difficult and in a hurry. Also, it is more stressful and there is has more pollution. For this reason you can't breathe fresh air and this problem causes respiratory diseases and changes and destroys our ecosystem.

In the cities there are more industries and automobiles that make pollution. People don't wave at you and many have forgotten to show courtesy toward the rest of the people.

Also, stress is greater because there is a lot of traffic, and sometimes people don't respect the traffic lights.

All the time you feel pressure in your life and this stresses you. You can find more differences between a small town and a city. This is only my opinion, and the manner that I see the difference.

Maybe you think differently or perhaps you agree with me.

Hi, Classmates

My name is Juan Carlos.

I will post a story on the blog tonight.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Last Sunday

Last Sunday, My friend’s family and my family went to Santa Cruz, Monterey and Carmel. This was the first time to visit these places for my friend’s family.
In the morning, we met in Oakland. Then I explained the routes about this journey with the maps, and allocated a walky-talky and several maps to my friend. It is convenient and reliable to communicate using the walky-talkies during traveling.
My family’s car was a navigator. We drove towards south along the highway 880 and 17. When we arrived a path near the Mystery Point in Santa Cruz, we saw many cars were stopping in line and waiting for entering. My elder son got off the car and went ahead to ask a superintendent what was the situation. He told my son that we had to wait to enter the Mystery Point in forty five minutes. We felt it wasted our time. So we went on to Monterey. When we went to the Monterey Municipal beach, we were attracted by its white sand and blue sea. We walk to fisherman’s wharf along the coastal trail. There are many different kinds of restaurants in the wharf. We could take a sniff at the fragrant smell of the food from air. The fragrant smell guided us to a Mexican’s restaurant and we had the smoked salmon sandwiches there. The taste was very good. After lunch, we visited a Greek’s street fare. We did not stay there for a long time and left to Carmel.
Carmel is a small town with Europe style. There are beautiful houses and shops in the main street. Many visitors and vehicles go there during the holidays. We did not easy to park our cars on the street, besides the time was late to return home. So we decided to leave.
Leaving Carmel we enjoyed the Vietnam’s food for our dinner in San Jose.
We all enjoyed this day, and we hope we will have another chance to visit Monterey and Carmel again.

Monday, September 04, 2006

hi class

hi !

I am Loan. Tomorrow is the first day of fall semester. I want to congratulate all of you will get a great grade in this semester.

I am so sorry that I won't come to morning school anymore. because i got a job already. so I will get the evening class. therefore , Richard please help me to transfer my name and my student I.D to the same level in the evening class.

PS: please tell me the room number and the teacher name. thanks a lot. please reply me as soon as possibly.