Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spelling Words for the week of August 10, 2009

Hi Everyone, Sorry that this week's spelling words are a little late. While I was in LA, my
computer died, and I'm now usung my husband's old computer until I decide what to do. Either
I will get my old computer repaired, or have to buy a new one. I'll make my decision after I
go to the computer store. I had a great time in LA, and I'm happy to be home. Hope you are
all enjoying this wonderful summer. This week's words are about the state budget.
Best regards, Linda P.S. Keep e-mailing me, and I will answer you when I can.
1. regain
2. economic
3. integrity
4. budgeting
5. accountability
6. turmoil
7. opportunity
8. permanent
9. downturn
10. acknowledge
11. unwilling
12. unpopular
13. balance
14. excessive
15. borrowing
16. worthy
17. recession
18. unemployment
19. revenue
20. forecast
21. vital
22. eliminated
23. conserve
24. convince
25. accurate

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