Monday, June 29, 2009

Spelling Words for week of June 29

Hi Everyone,  Hope your summer is going well and have a safe, happy July 4th weekend.   Don't get caught with any fireworks, and don't eat too much BBQ.
This week's words are 15 most commonly misspelled words and 10 words about Independence Day.  Please e-mail me and let me know what kind of spelling words you would like for another week.  Thank you to those students who have e-mailed me, and I will be getting back to you.  My e-mail address is Newbuc
Please keep in touch this summer.  I miss all of you.   Love,   Your teacher Linda
1.  succeed
2.  necessary
3.  connected
4.  their
5.  accelerate
6.  obstinate
7.  responsibility
8.  hindrance
9.  hospitality
10. leisurely
11.  shield
12.  innovative
13.  proceed
14.  tropical
15.  yield
16.  soldiers
17.  colonists
18.  independence
19.  declaration
20.  liberty
21.  pursuit
22.  happiness
23.  pledge
24.  honor
25.  dangerous

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

Thank you for contributing to my wonderful Father's Day.

My kids cooked me breakfast.

A friend invited me to dinner.

Of course, I shared the cards you created with everyone!

Thanks again. (Even the slightly delinquent ones)

I wish you a summer of fun and learning, but I can only wish for you. You have to go out and have fun and practice English.


ps Special thanks to Linda and her husband, John, who hand delivered the Father's Day cards to my home on Friday afternoon.

Spelling Words for Week of June 22

Hi Everyone,  Enjoy the first week of summer.  If you need to reach me, you can
e-mail me at  Please let me know if there are particular words you would like to learn.  Best wishes, Linda

1.  appreciate
2.  variety
3.  enthusiastic
4.  realize
5.  eventually
6.  control
7.  abstain
8.  conscience
9.  function
10. extreme
11. improve
12.  laughter
13. mischief
14.  complex
15.  partner
16.  constant
17.  employ
18. create
19. quiet
20. actual
21. complain
22. explain
23. simply
24. promotion
25. progress

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Summer and Happy Father's Day!

Hi Richard, How are you? We missed you at our party, so we're sending you a picture
that Kai Yan took. There was a combination of different foods from different students. For ex., Pedro brought homemade guacamole and chips, Ayako brought home-
made sushi, Kai Yan brought home baked cake, Nhu brought homemade colorful sweet
rice, Mei Fang brought homemade Chinese cucumber salad. Everything tasted real good.
We made a communal table by putting many tables together and filling the entire room. Then we sat opposite each other and passed around the food. Yun Ping put
on music that Pedro put together for us. It was a fun and successful party for
Hope to see you next semester. Enjoy your summer vacation and Father's Day too!
A few of us will try to blog you this summer. O.K? Bye, bye from your loving
24/7 students from room 101am.
P.S. Teacher Linda brought many nice tablecloths for our table, and all the paper products.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spelling words for Thurs. June 18

21.  possession
22.  misfortune
23.  height
24.  publicity
25.  attachment

Spelling words for Thurs. June 18

1.  commitment
2.  opportunity
3.  embarrassed
4.  occasionally
5.  receive
6.  patience
7.  achievement
8.  prejudice
9.  familiar
10.  controversial
11.  prescription
12.  accumulate
13.  judgment
14.  conscious
15.  foreign
16.  similar
17.  contemporary
18.  beneficial
19.  guarantee
20.  particular

Thursday, June 11, 2009

How Was Your Trip?

Hi students of the morning class,  I've been thinking about you, and how you enjoyed your trip.
I noticed that Richard would like to find out about the trip too.  So, how  about  writing by
yourself, or as a group.  I'll be back to class on Monday, June 15, and will probably be a little jet-
lagged.  I've been having a great time in NYC, and saw two Broadway plays, and went to one art
museum.  It's has been raining and drizzling almost everyday, and there was a terrible thunder and lightning storm one night, and I had a difficult time going back to  sleep.  I've been eating a lot of good food, and luckily I've been walking a lot, so I didn't gain any weight.  That's all for now,
and I look forward to seeing all of you very soon.  Love,  Your teacher Linda

Monday, June 08, 2009

Spelling Words for Week of June 8-12

1. transportation
2. botany
3. forbidden
4. virtual
5. moral
6. surrender
7. fragile
8. planet
9. irresistible
10. rainforest
11. alligator
12. Madagascar
13. Philippines
14. solar system
15. asteroid
16. gorilla
17. sustainable
18. crave
19. skeleton
20. inspire
21. individual
22. comet
23. fossil
24. preserve
25. geyser

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Have a Great Trip to the Museum!

Hi Everyone!

I'm enjoying my time in NY with my family.  My great nephew, 5 years old, is graduating from
preschool tomorrow, and there will be a small celebration.  I'll write to you again when I'm
in NYC (the big apple).  Wishing you a terrific trip to the Academy of Sciences, and don't forget
to get the pass to the planetarium immediately after arriving there.  I hope to see photos and stories when I get back.  
I miss you guys, and send you my love,  Linda

Day at the Museum



I can't go with you on Wednesday. I'll be getting treatments at the hospital.

Yesterday I took the BART and the N-Judah streetcar to the museum and the trip went well.

One piece of advice:
As soon as you arrive at the Museum, ask where to get a pass for the Morrison Planetarium. The planetarium show is free but requires a pass. Get it first thing!

Have a great trip and post some photos and stories.


ps Look for my pal, the white alligator.

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